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Tenancy Types and Management

Long tenancy
I have three properties let on short hold tenancy lets, the tenants have been in the properties for

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Landlord Advice Team
16/12/2014 12:44

Limited Deed of Guarantee
A parent of a student tenant has pointed out that the rla limited deed of guarantee form does not co

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Landlord Advice Team
14/12/2014 11:05

Tenancy agreements
Hi, My dad recently passed and we have taken over his properties. One of his properties h

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Hythe man
09/12/2014 11:06

Dear RLA, We are about to leave our letting agent and establish our own contact with our

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04/12/2014 10:29

Joint Tenancy
I have joint tenants whose relationship has broken down, one of them has agreed to surrender their p

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Hythe man
03/12/2014 14:03

Tenants disputes
My tenant has contacted me as another new tenant in the block has been very aggressive and threateni

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03/12/2014 13:28

Contract extension
We have student tenants that wish to extend their stay past the end of their contracts for a couple

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Landlord Advice Team
03/12/2014 05:43

New partner for my tenant
Hi, I have a very good tenant who has been in the property for around 6 years under AST there h

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Hythe man
25/11/2014 08:27

Hi, I have a student property which would normally be marketed for Letting pretty soon, however 2 of

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Andy B
21/11/2014 14:22

Joint Tenancy
I have a couple whose tenancy is subject to a joint tenancy agreement. Their relationship broke

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19/11/2014 06:29

lodger eviction
We have used the rla excluded tenancy agreement for a lodger and now want to evict him. What is the

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Landlord Advice Team
15/11/2014 08:06

Existing Tenants want to move Friend in to Spare Room
We have a Single Mum renting a 3 Bed property with her Daughter on an AST for 500pcm. They receive

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13/11/2014 11:44

Adding an adendum to a depositguard AST
CAn we add an addendum on a depositguard AST to state that we would like to rent out the property fo

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Landlord Advice Team
12/11/2014 15:24

Renting my house without changing the mortgage
I am going to be working away for 7 months and would like to rent out my whole house while I am gone

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11/11/2014 19:48

Landlord moving into freehold bbuilding divided into 3 flats.
My wife and I have just sold our principal home and are moving temporarily into one of our vacant in

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05/11/2014 09:05

Extending a tenancy
My first tenants have been in the property for nearly 6 months and have indicated that they'd li

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31/10/2014 13:08

Rent up front & AST
Hi, We've got tenants moving into one of our properties on a 6 month AST and they are

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Landlord Advice Team
31/10/2014 08:06

Housing Needs Officer
I have a property on Right Move and have had an email from the Housing Needs Officer, saying that th

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28/10/2014 17:23

Query re purchasing BTL with tenant in situ
Dear RLA Please can you advise me. I am purchasing a BTL property with a tenant in situ

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28/10/2014 08:46

Ending a tenancy / Notice to quit
Do I need to issue Section 21 to a tenant when THEY give notice to me that they will leave during a

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Landlord Advice Team
22/10/2014 08:20

Individual Tenancies
Hi, We always rent out our houses on joint tenancies. We have a property which we are str

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17/10/2014 11:16

4 weekly rent
Hi I have always made my tenancy agreements out on a calender monthly basis. My new tenant wants to

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Landlord Advice Team
13/10/2014 13:56

Structure of tenancy agreement for housing benefit
What do people think is the best way to structure the payments on an AST for housing benefit tenants

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nice guy
08/10/2014 11:54

Ending a fixed term tenancy in order to sell property
Can I sell my property and give notice to my tenants if they are on a fixed term tenancy? I ren

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06/10/2014 12:04

Two year tenancy request
I am about to let a stable that has been converted into a one bed detached bungalow in my garden, to

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04/10/2014 15:42

Tenancy leaves early joint agreement
Hello, I have a AST with 2 tenants jointly responsible that is of one year effective from 1 aug

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29/09/2014 10:59

AST for Static Caravan
Good Morning I am about to house a member of staff in a static caravan on our farm. Can y

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Landlord Advice Team
20/09/2014 14:09

end of fixed term contract and notice
the fixed term contract for my tenant is due to expire, does he need to give me notice that he is du

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16/09/2014 09:22

Electrical checks!
Hello do landlords need a electrical safety check every five years.

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08/09/2014 15:17

Renewal of the 6 month tenancy
Hi I just wondered if someone could outline the benefits of renewing the 6 month tenancy agreement

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03/09/2014 15:25

uunder part 1 of the Housing Act 1988 as amended under Part III of the Housing Act 1996
We have individual agreements in our 5 bed student house. One student, who lived in the same houe

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03/09/2014 11:41

Lead Tenant wants to leave before end of tenancy
Hi, I am letting out a property to 4 sharers. It is a 12 month AST started Jan 2014. The lead t

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02/09/2014 17:40

Tenant's Adult Children on Tenancy Agreement
My Tenant has asked if his adult children should be included on the Tenancy Agreement now they have

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02/09/2014 14:48

Continuing Tenancy (rent paid in advance)
Hi We have a tenant on a 6 mth AST who has paid the 6 mths in advance. The wording in th

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Landlord Advice Team
28/08/2014 09:03

What time are tenants expected to vacate by?
I'm just wondering what time a tenant is expected to move out of the property day on the day of

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22/08/2014 17:12

tenant excessive noise and possible sub-let of property
Hi, my 3 bedroom property is on a 1 year AST agreement which ends on17th October. Neighbours on both

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20/08/2014 09:44

continuing tenancy
I have a tenant who has been with me just under 6 months. The normal rent for their flat is 395 pcm

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Landlord Advice Team
20/08/2014 09:39

My tenant is on a statutory periodic tenancy and has agreed to a proposed increase in rent on the sa

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15/08/2014 08:19

My tenant is on a statutory periodic tenancy and has agreed to a proposed increase in rent on the sa

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14/08/2014 17:31

Hello I am a bit confused on this subject. I have a new tenant who is moving in as a single person a

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11/08/2014 11:41

Termination of Tenancy
I'd like clarification on Termination of an AST please. AST is for 12 months from 1st Decem

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10/08/2014 17:42
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