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paying in bond
I have a tenant who is paying her bond in monthly instalments of 100 do I need to pay this into the

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07/02/2014 12:13

DPS ADR Tenant not providing notice
We have a tenant who did not provide written notice to terminate a periodic tenancy and refuses to a

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05/02/2014 13:34

Latest advice re: re submitting deposit
I recall receiving a notification some months ago wrt a case where a Landlord had been ordered to pa

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Landlord Advice Team
16/01/2014 11:03

Problems found after bond returned
I did a checkout and didn't notice damage to a worktop as a box was placed over it. Yes I know I

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Landlord Advice Team
08/01/2014 11:16

light bulbs
3 lightbulbs were missing when tenant moved out,how would I work out cost of them? could I include p

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06/01/2014 22:41

deductions from tenants deposit
my tenant has not cleaned my property, it is not to the same standard as it was when she moved in. I

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Landlord Advice Team
01/01/2014 09:20

Our tenant is leaving the property next week and his deposit is protected by the governments Deposit

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28/12/2013 14:57

Our tenant has now moved out. At the final visit on Dec 19th we discussed with the tenant the disgus

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28/12/2013 10:55

transfer of deposit to new owner
I have a deposit registered with TDS. I have just sold the property with the tenants still in occupa

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20/12/2013 13:03

depsot hasnt been protected
hi all im hoping you can help my tenant has given notice and moved out although she her tenancy

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17/12/2013 10:55

Hi there , I have my parents in law moving in to a property I own . Whilst I am taking re

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Landlord Advice Team
16/12/2013 08:59

Urgent Advice Please
I have received a letter fromTenants Deposit Helpline regarding a deposit for a tenant who left in l

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28/11/2013 08:46

Ex wife doesn't want to give the deposits back!!!
Hi, I took possession of a house with 4 flats as divorce settlement from my ex, but she refuses

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27/11/2013 23:40

Deposits and Inventory
Joint AST, relationship breakdown, one tenant has moved out and signed a Deed of Transfer of Tenancy

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Landlord Advice Team
27/11/2013 18:32

I do not take a bond from my tenants what I do take is 2 months rent upfront, 1 for the first month

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27/11/2013 18:22

Retrieving tenancy deposit from letting agent
I used a letting agent to find and manage a tenant for me. The agent registered the deposit to '

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26/11/2013 22:45

We had this discussion on here around the 11th of November, it seems the topic disappeared suddenly

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26/11/2013 21:17

showing new tenants round before the last one has left.
i have a tenant moving out in a week and have had several people interested in viewing the property,

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Karry G
23/11/2013 13:39

non protected deposits
a friend of mine has asked for advice (as I am a letting agent as well as a private landlord), he h

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22/11/2013 13:25

Ex wife doesn't want to give tenant's deposits!!!!
Hi, I took possession of a house with 4 flats as divorce settlement from my ex, but she refuses

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22/11/2013 12:43

deposit deductions
my tenant is moving out next week and when i went round this week the house stinks of weed, can i cl

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22/11/2013 10:10

Can I release a deposit early if the keys are handed back?
Hi, My tenant has informed me that they will be vacating the property earlier than their paid

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Karry G
20/11/2013 15:21

Poor agent performance is costly
My agent did not present our claim for the retention of the deposit against damage caused at the end

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Karry G
17/11/2013 15:47

Deposit withholding by Letting Agent
One of my Tenants has served notice as she has obtained a council property. My letting agent h

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27/10/2013 11:47

Tenancy Deposit Scheme
Hi, I have recently (051013) signed a tenant onto a standard AST agreement, and he has paid 2200 De

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Landlord Advice Team
24/10/2013 20:16

Lost the deposit records?
I have had a tenant just move out after giving 1 months notice and we are yet to meet up do discuss

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23/10/2013 22:51

Extension to current AST
Do you have a form to extend the existing AST for a further 12 months. ie so as not t

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Landlord Advice Team
23/10/2013 17:50

Can I add more deductions from the deposit after the 14 days?
The house was in such a state that it took longer than normal to clean and more damage has bee

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22/10/2013 12:45

Hi, My ex tenant which her ex partner has damaged my propery. Tenant never raise a deposit dispute,

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17/10/2013 12:51

Can I email the leaflet "What is the Tenancy Deposit Scheme"?
I have a property with 6 tenants. Do know I have to give each of them a copy of the Prescribed info

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17/10/2013 12:10

Serving section 8 notcie when deposit not protected
If a landlord wants to serve a section 8 notice but has not protected bobd what is the process/issue

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17/10/2013 10:35

What can I with hold a tenants depoit for
Where does a landlord stand when it come to the amount and process to keep a tenants bond for repair

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15/10/2013 05:51

transfer deposit from DPS Agent to Landlord account with Deposit Guard
I have dispensed with an inadequate agent who has the tenant's deposit secured with DPS. I wish

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15/10/2013 05:39

Deposit to be paid in stages
Hi My new tenant can not afford to pay full deposit leaving the deposit 220.00 short - how would I

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13/10/2013 17:27

Deducting Utilities
Hi, just wondering if anyone deducts outstanding utilities from tenants deposits at the end of a ten

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13/10/2013 15:39

DPS and return of deposit in full to landlord
I placed the tenants deposit in the DPS scheme at the start of the tenancy. I have recent

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12/10/2013 16:47

Our DPS account names changed
dear all, we would appreciate some advice or experience on this small technicality.

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11/10/2013 13:56

Change of one tenant
I have a 2 bed flat with 2 tenants sharing both listed on the contract and on Deposit Guard. One ten

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07/10/2013 11:52

Tenancy ending - when does deposit need to be handed back
How long before you have to hand the deposit back to a tenant - how long do I have to raise any dama

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04/10/2013 10:49

claimming the deposit
Hi! we had one year contract signed with a tenant.(18 th jan'12 to 17 th Jan'13) then i

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04/10/2013 09:49

Deposit protection scheme
We are landlord of one of the other property in Bedford. The tenant is living in the property for la

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02/10/2013 15:07
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