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Tenancy Deposits

Mrs S
my first tenants have moved out. I want to make a claim for putting back the property to the c

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19/02/2020 09:01

Contractual Periodic Tenancy
Where will I find the legal precedent that confirms that if there is a contractual periodic tenan

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13/02/2020 11:25

Tenant' s Deposit
I have had a tenant for many since 29 September 2013. I placed her deposit late into the Tenancy

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11/02/2020 21:42

Hi I have a married couple in one of our houses and they have split up and tenancy is comi

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10/02/2020 15:48

Exit Inspection
Hi, I was wondering what the timelines were for getting the exit inspection report done. I

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
07/02/2020 14:47

Prescribed Informaiton
Is it correct that the TDS Prescribe Information is provided after the TDS certificate is issued

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26/01/2020 23:17

Car abandoned in car park
A tenant has left, and has left behind a car in our carpark. How can we go about moving it? Polic

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22/01/2020 22:39

Mould damage and failure to notify of damp issue
Hi, I had a tenant who has recently left the property (moved in Oct 2018, moved out Jan 20

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Jane Lo
14/01/2020 17:27

Holding deposit - how long can they last?
I have a property that becomes available to rent at the beginning of Feb. Showing tenants round n

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13/01/2020 18:51

Hello, Nearly two years ago we changed letting agents when the service we were receiving from

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Landlord Advice Team
13/01/2020 10:48

We have an 6 Month Assured Shorthold Tenancy that started prior to June 2019. The monthly rent i

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08/01/2020 10:30

Agency placing tenant
We're seeking a tenant for a single room and have been contacted by someone claiming to act o

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18/12/2019 13:44

Tenancy Deposit dispute
the AST ended in Oct 2019 but my tenant told me in Sept that they extra month extension to end of

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Landlord by accident
13/12/2019 16:56

Deposit with Renewal Ast
Hi Im renewing a 6 month AST with a 12 month AST, deposit was registered on start date of initial

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12/12/2019 10:20

I didn't send deposit protection certficate
Hello all. I am banging my head against the wall. My AST became periodic 6 months ago, an

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
11/12/2019 13:03

Failed to secure deposit
My father entered a AST on a property he owned on 20 October 2018. He died on 24 October 2018.

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Landlord Advice Team
02/12/2019 09:24

Failed to secure deposit
My father as landlord, entered an AST for a flat he owned on 20 October 2018. The deposit and fi

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30/11/2019 18:41

Tenancy agreement wording regarding pet damage
The tenancy agreement signed with my tenants included a clause that any damaged caused by their d

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27/11/2019 15:18

Deposit Cap - existing Periodic AST
I seem to be reading conflicting (and getting confused!) about the deposit cap rules. All our te

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19/11/2019 17:29

Mr Gary kenton
Please can you advise,I use a letting agent to act on a finders-fee only basis . I rent in th

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Landlord Advice Team
19/11/2019 10:13

tenets in situ no deposits paid
Hi, all we are in the process of buying BTL via our Ltd company. However the tenets whom rent the

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12/11/2019 18:47

How many weeks deposit can a landlord hold?

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Landlord Advice Team
11/11/2019 10:40

TDS access
How to access TDS to manage account via RLA? Please. Please make it more user friendly instead

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Purple Bunny
06/11/2019 13:40

Mrs Jo Nicoll
Hi If we wish to move from one tenancy deposit scheme to another, do we need to ask them t

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Landlord Advice Team
04/11/2019 15:36

How to log in
I cannot see how to get into the deposits I have already registered ! Where is the access from t

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Landlord Advice Team
04/11/2019 09:13

Tenancy Security Deposits
I was under the impression that if you have a security deposit of +5 weeks rent, come 1st June 20

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
30/10/2019 17:10

Miss J
Hi There, I have a tenancy agreement which is coming to the end of the original 12 months

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Landlord Advice Team
30/10/2019 14:22

Security deposit
Hi I have an incoming tenant who is waiting for an outgoing tenant to leave, and the leave dat

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30/10/2019 09:56

TDS scheme
Hi I have deposits registered with the TDS scheme and cant find how to access them via the

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Landlord Advice Team
28/10/2019 11:58

Advertising - showing Deposits
Hi Just quickly - does anyone know if you have to show the deposit amount on things like Right

Replies: 21
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25/10/2019 20:13

Claiming Deposit
We've been having some issues collecting the previous tenants deposit to cover part of the da

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Contact Centre Advisor
25/10/2019 10:41

Damage & Cleaning Costs
We are currently in dispute with a previous tenant who did not return the property to the same st

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Mrs M.
22/10/2019 11:57

Moving a deposit
I have an old deposit protected and held by my agent. The agent no longer wishes to hold deposits

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Landlord Advice Team
22/10/2019 11:41

Carpet stains
My tenants have just moved out, leaving behind a couple of very noticeable black stains on the li

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30/09/2019 13:43

Damage - furniture
I have a dilemma and not sure if I need to accept the fact and move on. A good tenant is i

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25/09/2019 18:30

Hi I am unable to find the link to the TDS from the RLA welcome screen and so am unable ta access

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Landlord Advice Team
24/09/2019 09:13

Holding Deposits
We have been referencing a prospective tenant but after over 2 weeks and sending emails and chasi

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Landlord Advice Team
18/09/2019 09:13

Deposit Refund
I would appreciate members advice here plse. I had £1175 as a deposit lodged with TD

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16/09/2019 16:26

Dispute LL & Tenant - deposit agreed to be paid to LL - Agent pays it to themselves 1st
Very lenghty title - sorry. Nutshell - tenant leaves owing roughly 6 months rent & leaves dila

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Newbie Landlord
15/09/2019 13:34

Zero deposit schemes
Dear members, has anyone had any experience of claiming on these? My letting agent is insisting t

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Mrs M.
13/09/2019 12:31
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