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Damage to wooden worktop
Tenant has made a large indent on a walnut block wood worktop. They has accepted liability, land

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16/06/2018 19:52

Expired deposit scheme
We currently use deposit guard, and it is soon due to expire do we need to protect the deposit ag

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
06/06/2018 09:06

hello, my tenant left my property without any notice. They informed me by text message on 8th

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26/05/2018 10:22

Are councils obliged to pay a deposit to Landlords when they place a DSS tenant?
The DSS tenant in my property was moved by Brent council to be settled by Birmingham City Council

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21/05/2018 14:04

Rent Reduction
Inial rent was £3100 PCM. Due to market conditions, rent has now been reduced to £270

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nicest landlord
17/05/2018 09:42

claim for damage by tenant which is their liabilityl
Tenants have left with damage to property. They want to put there own people in to do the nec

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Landlord Advice Team
14/05/2018 11:48

Returning deposit to tenant
My tenant moved out a number of months ago, owing a few hundred pounds of rent. Their deposit wa

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14/05/2018 10:08

charge for checking referances
Please let me know the maximum that I can charge for obtaining references for new tenant

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08/05/2018 20:56

I am about to use this deposit scheme for the first time and looks a bit daunting,I'm sure it

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
08/05/2018 09:53

Statutory limit of 6 years...
Interesting deposit question. I am considering taking over a property management, but as this

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06/05/2018 18:43

Deposit protection statutory declaration claiming deposit
Hi, My tenant has left owing a months' rent. He left the flat in a state but I have relet

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
30/04/2018 15:03

Deposit Protection Service
I took a £50 deposit from a tenant - it was all he could afford. I protected it with the DP

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Landlord Advice Team
30/04/2018 09:51

Getting deposit money owed when tenant is reluctant to assist
My tenant has left the property with work required in order to return it to its previous conditio

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25/04/2018 22:34

UNPROTECTED DEPOSIT to whom to return
If the deposit for a tenancy was provided by the council under a Landlord's Deposit scheme, w

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Land Lady
23/04/2018 18:27

Wear & Tear
Dear RLA I am writing on behalf of a friend/work colleague who is a 'Tenant'

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
18/04/2018 10:44

return of unprotected deposit and serving S8 and 21
Hi, in a fixed term AST from 2009, which became statutory periodic, landlord wants to serve S8/S2

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11/04/2018 17:42

Joint tenancy deposit
I will be setting up a new joint tenancy agreement with unrelated professional sharers. Deposit r

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Ian Cognito
10/04/2018 17:10

Deposit Guard
Can someone tell me how this set up works ? Is it easy to use ?

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09/04/2018 21:05

Childrens hand prints on walls
Hello - my tenant is moving out after 12 months. The house was a new build and freshly decorated

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05/04/2018 18:44

Stained Mattress
Hi there, In one of my properties, I purchased a brand new Bruno mattress (£500) wit

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Hythe man
03/04/2018 15:57

Court Cases
I am searching for cases similar to Okadigbo v Chan QB/0671 [2013] and case no. GB/4729 [2014] re

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Hythe man
25/03/2018 16:50

When to protect deposit? Before start of tenancy agreement?
Hi, When should the deposit be protected? Before the tenancy agreement is signed and dated

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24/03/2018 21:51

Hello. I am currently going through trying to get my deposit back fro tenants that have caused da

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Landlord Advice Team
23/03/2018 13:22

unprotected Deposit paid by Council not Tenant
Dear Landlords and experts, if at he start of a tenancy, a deposit, provided by the council for a

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Land Lady
21/03/2018 20:38

Compensation Claim from tenant
My tenants have just been served a section 21 but they have in return given me a letter for a cla

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21/03/2018 18:27

renewal of fixed term assured shorthold tenancy
When renewing a fixed term tenancy to the same tenants for the same 6 month term who already have

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10/03/2018 07:52

Who better protects the deposit - landlord or agent?
I am using an agent to rent a house to 3 couples. Who better protects the deposit: the agent or m

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Kate Mellor
08/03/2018 20:45

2 tenants, 1 guarantor for other who owes rent, both vacated, guarantor wants his deposit back!
2 tenants in different houses of mine, both vacated, one is the guarantor for the other who owes

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06/03/2018 21:47

Change of address on TDS Certs
Hi, I am changing my address soon and wondered if I have to change my address on my tenants ag

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Teresa Cooper
02/03/2018 17:50

Serving Prescribed Information
I recently arranged with my tenants to meet them to give them the PI. The appointment was on the

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02/03/2018 10:48

Hi, I have recently multi let a 3 bedroom house. They all don't know each other so there won&

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27/02/2018 16:31

tenant in shared house
I have a tenant in a shared house with a separate tenancy agreement.She has moved her 12 year old

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11/02/2018 13:18

blocked drain - withhold (some) deposit?
Hi My tenants of 5 years stay blocked the drainage pipe running from the kitchen sink waste -

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03/02/2018 10:48

TPS Experience
Hi. Does anyone have experience of the TPS I have a tenant who is refusing to agree to release a

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
02/02/2018 13:06

Deposit Disputes
Because I am a landlord a good friend has asked me what the normal procedure is for disputed char

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
29/01/2018 16:54

How long is a reasonable time to return a deposit?
My outgoing tenant has said he won't return the keys until I pay him back the deposit. I have

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27/01/2018 22:45

Tenant suing for upto 3 times the deposit for an issue nothiong to do with the deposit.
My recent ex tenant had a foul drainage smell that took 6 or 7 weeks for Yorkshire Water to deal

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Kevin C.
12/01/2018 10:00

Deposit Not Protected
AST agreement was made but Deposit somehow not protected within 1 month. tenant left but t

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09/01/2018 16:20

DPS Deposit Issue
Dear RLA, I have had a tenant leave having not paid a single months rent and having been e

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29/12/2017 10:59

Council Tax
Hi, I am renting out to students. I am starting the contract on the 1st July to avoid paying coun

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29/12/2017 10:20
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