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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

I have an Assured shorthold tenant dating back from 2011 but has been a periodic since 2013. Tena

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02/02/2018 19:56

Section 21 served due to persistent arrears. Tenant now getting DRO
Our tenant with arrears of £3500 has said today that she has been to CAB and they have advi

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31/01/2018 21:45

Section 21 served due to persistent arrears. Tenant now getting DRO
Our tenant with arrears of £3500 has said today that she has been to CAB and they have advi

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31/01/2018 20:41

Storing of goods
My tenant has moved out of a property but left possessions in a large shed they own at the bottom

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31/01/2018 08:47

Notice from tenant who then does not leave.
If I receive notice from a tenant to end a periodic tenancy, and I acknowledge receipt what is my

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Landlord Advice Team
30/01/2018 08:31

Documents served but no proof
Hello all I am on my 4th set of tenants for my flat and up till now have not had any probl

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24/01/2018 12:21

Nightmare and a Sinking Feeling.
Issued a Section 21 sometime back and today was the day for the tenant to vacate. Alas they are s

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22/01/2018 09:51

can i issue section 21 while LA involved with disrepair
if a tenant has involved LA on disrepairs can I issue section 21 if tenancy was issued in 2014 a

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22/01/2018 09:47

What if tenants destroy the S21, pleading ignorance of it's service...
Hello colleagues. Supporting an ex client who served a S21 [witnesses, photographic evidence] 29t

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21/01/2018 18:27

What does a bailiff do?
A bailiff executes the order for possession (ie the execution of warrant for possession of land).

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18/01/2018 10:29

Order of Possession granted
I have been granted an order of repossession by the courts and the tenant has been ordered to vac

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17/01/2018 15:31

Section 8 adjourned (I didn't attend) + possible errors?
Hi all My case using PCOL was seen last Monday 8th in county court and only just been upda

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16/01/2018 11:25

It seems our tenant is subletting - he says he's working away and has a friend staying to loo

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13/01/2018 19:13

S21 served can LL stop paying Water Bill
An ex-client followed advice to serve s21 in light of 8 months of rent arrears & 'lying throu

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11/01/2018 13:50

section 21 (4) query regarding tenancy end date
The tenancy agreement started on 11/2/14 and ran for a period of 6 months but on the AST form we

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Landlord Advice Team
03/01/2018 16:40

Serving Eviction Notice
Hello Everyone, We are based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands and are looking for an evic

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03/01/2018 13:11

My tenant appears to have moved out some 3 months ago without any notice but has not surrounded h

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03/01/2018 12:44

would colleagues expect the tenant to respond to a S21 after service?
An ex-client of mine has followed my advice to serve S21 to gain possession after 8 months of arr

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03/01/2018 10:16

served section 21, then went to court. Judge gave tenant 28 days to move out.Can i take it to hig

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29/12/2017 10:53

AST rolling contract was signed with a tenant, initially for six months starting in 2006 to con

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25/12/2017 23:56

Court eviction order 3 months has lapsed 'stayed'
The court issued order giving the 14 day period deemed served on 6 April 2017. However immediatel

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25/12/2017 20:29

Failure to licence property and eviction
I am trying to evict tenants. Everything is up to scratch except that I do not hold a property l

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24/12/2017 16:27

Misleading claims by Tenancy Deposit Scheme?
I find certain claims by TDS highly objectionable. For example: Claim that a section 8 not

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
21/12/2017 11:24

section 21
i served a section 21 2 months before assured shorthold tenancy finished. Having to take tenant t

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20/12/2017 16:42

Agent Issues and now i have a serious issue with a tenant
Hi All, I hired the most useless agent to look after my HMO. I am now in a situation where

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20/12/2017 13:34

section 21
issued section 21 and got a court hearing. I protected the tenants deposit for 2 years but tenanc

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
20/12/2017 09:37

I have a tenant, who is on a rolling 3 month contract, the three month ends on the 31st October 2

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19/12/2017 08:59

Certificate of Service N215
I have been told by a judge to complete a certificate of service when I serve papers on a tenant.

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18/12/2017 08:09

Hi, I have a tenant who has abandoned a tenancy, a flat, removed all her belongings & valuable

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17/12/2017 13:05

Just completing court form N325. Its the money side. The RLA completion note says "in

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13/12/2017 09:34

is a tenant called to court and present the same time as you when you are called for a hearing wi

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11/12/2017 09:03

notice of hearing
applied for court order after tenant didnt leave with a section 21. Notice of a hearing has come

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10/12/2017 18:09

Section 21 served - what now?
Hi. I have a tenant that has fallen behind on rent and now not paying anything at all with no com

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10/12/2017 12:37

Tenant in situ
I have come across a property that has a tenant in place and it is being sold by the receiver. Th

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04/12/2017 19:22

What notice and rent payment obligations does tenant have after expiry of possession order
I have had a tenant move out a couple of days after the expiry of a court possession order (accel

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nicest landlord
03/12/2017 19:34

Wrong name on east
Hi Can you still take someone to court for non payment after serving sect 8 etc etc, if the la

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29/11/2017 23:29

Serving a EPC
I provided a EPC, Gas certificate and Right to Rent booklet by hand at the start of the tenancy.

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29/11/2017 23:26

Giving a date for leaving a property
My tenant is overdue on rent and has had their council benefits suspended. I served a Section 21

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29/11/2017 23:24

can I hold tenant to notice period who ends tenancy after PO expiry?
My tenant has left the property two days after the expiry of the possession order and not yet ret

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29/11/2017 23:19

12 Month AST - How much notice on Section 21
I have a tenant who moved in on 4/6/17 and signed a 12 month AST. How much notice do i need to gi

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22/11/2017 14:08

Delayed Welsh licence
Hi, I know I should have got a licence at the start of the tenancy, but I've only just submit

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21/11/2017 23:08
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