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Tenancy Types and Management

Tenant age
Hi there, Can you help - I have had a 17 year old wanting to become a tenant. I believe t

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21/07/2019 20:33

Appointment of Lead Tenant
Dear Advice Team. One of my properties is an HMO, housing a maximum of four individuals, o

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21/07/2019 09:59

Minimum AST term
I am selling one of my BTL houses, but it is not selling. Therefore whilst it is on the market I

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20/07/2019 06:46

Leasehold Buy to Let Property Subletting
I own a leasehold property which I bought as a buy to let. I am currently renting it out. I hav

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lady in red
18/07/2019 13:37

Letting to a Government body
Good afternoon, we have been asked to rent our properties to a Social Services leaving care team.

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16/07/2019 15:41

Tenancy agreement
Hi I am reviewing the tenancy agreement that we have used for a small workshop and yard. O

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Landlord Advice Team
12/07/2019 09:17

Gas Certs
Hi, I have just read on the RLA Web-site that in order to serve a S21 notice a landlord must have

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06/07/2019 14:35

Is it easy to find your own tenants?
Hi Due to having a couple of properties both of which are in rent arrears, in a way to min

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04/07/2019 18:19

Advance rent
Am i allowed to charge for 2 months in Advance rent plus a deposit.

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04/07/2019 14:31

client account?
I have one house that I have Let to a friend in a different area. He sublets [with permission]

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03/07/2019 19:16

Landlords Privacy Notice
Hi, I've been asked by my tenant to provide my Landlords Privacy Notice for their refe

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03/07/2019 13:59

Rent increase to periodic tenancy
We have a rolling periodic tenancy on a property and would like to increase the rent. Three joint

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Landlord Advice Team
01/07/2019 10:48

Early termination of a tenancy agreement
Hi, We have a question regarding a tenant who is in contract until 31st November 2019.

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27/06/2019 15:56

Purchasing HMO
Hello, I looking to purchase a property, a HMO with three floors and five tenants. Vendor

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25/06/2019 12:16

Break clause
I have a tenant whose ast started on 1st June. He sent me some text messages recently stating he

Replies: 12
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Jen & wayne
23/06/2019 01:54

Can someone advise whether its better to pay for a accredited inventory specialist vs a landlord

Replies: 4
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19/06/2019 08:35

Is 5% a suitable rent inrease in a 12 month period
on a twelve month AST, do I need to give six months notice to a rent increase and would 5% be a r

Replies: 5
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18/06/2019 17:14

AST Agreement amendments
How do I insert a 6 month break clause in the RLA online AST form?

Replies: 2
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14/06/2019 20:14

Tenancy to foreign Nationals
We have future tenants that are USA nationals, they currently have a right of residency until Jan

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13/06/2019 09:31

Amending tenancy contract to allow one more tenant in property
Hi I have a tenant whose contract is now in a statutory periodic contract as the minimum t

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11/06/2019 13:41

Tenant under 18
I have been asked by a parent of a 17 year old daughter with young child to rent a house to the d

Replies: 12
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03/06/2019 14:12

Tenancy renewal/rent increase
Hi all I am hoping to gain some advice on how to introduce a rent increase on the tenancy renewal

Replies: 11
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02/06/2019 13:10

Landlord's address
Can we please get something clear? The AST or a section 48 must give an address in England for th

Replies: 5
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Landlord Advice Team
29/05/2019 12:08

New tenants
Is there a new tenant application form which I can download? Or is there a list of documents and

Replies: 2
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Landlord Advice Team
29/05/2019 09:18

Ltd Company Tenancy Agreement
Hi, I have just set up a ltd company for my BTL properties and for the first time will be renting

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29/05/2019 09:16

Email Notice of Intent to Renew AST
Hello. We have a situation as follows.... AST (currently running) is 12-month Fixed Term.

Replies: 18
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27/05/2019 14:20

I have a 4 months tenancy which started on the 30th March and ends on the 29th of July.With this

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27/05/2019 13:58

a possible workaround for credit checks under the tenant fees ban?
I posted the bones of this post as a comment beneath Victoria Barker's article at (https://ne

Replies: 4
Views: 95
24/05/2019 17:47

Hi There, can you help me please, we are updating our Tenancy Agreement and would like to know i

Replies: 3
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Landlord Advice Team
23/05/2019 11:55

Renting back to the seller.
I currently own a flat and a half share of the freehold. I am in the process of purchasing the ot

Replies: 2
Views: 84
22/05/2019 11:01

RLA tenancy agreement
Hi, Am a new member here, so hi to everyone. We are in the process of buying a property

Replies: 12
Views: 131
20/05/2019 09:27

Tenant leaving half way through tenancy agreement
I run an HMO and one of the new tenants has stated that he was involved in a car accident and now

Replies: 6
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15/05/2019 09:07

RLA tenancy agreement
Hi, Am a new member here, so hi to everyone. We are in the process of buying a property

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14/05/2019 08:39

One of the joint tenants moves out and girlfriend moves in.
If an AST exists with joint, named tenants and one moves out (e.g. split up) and then another par

Replies: 16
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Anthony Norton
10/05/2019 20:04

tenancy contract
We have been using our own contract but we would like to use the RLA contract as it is shorter an

Replies: 2
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Landlord Advice Team
10/05/2019 15:05

Buying with tenants in situ
I am about to complete on a property where tenants are in place and on a periodic tenancy.

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09/05/2019 09:06

Letting to a company
Hello, I am considering letting a property to a company, it's a well established non-profit c

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03/05/2019 09:35

How best to confirm the end of a tenancy to students
Good evening! I have a group of students in a joint assured shorthold tenancy agreement which end

Replies: 8
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02/05/2019 14:53

Electronic signatures on tenancy agreements
We would like to move to electronic signatures. There seems to be conflicting advice online about

Replies: 9
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25/04/2019 22:44

Tenants Son has moved in
Hi Tenants son has moved in - I think it is only temporary but where do we stand? E

Replies: 6
Views: 117
19/04/2019 12:13
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