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Deposit protected if surname is wrong F/A/O James
James, As per our discussion, please can you tell me if there is any case law covering an incor

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Landlord Advice Team
13/06/2016 11:26

I am a member of the RLA, I have a few properties in my name, my son and daughter's name. A

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13/06/2016 09:48

Getting deposit back
I've had an exemplary tenant in my one rental property since May 2009. I trained up with RLA an

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Landlord Advice Team
08/06/2016 09:57

Right of Tenant to make repairs to recover a deposit
Can you advise whether a tenant has a legal right to enter a property after their tenancy ends to ma

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Landlord Advice Team
07/06/2016 17:07

DPS bond allocation
I had previously let out and managed a property and revoked our management because the landlord woul

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Landlord Advice Team
07/06/2016 16:56

tenancy deposit query
Can you tell me the answer? we have registered our tenancy deposit with we have to do

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Hythe man
01/06/2016 11:18

prescribed information
Good afternoon. Tenancy ended on 17 March 2016 (tenant moved out) but tenant disputing damage claims

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Landlord Advice Team
19/05/2016 14:53

Tenant wouldn't sign move out inspection
Hi everyone, would welcome any advice on this. Tenant and her mother (a guarantor) attend

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22/04/2016 20:58

Hi. This is my first post since joining RLA a month ago I am arranging to manage one of m

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Hythe man
22/04/2016 10:14

My tenants have moved out, there's a burnt mark on the carpet in the front lounge area and a mar

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Hythe man
19/04/2016 10:36

Tenant Surrendering Tenancy - Letting Agent Fees
I have agreed to let my tenant leave early (one month into a 6 month fixed term) even though there i

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14/04/2016 09:15

Tenants left during S21 at short notice
I have a question regarding the deposit which I am holding for a property. Basically I issued a S21

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13/04/2016 09:14

Cigarette burns, reasonable claim?
Ref previous tenant, I am attempting to get costs from the tenant's deposit via the then agency

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12/04/2016 20:34

TDS Info
I have served a S21 on a tenant who I am holding a bond for with a TDS. If the tenant refuses to lea

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Landlord Advice Team
07/04/2016 09:36

Advice required
An agent handles the letting and AST. I manage the rental. Two years ago, three business women move

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06/04/2016 09:25

S21 Possession Order
I have served a S21 on a tenant who I am holding a bond for. If the tenant refuses to leave upon the

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Renting Ron
06/04/2016 00:42

What Happens to a TDS When a Property is Sold
Dear All, I wonder if anyone can help. I am in the process of selling a property and have

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05/04/2016 14:36

Signing Prescribed Information
Hi, I see on your guide to completing the Prescribed Information that you say the Landlord must

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Ray D
29/03/2016 14:30

Buying Tenanted Property with Unprotected Deposits
We're purchasing a property (due to complete on Wednesday) where all the tenants are on ASTs and

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Member 1
28/03/2016 14:12

Tenants forwarding address
I have a tenant who is leaving after his notice but has not given us his new address and has

Replies: 8
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Hythe man
26/03/2016 10:11

Tenant refused viewings
Hi - tenant vacated 1/3/16 - gave notice 16/12/15 to allow plenty time to find new tenant and said v

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Landlord Advice Team
25/03/2016 10:20

Confused re deposit protection schemes
i am a new landlord - not sure which deposit protection scheme is best? I will be renting my flat ou

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22/03/2016 08:56

Deposit Dispute
Hello, tenant has moved out and left the property in an awful state. The cost to put it right is ove

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13/03/2016 10:41

Hi . I am a first time landlord. My first lot of tenants have left damaging a few items in my proper

Replies: 22
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11/03/2016 13:41

Hi, one of our tenant has just left and the house was left in an awful state. Photographs were taken

Replies: 5
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11/03/2016 08:43

Tenant/LL Q: Who pays CHECK-IN and who pays CHECK-OUT fees?
Hello! My tenants recently moved out and I've just realised that I paid for both the check-in AN

Replies: 1
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09/03/2016 18:28

Deposit being held by letting agent
Good morning, I'm hoping you can offer me some advice on an issue I have.

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09/03/2016 15:08

Prescribed Information for Assured Shorthold Tenancies
My current tenants wish to renew their assured shorthold tenancy agreement for a further 24 months.

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Landlord Advice Team
09/03/2016 15:01

2 tenants only 1 named at DPS
Hi, A couple (Tenant A and B) moved into my property 1st Jan 2015. I took my tenants depo

Replies: 4
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04/03/2016 08:00

Periodic tenancy
Hi there Do I need to re-protect the deposit or do anything else when our tenancy rolls o

Replies: 2
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Landlord Advice Team
19/02/2016 12:54

Landlord House 4 Rooms 4 Deposits wants me to protect
Good afternoon, I wonder if any of you have advice please. I have been asked to help a landlady wit

Replies: 3
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Landlord Advice Team
19/02/2016 08:40

Deposit registration change
Hi, My house is rented by a married couple and the tenancy and deposit is registered in both th

Replies: 1
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15/02/2016 11:57

Should agency tell dos tenant now periodic
Hi, My agent had registered my ex tenants deposit with the DPS. When the tenancy rolled

Replies: 4
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15/02/2016 09:22

Help with submitting evidence for Adjudication - is there a guide for landlords
We have a tenant who would not reply to our letters and telephone calls claiming dilapidations. Aft

Replies: 1
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13/02/2016 01:18

DPS - Prescribed Information - question on (f)
Just completing the Prescribed information relating to tenants deposits (Custodial Scheme).

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11/02/2016 09:54

Transferring tenants deposit from Agency into the RLA Depositguard scheme
Hi, I'm am due to take over the management of my property from a local estate agent. My current

Replies: 9
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10/02/2016 11:15

My tenant is on a periodic agreement and I have issued a Form 4 notifying increase of rent which the

Replies: 2
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07/02/2016 08:36

Request to Earlier Request for RLA Advice
Dear Sirs, I posted a request for advice on 28/12/15 entitled "Misc Issues Arising Wrt la

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07/01/2016 08:33

Misc Issues Arising Wrt Landlord Claims Against Deposit/ First Instalment
Dear Sirs, One of my tenants has recently vacated - in the immediate run-up to Xmas. Her

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06/01/2016 14:01

Misc Issues Arising Wrt Landlord Claims Against Deposit
Dear Sirs, One of my tenants has recently vacated - in the immediate run-up to Xmas. Her

Replies: 4
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31/12/2015 08:49

changing tenancy within 6 months AST period
Hi team, I have agreed to end a tenancy early after less than 4 months as the current ten

Replies: 4
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30/12/2015 14:05
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