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Tenancy Types and Management

Termination of Tenancy
I'd like clarification on Termination of an AST please. AST is for 12 months from 1st Decem

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10/08/2014 17:42

Periodic Tenancy - New Tenancy Agreement
Hi I have never put any of the rents up in our properties and would like to give a few mo

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05/08/2014 17:43

Recent Marriage
I have a Statutory Periodic Tenancy with two named tenants, the lead tenant has just married the oth

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01/08/2014 14:11

Finding a mangement agreement
Hi, I plan to fully mange someone's property but need to management agreement to do that. Anyone

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31/07/2014 11:36

housing benefits and contracts
my tenants six month contract is up and now on a rolling month by month. she has contacted me reques

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29/07/2014 17:07

Periodic Tenancy Details
I could not find any relevant information under the RLA docs section... After the ending of the fixe

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Ray D
27/07/2014 20:57

6 months or 12??
I'm leaving the country and renting out to people that I (vaguely) know but (mostly) trust....I

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25/07/2014 09:31

Rent increases
I have been renting 2 properties to the same tenants for a few years without any rent increases. The

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15/07/2014 17:41

Starting out!
Hi! I am new to being a landlord and will be renting out my home to colleagues whilst I l

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14/07/2014 14:58

Credit check one tenant only
A bloke called letting agent after viewing to express his interest. He is asking if ok to credit che

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12/07/2014 21:19

Next Landlord Show London
Just to let all you Southernersvknow that the next London Landlord and Letting Show will be at the B

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10/07/2014 09:04

ex tenants goods
Need advice on best way to deal with ex tenants father who continues to ask for the place where his

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09/07/2014 12:40

Signing of tenancy agreement
Does an AST have to be signed on the day of the start of a tenancy or can it be signed, (for example

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09/07/2014 10:56

Periodic tenancy
Can someone let me know what a Periodic Tenancy is and how it is used. I issue Tenancy R

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07/07/2014 21:59

HMO deffinition
I had a single guy in a 2 bed property who could not afford the rent due to changes to LHA rates, an

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07/07/2014 12:48

minimum length AST
what is the minimum length a new AST tenancy can be? much appreciated Mike

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Ray D
07/07/2014 11:24

Tenancy Length
Could you please let me know if there is a maximum length of time I could issue a tenancy for.

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Landlord Advice Team
04/07/2014 07:27

lodger agreement - fixed term AND periodic?
In an AST the agreement is for 6 months and it can then roll on as a periodic agreement. Can I do t

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03/07/2014 21:33

Claim rejected after Claim issued !
Greetings Needed to remove LHA who has given up any pretense of paying rent to me. Printed

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02/07/2014 20:39

Admin fees
I am drafting an AST using your pro forma, what is the standard admin fee for entering into a tenanc

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27/06/2014 20:31

letting by room
I would like to let a house by the room rather than by the whole property. Can I use a separate sho

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Landlord Advice Team
25/06/2014 10:05

RLA document - AST - Room Only
I'm looking at the AST - Room Only document supplied by RLA. It refers to the 'property'

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Student landlord
25/06/2014 09:35

Tenancy Agreement and Landlords legal Responsibilities
I own 1 residential property and have let since last many years with Assured Short hold Tenancy Agre

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20/06/2014 09:10

How to extend an assured shorthold tenancy
Hello, When an assured shorthold tenancy agreement is due to run out but both sides are

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16/06/2014 23:15

sub let tenants rights
hi all hope you can help but im after advice for my daughter, shes the tenant so hope im

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16/06/2014 11:25

Monthly TA's with additional days
My tenant's current TA is expiring soon and he asked for a renewal after expiry but only for 2 m

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12/06/2014 07:52

Section 13 form
Hello everyone, this is my first post and I am hoping for some advice. I have been trying to fill i

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Helen & Phil
11/06/2014 17:30

Mrs Lodge
Hi there, if there are 2 landlady's of a property whom live at 2 separate addresses what would I

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Trans Am
11/06/2014 17:29

Moving Letting Agents
Hello, I am new to lettings and will be managing some properties for other people as an agent,

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09/06/2014 08:58

Can a son (non-property owner) assume L/lord's role when parents move to work abroad?
Q1) To help cover household bills in parents' absence, can an adult son, with parents' agree

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09/06/2014 08:49

Tenancy Agreement Periods
Generally TA's are drawn up for 6 month or 12 month periods, but if agreed between landlord and

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Landlord Advice Team
04/06/2014 09:01

6-8 weel letting to placement students
Hello A group of students who are on placement during the summer have offered money up front to

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25/05/2014 17:46

End tenancy before contractual date
My tenant moved out today, I only found out by chance. He was in my property for a contractual perio

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23/05/2014 10:34

one tenant moving out early
I have a flat with four tenants who are 8 months into a 1 year AST. 1 tenant wants to move out next

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20/05/2014 22:47

Can you advise if inserting an electronic signature on the tenancy agreements is ok? Are

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16/05/2014 18:37

Surely this is illegal
Hi, I have a tenant keen to move in to one of my flats, but the previous landlord is not

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Landlord Advice Team
15/05/2014 14:22

Can you advise if inserting an electronic signature on the tenancy agreements is ok? Are

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14/05/2014 16:04

Notice Period
I have a tenant who moved into a property in February using an RLA AST Tenancy. He is now late

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13/05/2014 18:37

Can you help me find Periodic Tenancy Agreement template?
Ladies and gents, I cannot find template for Periodic Tenancy Agreement in the DOCS section of this

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12/05/2014 09:10

Managing Agent
Hi I have on-going problems with the managing agents of a development where I have two tenanted

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09/05/2014 09:21

Tenant wants to leave early
I am new to this. Tenant moved in on a 6 month AST, but after just a month has now found a house to

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09/05/2014 09:07
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