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Tenancy Types and Management

Lettings Only
I will take in charge of the management of the tenants and flat, only use letting agent to find suit

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Member 1
28/03/2015 20:04

Section 21 & deposits
I just need a little bit of clarification. When I am getting a tenant to sign a new shorthold agreem

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Ray D
27/03/2015 20:07

Obligation to renew tenancy
Hi, We currently house a tenant in a shared house, whose tenancy is up on 30th June 2015.

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26/03/2015 08:53

Pet damage
Hi, I did a 6 month check the other day and noticed my tenants cats have scratched up the

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25/03/2015 12:11

Tenancy Type
Hi, My tenants have completed two 6 month tenancies now and want to switch to a rolling c

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24/03/2015 19:32

Tenants Keeping a Dog without Permission
Our tenant is keeping a labrador in our 2 bed first floor flat without permission. She is on a one

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24/03/2015 16:45

Sub-letting clause in AST
Is it illegal from now on,for private sector tenancy agreements to include clauses that prevent the

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23/03/2015 16:53

Food in bedrooms
Relatively new Landlord here. Within a room-only tenancy agreement for HMO, is it the nor

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22/03/2015 04:44

What is a fair rent increase?
I am going to increase the rent this year but wondering how much by? It doesn't quite cover the

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20/03/2015 17:31

Joint Tenancy
Husband and wife sign 6-month joint AST starting on 1st October 2014. Monthly rent. Landlord got Est

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18/03/2015 19:45

Do you increase rent annually?
Our tenants are people we know and we have given them a fair price compared to average around here.

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08/03/2015 21:05

Best website
Hi can someone advice me of the best website to look at to find out what developments are happening

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Purple Bunny
06/03/2015 16:34

rolling tenancy when the property is going through a sale
In the process of purchasing a flat, tenants just completed the 6 months terms, tenancy has gon

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Member 1
05/03/2015 09:52

First time tenancy change
I have a two-bed apartment with two separate tenants. One of the tenants has left and we have a new

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Landlord Advice Team
04/03/2015 08:29

Length of AST
Do AST has to be minimum 6 months? Can we arrange less than 6 months AST? Thanks

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Purple Bunny
02/03/2015 10:25

Cancel an AST drawn up with a suspicious R2R agency before it has started?
I was approached by what I thought was an estate agent who told me they could manage my property for

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28/02/2015 15:56

Vetting a tenant, what is required and who pays?
Apologies if this is not the correct category as I am a first time poster on this site. In the

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26/02/2015 07:30

tenancy agreement
i have a tenant who i gave a 6 month AST to then it has been rolling over. i would like to put

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Landlord Advice Team
24/02/2015 17:40

Running business from property
Hi My potential new tenant runs a PA business from home. She does not see clients from home and

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20/02/2015 16:10

Managing a property for a relative who is living abroad
Hello all. I have reluctantly agreed to manage a property for a relative who is living ab

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16/02/2015 15:32

Can I start to use a Letting Agency after the tenancy agreement has started?.
I would like to know whether I can legally bring in a letting agency to manage the property part way

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Purple Bunny
13/02/2015 13:11

Adding spouse to tenancy agreement
My tenant took on a 12 month shorthold tenancy 6 months ago having separated from his wife. They now

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08/02/2015 22:21

NRL1 advice please
Looking for advice on a number of points relating to us moving overseas. Each tenancy agreement is a

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06/02/2015 09:17

Student Contracts
We have always been asked to use single tenancies in a shared house by our local Universit, or using

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04/02/2015 15:48

Student Contracts
We have always been asked to use single tenancies in a shared house by our local Universit, or using

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04/02/2015 14:34

Hi, I am very new to being a Landlord, and to begin we had a managing agency who gave notice to

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01/02/2015 11:31

Buying existing HMO with tenants
Hi we are buying an HMO that already has tenants who we are happy for them to stay. What papers do w

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01/02/2015 11:30

Joint tenants
Good morning I am just about to dip my toe into the world of tenancy and have found your

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31/01/2015 10:44

"Live in Landlord" - does renting my room out mid-week risk an AST?
Hi, So I've decided that I'm a "Live in landlord" - of my three rooms, I

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New Member Jan 2015
29/01/2015 16:44

Tenancy Agreements and the Green Deal
I am in the process of purchasing a house which I will be letting to students after bringing it up t

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Trans Am
29/01/2015 16:37

Rent Increase
Hi, I have a tenant that is paying well below the market rent, who also does not look after the prop

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29/01/2015 11:15

Hi everyone, I am trying to find out some information on renting properties to DSS.

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nice guy
29/01/2015 10:37

How Do I Recover Possession of Property Let on a 3 Year Lease
Hiya, one of my properties was let to a management company who i entered into a 3 year lease with. T

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28/01/2015 10:11

Mr Zahoor
Hiya, one of my properties was let to a management company who i entered into a 3 year lease with. T

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Mr Jones
27/01/2015 15:36

Requirement to add tenants partner to agreement?
We purchased our first BTL property 2 years ago from friends with a sole female tenant already occup

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Greg W
25/01/2015 13:17

Purchase of BTL with tenants in place
We are in the process of purchasing BTL property with tenants in place with a current AST. We assum

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24/01/2015 12:12

Live-in Landlord - what if nothing in writing?
QUESTION: What are the risks or issues with not having something in writing when it's a live-in

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New Member Jan 2015
21/01/2015 10:54

new member since Jan 2015. new tenancy, sharers.
My goodness, what a minefield. Summary: 1- I'm wondering what agreement in

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New Member Jan 2015
17/01/2015 16:40

court fees
Can you guys please just confirm that court fees to lodge a N5B with a section 21 is still 280? Th

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16/01/2015 13:21

Corporate let agreement
I am running a new HMO through my limited Company and need a Corporate Let Agreement for use between

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Landlord Advice Team
14/01/2015 08:42

Help required
Hi I am looking for a online letting & managing agent.To deal with my property. Can anyone recommend

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Purple Bunny
14/01/2015 06:37
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