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Tenancy Types and Management

Gas Certs
Hi, I have just read on the RLA Web-site that in order to serve a S21 notice a landlord must have

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22/08/2019 05:52

wife not on AST but husband is??
I'm about to start a tenancy that was originally for a husband and wife. I've just been

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Landlord Advice Team
21/08/2019 10:16

Removing a joint tenant from a tenancy agreement
Hi, my tenant has just informed me that her ex-boyfriend (who is a joint tenant) moved out over a

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Jane L
20/08/2019 13:18

We have a tenant on a company let which has now gone Periodic, can the rent be increased and what

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19/08/2019 14:23

company/corporate lets
my vacant property seems to be getting queries from either people wanting to sub-let or for compa

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18/08/2019 23:12

Subletting tenant
Hi, A tenant (student) in a house with 3 others has asked if she can sublet her room for 3 mon

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16/08/2019 14:02

What are the snags with room only TAs (3-bed student HMO)
Hello, this is only my second year as a landlord & HMO, so still a high learning curve. Last year

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15/08/2019 14:03

tenant wants lodger
I have a good tenant of 2 1/2 years, always paid rent on time and mostly looked after himself. B

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14/08/2019 16:35

one month notice
Dear RLA The tenant did not give me a month's notice. Arrears rent AND Don't give

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Landlord Advice Team
12/08/2019 13:48

Student Let
My property is solely let to students at the nearby university on an academic year basis (40 week

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08/08/2019 12:56

Hello, With the councils rebanding more and more HMOs rooms in Band A, I would like to inc

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Landlord Advice Team
08/08/2019 09:23

Change of Landlord - Deposit
I currently manage a few properties for the family business. The landlord is named as a limited c

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07/08/2019 11:43

HMO - Couples
Hi there, I have a 4 bedroom HMO - each of the tenants has separate ASTs (the RLA room onl

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06/08/2019 10:22

fixed term tenancy agreement
Hi, With a 3 year fixed term tenancy agreement ending on 30th September 2019 do I have to ser

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Landlord Advice Team
01/08/2019 14:22

possible sublet (in a good way)
I think my tenant is subletting to an another family. The few times i have been there (inspection

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30/07/2019 17:19

Michael Tetlow
I have a tenant whose tenancy is due for renewal. In a couple of months time, I intend to transfe

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Landlord Advice Team
29/07/2019 16:43

Sitting tenant, refuses to sign an AST or pay increased rent
I have a sitting tenant in a property which was passed over to me in Trust. They never had a writ

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Landlord Advice Team
26/07/2019 17:03

Cornwall Council - Single Residential Dwellinghouse
Cornwall are clamping down on student accommodation. We purchased a former council house and have

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24/07/2019 15:51

Notice on Periodic Tenancy
My tenants WERE on a six-month joint AST. It expired on 14th June 2019 (the last day of their agr

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23/07/2019 16:52

Appointment of Lead Tenant
Dear Advice Team. One of my properties is an HMO, housing a maximum of four individuals, o

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22/07/2019 21:58

Tenant age
Hi there, Can you help - I have had a 17 year old wanting to become a tenant. I believe t

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Landlord Advice Team
22/07/2019 11:49

Minimum AST term
I am selling one of my BTL houses, but it is not selling. Therefore whilst it is on the market I

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20/07/2019 06:46

Leasehold Buy to Let Property Subletting
I own a leasehold property which I bought as a buy to let. I am currently renting it out. I hav

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lady in red
18/07/2019 13:37

Letting to a Government body
Good afternoon, we have been asked to rent our properties to a Social Services leaving care team.

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16/07/2019 15:41

Tenancy agreement
Hi I am reviewing the tenancy agreement that we have used for a small workshop and yard. O

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Landlord Advice Team
12/07/2019 09:17

Is it easy to find your own tenants?
Hi Due to having a couple of properties both of which are in rent arrears, in a way to min

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04/07/2019 18:19

Advance rent
Am i allowed to charge for 2 months in Advance rent plus a deposit.

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04/07/2019 14:31

client account?
I have one house that I have Let to a friend in a different area. He sublets [with permission]

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03/07/2019 19:16

Landlords Privacy Notice
Hi, I've been asked by my tenant to provide my Landlords Privacy Notice for their refe

Replies: 20
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03/07/2019 13:59

Rent increase to periodic tenancy
We have a rolling periodic tenancy on a property and would like to increase the rent. Three joint

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Landlord Advice Team
01/07/2019 10:48

Early termination of a tenancy agreement
Hi, We have a question regarding a tenant who is in contract until 31st November 2019.

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27/06/2019 15:56

Purchasing HMO
Hello, I looking to purchase a property, a HMO with three floors and five tenants. Vendor

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25/06/2019 12:16

Break clause
I have a tenant whose ast started on 1st June. He sent me some text messages recently stating he

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Jen & wayne
23/06/2019 01:54

Can someone advise whether its better to pay for a accredited inventory specialist vs a landlord

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19/06/2019 08:35

Is 5% a suitable rent inrease in a 12 month period
on a twelve month AST, do I need to give six months notice to a rent increase and would 5% be a r

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18/06/2019 17:14

AST Agreement amendments
How do I insert a 6 month break clause in the RLA online AST form?

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14/06/2019 20:14

Tenancy to foreign Nationals
We have future tenants that are USA nationals, they currently have a right of residency until Jan

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13/06/2019 09:31

Amending tenancy contract to allow one more tenant in property
Hi I have a tenant whose contract is now in a statutory periodic contract as the minimum t

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11/06/2019 13:41

Tenant under 18
I have been asked by a parent of a 17 year old daughter with young child to rent a house to the d

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03/06/2019 14:12

Tenancy renewal/rent increase
Hi all I am hoping to gain some advice on how to introduce a rent increase on the tenancy renewal

Replies: 11
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02/06/2019 13:10
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