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Tenancy Types and Management

Addendum to Tenancy Agreement to cover driveway and parking
Hi all, It's my first time posting so please be kind! I've just added a dou

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Richard P
22/02/2020 17:56

1 AST, 3 Friends
I have 3 friends who are Uni students but they want to rent a 2 bed flat under the same tenancy.

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21/02/2020 17:38

Purchase of Property with tenants in situ
I am buying a freehold house which has been divided into 3 self contained flats, each let on AST

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21/02/2020 17:25

New tenancy
Our agent has referenced a married couple looking to move pin to one of our properties. On

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21/02/2020 09:26

Hi everyone I have my first set of tenancies coming up for renewal in my HMO, both tenants

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17/02/2020 15:44

Break Clause
Hi My niece has the following break clause: does this mean it has to be at 6 months only o

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10/02/2020 16:49

Buying a property with tenants in situ
If purchasing a property with tenants already there, does a new tenancy agreement need to be issu

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09/02/2020 18:15

Type of tenancy
A friend is interested in renting my property with the option to buy the property at an agreed p

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Landlord Advice Team
07/02/2020 09:30

Tenancy surrender
I have 3 tenants under a joint tenancy agreement and one has requested to leave the tenancy 3 mon

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Landlord Advice Team
07/02/2020 09:28

New joint tenancy, one tenant leaves.
Hi, In December we let a property to new tenants using a joint tenancy agreement. Yesterda

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06/02/2020 10:38

Sound proofing for party walls
My own home and a number of terrace houses we rent out have thin party walls. Tenants report they

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Marcus Aurelius
31/01/2020 15:14

Renewing tenancy with a rent increase
Hi everyone, would be grateful for any thoughts on the following: I have a student HMO, us

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30/01/2020 18:09

Room Keys & AST
I have recently discovered that in our student lets the letting agent will not replace lost room

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21/01/2020 12:52

return holding fee
when to return holding fee

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Landlord Advice Team
21/01/2020 10:28

tenants have split and new identity
At this time of year i inspect the properties for repairs etc. In arranging a visit i was yesterd

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15/01/2020 13:22

Hi All, I have a few blocks and each has 5 or 6 flats. I have tenants there from I do not

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15/01/2020 13:14

Tenant Diary?
I've seen mention of keeping a 'Tenant Diary' to record dates, visits, repairs etc.

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08/01/2020 23:00

Responsibility for bills in an England 3 person HMO
Good morning Where a landlord has a 3 person HMO is it ok for the tenants to share respons

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07/01/2020 20:11

Good morning, could you please advise the correct form to use to serve on a tenant whose tenancy

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23/12/2019 23:03

should a landlord reveal that his relative lives in the HMO that a potential is enquiring about
Hello colleagues. An ex- client of mine going it alone has contacted to pose this question to whi

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21/12/2019 12:30

licence agreements
I am in the process of buying a further buy-to-let house. The vendor is buying a new build and i

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Landlord Advice Team
18/12/2019 13:52

AST With Landlord and tenant signed by same person
Hi I just brought a property with an AST in-place. The property was owned by a company which

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12/12/2019 10:27

Alternative to joint AST
My 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom flat occupied by 2 professional unrelated tenants. They share the kitche

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09/12/2019 14:40

I have a tenant where the 6 month lease is running out Dec 15th and I prepaid a 6 month renewal b

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Landlord Advice Team
09/12/2019 10:25

New AST Contract
We have good tenants, whose two year AST expires in January. They wish to extend for another year

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04/12/2019 16:24

Rent Increase
Hi all, all my tenancies are periodic, can I just issue a Section 13 - Rent increase letter with

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03/12/2019 19:30

Transfer of tenancy on sale of property
I have a tenant in an Assured Shorthold Tenancy since Feb 2011. It is therefore Periodicand he w

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02/12/2019 17:25

Buying a property with tenant insitu
Good afternoon everyone We are looking to purchase a property with a tenant insitu, they a

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29/11/2019 11:52

Allowable fee charges AST
Iíve been studying the new rules regarding charging fees to tenants. Hereís my question: in one o

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28/11/2019 17:30

End of joint fixed term when only one of 4 tenants wishes to terminate
I have a joint (and several) AST coming to the end of the fixed term. Usually when no-one wants t

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Landlord Advice Team
25/11/2019 10:05

Adding an additional party to an existing tenancy agreement
Hi there I have a tenancy agreement between myself and two tenants how have rented my flat

Replies: 11
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13/11/2019 12:40

Rent house to company, for their staff to live in
Hi all, I just had a viewing at the rental property; the MD of a non-chain posh restaurant

Replies: 17
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13/11/2019 12:38

John Davis
Hi, I want to set up an agreement with someone who will sub let my house. Ive read that an AST

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Landlord Advice Team
11/11/2019 14:05

Tenancy renewal
Good morning. I have a tenant who has been at a property for six months.. the ast has now

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08/11/2019 11:35

Any danger from changing payment date?
I have a tenant who is in month 8 of 12 month ast. No arrears. Perfect rent paymnet record. He

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06/11/2019 17:35

Tenants Have Split
Hi All, Two tenants living in one of my properties have split up and the man has moved out

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05/11/2019 12:14

How long are student tenancies?
Dear darling Durham University student daughter is about to sign a 52 week fixed term for her 2nd

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nicest landlord
05/11/2019 10:17

Increasing the rent.
Iím thinking of increasing the rent in one of my BTLs. Itís been £550 since 2014 and the pr

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Trans Am
02/11/2019 10:28

ReAssignment of Lease
Hi I have two sharers on a 3 year lease, they've split up and one tenant wants to rema

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30/10/2019 11:57

Tenancy agreement
Advice appreciated, I am currently using a lettings agent but they haven't been passing on my

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Landlord Advice Team
28/10/2019 11:37
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