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Who Deposits the Deposit
Have heard conflicting opinions on this one...What do you think....When an agent takes the Deposit f

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Rob P
22/12/2014 15:09

Deposit guard
I read the deposit guard literature, and although the price to register a deposit is low, when i inc

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Ian Hs
13/12/2014 13:17

Deposit written permisson received from the tenant.
Good Evening, My tenant is from abroad and on the last day of tenancy he would like his deposit

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13/12/2014 07:37

Student Let
My student let contract doesn't start for the property until 01/07/2015. However the tenants hav

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11/12/2014 19:28

What can be withheld from the tenancy deposit
I use a letting agent as a find only service for my properties and they hold the tenancy deposit. A

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11/12/2014 11:46

Beware what constitutes a deposit.
My tenant and I agreed the following prior to exchanging contracts. Four days prior to taking t

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04/12/2014 21:14

Contract extension
We have five students each paying 100 deposit-do they have to be registered with tds indivdually, o

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Landlord Advice Team
03/12/2014 05:44

Returning Deposit
Hi I have returned my tenants deposit but can't find what to do on the DPS site to re

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Hythe man
28/11/2014 12:01

Time limit for reporting problems at end of tenancy
I am a first time landlord and the tenants moved out of my property on 17th October. I have only jus

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19/11/2014 20:32

Returning deposit and notification of damage
I am a first time landlord and the tenants moved out of my property on 17th October. I have only jus

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19/11/2014 14:48

How to prove we served prescribed information
We all know we have to serve PI. What is good practice in showing that we have complied?

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Hythe man
19/11/2014 08:59

Partial Deposit
Hi, We've got a tenant who is paying her deposit in instalments. Please co

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16/11/2014 20:54

Deposit Paperwork
I understand that when taking a deposit you have to give the tenant the relevant paperwork fro

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Landlord Advice Team
14/11/2014 13:13

if one of a pair of tenants vacates
I have been renting a house to two friends on a rolling contract for the last 2 years. Their 500 de

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nice guy
13/11/2014 09:45

Returning deposits
I've had some really good advice on here in the last couple of days and I have another query be

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12/11/2014 18:45

Prescribed Information Form
I've just used TDS via RLA for the first time. There are boxes for the tenant and landlord to s

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Frustrated Landlord
09/11/2014 11:55

Advanced Rent as deposit?
Tenant A & B are remaining. Tenant C is surrendering the tenancy and finding own replacement. Repl

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08/11/2014 17:51

Hello! Ive been an NLA member for years and recently joined RLA what a breathe of fres

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05/11/2014 20:02

Renewal of Prescribed Information
Hello, In November 2013, allowed my AST to become a periodic tenancy (by simply letting

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Landlord Advice Team
02/11/2014 14:55

Returning tenancy deposit
Sorry fairly inexperinced landlord with what is probably a quite basic query. Landlord: End of

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28/10/2014 07:48

switching deposit from one joint tenancy to another
I have a deposit with DPS for 2 sharers on a joint tenancy. Lets call them tenants A & B. Deposit

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Hythe man
23/10/2014 12:13

'Redecorating charge'
I have recently met a tenant who has paid a deposit but she has also had to pay an additional sum of

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21/10/2014 09:23

DPS scheme leaflet
In addition to previous, your check list for landlords states that prior to 2012 DPS only had terms

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Landlord Advice Team
15/10/2014 05:50

re issuing prescribed info
My tenancies all became statutory periodic after the end of fixed period in 2010/2011.All the deposi

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14/10/2014 15:32

Disputed deduction from tenancy deposit
A long term tenant moves out of my property today. When they moved in, the property was newly refurb

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Trans Am
08/10/2014 00:05

Amending AST
We are student landlords. 2 queries: Husband has decided not to charge a deposit this year on a

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Landlord Advice Team
07/10/2014 06:31

Deposit Schemes and Courts
I opted for small claims online process and not MyDeposits Dispute Resolution for a number of reason

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04/10/2014 14:59

When arbitration isn't appropriate.....
Deposits from my ex-student tenants belonged to them (I checked) so there was a 'No' put in

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04/10/2014 09:53

When arbitration isn't appropriate.....
Deposits from my ex-student tenants belonged to them (I checked) so there was a 'No' put in

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Frustrated Landlord
01/10/2014 15:40

Check out
I have a tenant who had a room in a shared house - she gave me just 19 days notice instead of the 1

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Purple Bunny
30/09/2014 12:21

tenancy deposits
Hi, I acted as guarantor for a house my son rented with friends. an agent organised the let. All

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30/09/2014 05:44

Tenant's Deposit
My tenant moved in on 1st May and she promised to pay her deposit at a later stage when she gets it

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29/09/2014 11:54

first time ending a tenancy would like some help
tenants damaged property and admitted fault.we had discussions and agreed an amount for them to cove

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Landlord Advice Team
24/09/2014 05:55

Transfwer of Tenant Deposit from current Agent
My current Agent is not performing to my satisfaction. Can I easily transfer the Tenant Deposit hel

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Landlord Advice Team
23/09/2014 13:49

Prescribed Information
Hello, My tenant's six-month shorthold assured is soon becoming a statuatory periodic

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Landlord Advice Team
23/09/2014 06:23

deposit problem
i employed an agent to find a tenant and manage the property for me, he did this and collected a dep

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20/09/2014 09:35

A property was refurbished 4 years ago and the tenants have just moved out. The landlord wishes to

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09/09/2014 09:10

Damage Exceeds Deposit
I rent a house to 4 students. The deposit for 5 years has been 1/2 a month's rent which has been

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Trans Am
04/09/2014 19:57

Do I only hand over section A of the prescribed info?
Hello I've downloaded the TDS prescribed info and clauses document. Surely I only han

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Landlord Advice Team
04/09/2014 13:27

LAndlord has not registered deposit
We have a landlord who has come to us in a panic. He has not registered a deposit that he took

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03/09/2014 15:00

RLA DepositGuard Agreement
If I am using your template do I also need to issue the Prescribed Information as well?

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25/08/2014 11:59
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