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Email or paper notification to tenants of deposit protection
Please advise whether it is sufficient for the tenant to receive an email notification of the deposi

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23/07/2011 00:00

Notice period ends after fixed term contract
My tenant told me on 19th June that they were moving out. The AST contract I use allows them t

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21/07/2011 00:00

Tenancy deposit
Dear all, I have bought a property that came with a tenancy agreement which will last until 27

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04/07/2011 00:00

tenants handed in 1 months notice- need help with a few questions please
Hi I recieved notice today that my tenants wish to leave the property. one has already moved o

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29/06/2011 00:00

Tenant since 1997 came with the property.
Hi there, I have a tenant in my property which is claiming I have a 1,000 deposit which they

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24/06/2011 00:00

Getting a deposit back after early quit
A tenant left in month 3 of a 12 month AST leaving 414 rent arrears against a deposit of 450 prote

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17/06/2011 00:00

Any hints regarding which clauses ibn the RLA standard AST should be highlighted in the DPS document
Hi I am just completing the DPS documentation and noticed that clause (f) on page 4 is: (f

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Landlord Advice Team
11/06/2011 00:00

Deposit advice
Hello my sister has rented a house out at a high rent for 12 months and now left. The place wa

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Landlord Advice Team
11/06/2011 00:00

can deposit in scheme be witheld to cover unpaid rent
I seem to find conflicting advice whether a deposit held in a custodial scheme can be witheld to cov

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Landlord Advice Team
07/06/2011 00:00

damage to property - non-return of deposit
Hi I have served my tenant's with their S21a (to be out by 31st July 2011). I have agr

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06/06/2011 00:00

Returning deposits
Is there a time factor involved with returning tenants deposits. I know it must be lodged at the beg

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new landlord_718
02/06/2011 00:00

can landlord deduct unpaid utility bills from deposit when tenant leaves ?
The tenant is leaving the property shortly but has a large electricity bill unpaid that the landlord

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01/06/2011 00:00

Tenant Bonds Company
Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of "Tenant Bonds." A company that le

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01/06/2011 00:00

deposit dispute
I currently have a non registered TDS as it related to a non AST tenancy. I had professional in

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Landlord Advice Team
31/05/2011 00:00

Former tenants who left a lot of mess and did not comply with No Smoking rules, as well as damage to

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Jim on RLA Helpdesk
27/05/2011 00:00

Tenancy Deposits
Hello, Could you advise what is the best Tenancy Deposit Scheme to use for a landlord with one

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Jim on RLA Helpdesk
13/05/2011 00:00

Section 21 and Tenancy Deposit
We require advice/clarification on the following: Circumstances Tenant moved into the pr

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Jim on RLA Helpdesk
12/05/2011 00:00

rent deposit held, can it go towards rent arrears?
I have issued my tenant with two months notice,I am not expecting any rent from her, if she moves ou

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04/05/2011 00:00

Cash Advance v Deposit
Hi My Tenant provided a cash contribution to the first month's rent (2 yrs ago) and then p

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03/05/2011 00:00

Tenancy Bond
We have a private tenant who is being supported by SAFFA as she has split up from her husband who is

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Landlord Advice Team
30/04/2011 00:00

Despot argument
I have a tenant who left owing over 3000 rent, plus the apartment is a real mess - it will need

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29/04/2011 00:00

Releasing Deposits to Joint Tenants
Hi I have a house let in a joint tenancy. One tenant wants to leave, replacing himself with a n

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Landlord Advice Team
27/04/2011 00:00

Deposits Under ASTAs
I'm sure this has been asked several times before - How do I go about registering with a gov

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MHMProperty Lets
24/04/2011 00:00

Tenant moved out without paying bills and cannot be contacted
Hello, I had a tenant moving out 2 weeks ago and not paying the bills. The tenant is not a UK reside

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22/04/2011 00:00

International Students -
Good evening Could you advise me regarding the following, two international students rented a

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Landlord Advice Team
08/04/2011 00:00

Can you still protect a deposit after 14 days
Mydeposits have updated their scheme rules and may not protect a deposit after 14 days. Are the othe

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08/04/2011 00:00

DPS - tenant threat to pursue through court
My (three) tenants moved out 3 weeks ago. There were on a 12 month AST but ended up staying around 1

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04/04/2011 00:00

Tenant wishes to leave early and demands full bond return
RLA AST signed 30th Jan 2011 Tenancy commenced 1/2/11 for period up to 31/7/11. Depost registered w

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Landlord Advice Team
27/03/2011 00:00

Deposit Protection?
good afternoon we have a student who signed his original joint contract in 2006 paying 250 dep

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24/03/2011 00:00

Change from Managed Agency to Self ... ref: deposit
Hi I am currently living abroad with work and used an Agency to find and manage a tenant for th

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Landlord Advice Team
21/03/2011 00:00

I am considering renting myself
I am a landlord and homeowner. However, in order to rent out our home and move to a new house, ther

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13/03/2011 00:00

Deposit Not large enough
Tenants have left property advising I may use deposit to pay the last months rent. The problem

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09/03/2011 00:00

Deposits - Can I repeat this question and put it forward to the RLA team? (feb11)
Hi I have an account with a Tennancy Depost Scheme. I have a tennant who received his deposit back f

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05/03/2011 00:00

Deposits and 3 times penalty
Just thought I share this with everyone out there. My tenant tried to sue me for 3 times the d

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02/03/2011 00:00

I notice you no longer have an RLA version of the prescribed info for a DPS lodgement so that sectio

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28/02/2011 00:00

12 month's rent up front - is this a deposit?
I have a tenant who wishes to rent my property for 12 months on a AST. Due to earnings levels my ins

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21/02/2011 00:00

dps prescribed information
I understand that after a deposit has been protected, the tenant has to be supplied with prescribed

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20/02/2011 00:00

Deposit when Landlord is resident
Dear Helpdesk Further question in relation to my previous one - if the landlord is resident

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15/02/2011 00:00

Council Bond
Hi David Does a council bond for a tenant to cover the deposit need protecting? Regards

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11/02/2011 00:00

Ensuring I can claim the rental deposit lodged with the DPS
My tenants are in arrears and have not paid rent for several months. I served a Section 8 notice sev

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10/02/2011 00:00

Deposits and section 21
We are trying to evict a tenant through the accelerated procedure. The tenant has solicitors who are

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Landlord Advice Team
07/02/2011 00:00
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