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bad tenants and role of letting agents
I wonder if anyone has had problems with letting agents. Letting agents based in Walthamstow have in

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16/10/2006 00:00

Letting Agents
Can anyone recommend any good letting agents in Holyhead or in Anglesey? gbs

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20/09/2006 00:00

Rent problems
When going through a Letting Agent in my town of Blackpool, to let my property on a let only. I took

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18/09/2006 00:00

full management service off letting agency 3
please read my forum letters dated 21 july and 1 august ,had a meeting with regional manager 18 8 0

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20/08/2006 00:00

full management service off letting agency,2
as i stated in my forum letter dated 6 july i am still having problems with a countrywide letting a

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01/08/2006 00:00

Management Company
Has anyone any experience of what is involved in ‘voting out’ an existing Management Company. I

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22/07/2006 00:00

Liverpool Letting Agent
Does anyone know a GOOD letting agent in Liverpool for the city centre, the one I'm currently us

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22/07/2006 00:00

Asking Letting Agent to use your AST agreement
Hi guys Has anyone ever asked a letting agent if they would use your AST agreement/RLA's AS

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20/07/2006 00:00

Keys 'gone missing' in post
I signed up with a small independent estate agency in Manchester to sell a 2 bed flat for me. During

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Bristol girl
17/07/2006 00:00

Suing agency for bungling eviction process
Has anyone any advice with respect to suing a management agency? Brief summary: Tenant went 3 month

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14/07/2006 00:00

Hampton Homes UK Ltd
We have been letting property for two and a half years and have an occupancy rate of over 95% in

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Hampton Homes UK Ltd
19/06/2006 00:00

Solitaire Property Management Co Ltd
Has anyone had dealings with Solitaire Property Management Co Ltd? They own the freehold of a flat I

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Teg's Dad
02/06/2006 00:00

How many months for AST letting terms
As a newbie landlord, I've just fired the letting agent after 6 months for being an incompetent,

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30/05/2006 00:00

check out liability...
When an agent checks the tenant out against the inventory and agrees verbally to refund the deposit

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18/05/2006 00:00
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