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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

Notice period for a periodic AST
Hi, Looking for some advice. We have a tenant that gave us notice that he wants to

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22/06/2018 09:24

ok got a hearing date as tnts submitted a defence to S21
My question is about my effective preparation for my 30 min hearing on the day. I'll be lucky

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20/06/2018 15:04

Tenant death
Tenant was issued s21. He did not leave and died a few days before expiry of the notice. He was o

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20/06/2018 15:03

which types of AST should have stamp duty paid if the AST is to be used in Court for possession
Hi, I read somewhere that some tenancy agreements attract the payment of stamp duty. And if the A

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11/06/2018 13:46

Looking For Solicitor
Hello - I live overseas and my tenant hasn't paid rent in 3 months. I need to find a solicito

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11/06/2018 10:57

References for outgoing tenant
I am going to issue my tenant with a section 21 giving nearly 4 months notice to quit as I intend

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09/06/2018 17:38

what judgements can a Court deliver in a case of Acc Possesion/S21?.
Hello colleagues. Looking for those who've been through this process & know the ropes. Bas

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08/06/2018 19:04

County Court hearing and defence Statement.
Tenant has treated our home with utmost respect and in turn have appreciated them looking after o

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08/06/2018 14:19

Section 21 notice expired.. Can tennant just up and leave when they like?
Room only tennant pays rent on the 10th of every month. Last rent received 10th Feb.

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08/06/2018 14:07

What now?
Hello - my tenant is 3 months late on rent and my management agent sent in a Section 8 notice a m

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06/06/2018 23:41

Appeal against possession order
Hi My tenant has not paid any rent since august 2017. After serving a s21 notice i finally ga

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05/06/2018 21:01

Can deposit be protected instead of returned late? Can tenant claim penalty after 6 years?
I am taking over a property that was let in January 2010 [12 months AST]. Deposit ta

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05/06/2018 12:01

Stat Periodic Eviction
Hi, I have a tenant who is £250 in arrears, with another £500 due any day now.

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Landlord Advice Team
01/06/2018 14:55

Can I with draw a tendency agreement if they are not looking after a property

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01/06/2018 09:22

Is a NTQ from TENANT better than a s8 from LANDLORD?
ē If a tenant serves a NTQ and then does not leave, can the landlord goto court without any furth

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31/05/2018 19:07

Can I serve Section 8 if tenant did not sign privacy notice & consent letter of GDPR?
Can I serve tenant Section 8 if the Privacy Notice and Consent Letter have not been signed by the

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31/05/2018 15:11

Section 8 Schedule 2 Ground 2
Hi All, Under an AST can a landlord serve notice for repossession under Section 8 Schedule

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30/05/2018 17:34

Do a new Notice to be given
I gave a 12 months AST in January 2014 and served the S. 21 Notice at the same time. The rent is

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30/05/2018 11:50

Applying for possession/tenants leaving early
Hi All, After a bit of advice on best way forward with my tenants. Tenants stopped payi

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29/05/2018 08:48

Disputed advanced rent payments
Good morning We are currently evicting a tenant who moved into a room in a shared house on the

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26/05/2018 10:14

I am still very confused and am sorry to return to this. I messed up and issued a AST 28th

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23/05/2018 09:54

Notice to leave to tenant with a Non Assured Tenancy agreement
I understand that a Section 21 is not necessary with a NAT agreement. In practice how do you go a

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Landlord Advice Team
21/05/2018 12:50

Section 21 Dates
Dear Sirs, I wish urgently to service a S21 notice on a tenant who has a standard RLA 2016

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14/05/2018 18:32

Is it correct that an AST less than 6 months canít use the accelerated possession procedure?
Hello. Been really busy so not been here for some time. Got a question and looking for some in

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14/05/2018 10:32

Evicitng Squatters
We had a tenant who died after a short illness. Shortly before she died and unkown to us her son

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10/05/2018 13:01

A tenant of mine stopped paying the rent some months ago; they are now 8 months in arrears. We s

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Good Taste
08/05/2018 20:06

section 21(4)
Hi could you please tell me how long a section 21(4) is valid for. The one I issued on the 26t

Replies: 2
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Lui Renzo
08/05/2018 16:52

Enter Garden
I have served a section 21 on tenants, I have had a letter from the tenant stating that they do n

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07/05/2018 18:54

EPCs and Section 21s
EPCs have been required to be given to tenants since October 2008. They have a shelf life of 10 y

Replies: 9
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04/05/2018 11:24

PCOL Completing the form
Trying to complete the PCOL and found out that it has taken quite a while just to complete online

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03/05/2018 20:22

section 21
can i swerve section 21(1) to ask a tenat to move out in 2 months, even if her tenancy dont end u

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Landlord Advice Team
02/05/2018 10:20

Deposit return
I need to return a deposit before I can issue a section 21 (I am an idiot) how can I do this if t

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Landlord Advice Team
20/04/2018 12:53

Document advice
Please can someone advise me if the two documents I need to show my tenants have before I issue a

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Landlord Advice Team
20/04/2018 11:00

S21 dates question
Hi, if the AST fixed for 6 months was signed before Oct 2015, and there is no sentence in it whic

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Landlord Advice Team
20/04/2018 10:19

possession claim online & n119
In if i have applied to the courts on PCOL online do i still have to send a N119 & N5 FORMs to

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11/04/2018 07:06

Evicted tenants
Hi, My evicted tenants have left furniture and some items of clothing behind, what is the corr

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09/04/2018 23:18

new tenant
Hi I have recently had a new tenant move into a HMO within 24 hours of moving in I had compla

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04/04/2018 16:51

S21 Issued with new Assured Shorthold Tenancy
I want to know have anyone issued S21 with new AST? I am dued to renew AST for the 2nd 6 months

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31/03/2018 19:01

Section 21/tenants have involed council
Hi All, After a bit of advice on best way to move forward with my tenants. These are the same

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29/03/2018 19:55

Hi, I have decided to repossess a property that has an AST that commenced on the 27th July 2015.

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26/03/2018 13:59

Serving a sec 21
We would like to take back our property as we want to sell it. My tenants have been in since 2015

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23/03/2018 06:45
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