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Tenancy Types and Management

Rent increases
any advice please. Our tenant moved out owing nearly £2000 from arrears. It was a difficu

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30/12/2016 20:27

Tenancy agreement options for Student lets
I recently setup a private limited company to purchase and rent properties from. I am currently

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30/12/2016 09:57

Tenancy Agrements
Could you confirm how long we need to keep AST's for after the tenancy has ended please.

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NRLA Advice Line
28/12/2016 15:29

Minimum bedroom size?
Hi, I've recently bought my first property which is a two bedroom terraced house over three f

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27/12/2016 12:59

Mesne profits from unauthorised sub-tenants in Newham (London) selective licensed house
My previous tenant has vacated the property leaving behind some sub-tenants or lodgers without my

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19/12/2016 14:54

Increasing the rent
I plan to increase the rent on a tenancy AST to cover the new discretionary licence costs foisted

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19/12/2016 10:53

England vs Wales laws
Under Wales law do we have to issue prescribed information to prospective new tenants? Or is th

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NRLA Advice Line
08/12/2016 09:06

right to rent
one of my properties is being let to a company who will use it for various employees, some of who

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NRLA Advice Line
06/12/2016 15:50

Applicable children
Hi. Apologies in advance if I'm asking something which should be obvious - I just want to get

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05/12/2016 11:36

Tenancy status of a family member: Collecting rent from the tenant's family member
When a residing family member,living in the same household, pays rent on behalf of the named tena

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03/12/2016 10:22

Memorandum to AST
My letting agent uses a memo to AST to extend an existing AST for a further 12 months new rent as

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29/11/2016 10:11

The current tenancy on our property comes to an end in February we are happy to keep the tenants

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24/11/2016 17:11

Short Term Assured Tenancy Forms
Are Short Term Assured Tenancy in England & Wales Forms available to download at RLA website?

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NRLA Advice Line
18/11/2016 11:27

Hi Iam renting my student lets as a whole not individual and giving a shorthold tenancy agreem

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17/11/2016 16:57

Deposit Guard Agreements with a Guarantor
How do I incorporate a guarantor in the deposit guard tenancy agreement?

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Michael Verburg
15/11/2016 09:09

Advice on Rent Increase
I have recently advised my tenants of a rent increase as their tenancy agreement is up for renewa

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NRLA Advice Line
10/11/2016 13:25

Transfer the tenancy to someone else without our permission, in writing
It is my first time using the deposit guard version RLA tenancy agreement. I wonder if someone wi

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05/11/2016 21:25

How to add new tenant to existing tenancy agreement during fixed term?
A tenant moved into a flat 2 months ago on a 6-month fixed AST. They have a friend who would now

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NRLA Advice Line
04/11/2016 09:36

tenancy agreement proforma 2015 version
Hi, does anyone have a copy of an AST they issued to a tenant around 2015? It is the version whic

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01/11/2016 13:37

Resident landlord excluded tenancy agreement - room only
With the above agreement where a live in landlord is subletting from an external landlord with ag

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20/10/2016 21:50

Tenant has died
My tenant sadly died a week or so ago. I have been advised that the family need to send me a let

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20/10/2016 10:08

Joint Tenancy to Single Tenancy
My tenants who have been with me for just over six month on a six month AST, have split and one o

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20/10/2016 09:31

buying a property with existing tenants - what agreement do i need to provide?
my first rental property....was told I needed a section 48 but searched on rla and cannot find on

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16/10/2016 20:41

7 month tenancy
We are negotiating with a tenant who want 6 months agreement but as they have to give notice on t

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13/10/2016 12:52

Change of tenant
Dear RLA advisor, the current AST with my tenant end in Aug 2017. However she needs to move out i

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12/10/2016 19:35

Owner occupied?
I have a house which we own and my daughter lives in it as her permanent home. We rent out 2 bed

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12/10/2016 17:57

Assured shorthand Tenancy
Hello. Rented my house out for a year on an AST which is coming to an end at the end of November.

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10/10/2016 16:53

1 Month tenancy
Hi I am selling a property and have agreed to let the house to my buyers for a one month period w

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05/10/2016 09:20

What to enter into deposit section of tenancy renewal
Hello, I have a tenant who's been living in my flat for over five months. He initially

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03/10/2016 16:05

Heads up if you use an inventory
I have been reading about inventories and schedules of condition recently and won't bore you

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30/09/2016 11:11

Rent increase
Hello, we have a tenant who's on an AST but has been in the property for nearly two years and

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29/09/2016 16:33

AST or another tenancy agreement advice please
Hi. New landlord - to be -here. Just reading up on Tenancy agreements under the heading 'Docs

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28/09/2016 22:09

Clauses regarding nuisance and anti-social behaviour
Hello, I rent out a flat in Liverpool and have recently been given CLASS accredition from

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28/09/2016 17:19

Sub-letting, lodger, Licensee?
I self manage - My tenants operating with a 6 mth STA - now on statutory periodic agreeement)have

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19/09/2016 16:34

Assignment of AST
I have been renting a property from its owner for 3 years and sub-letting with his possession. so

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19/09/2016 14:47

Break clause
Our prospective tenants would like a 6 month break clause in the contract and we are happy to acc

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15/09/2016 09:18

Late payment fees regarding ground rent.
I recently paid my Ground Rent charge but I was hit with a bill of £48 for late payment by

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Bernie 2000
14/09/2016 15:12

Tenancy agreement
I have an AST signed by a tenant with a due commencement date of 3rd September 2016. They have p

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13/09/2016 15:24

Who can stay in company Let
If I rent one of my properties to a corporate body, does the occupier have to be an employee of t

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05/09/2016 17:56

Reissue of ast after period of rolling notice
Dear rla, my tenant spent 4 years on annual asts and then about 2 years on rolling notice. A depo

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05/09/2016 17:33

Tenancy agreement
I have an AST signed by a tenant with a due commencement date of 3rd September 2016. They have p

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NRLA Advice Line
02/09/2016 10:52
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