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Tenancy Types and Management

Can anybody advise what time of the day a tenancy should begin and end? When one tenancy ends and th

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09/06/2013 22:44

HMO Requirements
I know somebody who is renting out a house to multiple occupants. The property is a three bedroom s

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Ed Syrett
04/06/2013 14:26

Additional tenant to AST within 6 months
Have a tenant with AST signed less than 2 mths ago in a furnished flat. Now asked for a work co

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03/06/2013 14:42

Can I have 3 tenants on a 6 month AST and 1 on a rolling tenancy (as she will be leaving in 2 or 3 m

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03/06/2013 10:59

My agent has said he has let one of my properties to a lady who is coming from Australia at the end

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31/05/2013 10:10

Contractual Tenancy
I let a 2 bedroomed house in 2006 (via a letting agency) using a Contractual Tenancy Agreement. The

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31/05/2013 01:10

Energy performance Certificate and type of lets
Hi! We are resident landlords and have got 3 bedroom house, we rent out two bedrooms to two lo

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29/05/2013 19:06

Hi, recently used a letting agent for a let only and inventory service for which I paid extra but th

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Landlord Advice Team
22/05/2013 19:32

Self-employed tenant
I have two self-employed persons who want to rent a flat from me. I have never let to self-e

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Landlord Advice Team
22/05/2013 17:04

using deposit guard tenancy when no deposit is taken
I have used your AST including Deposit Guard but ended up with no deposit taken. Nil was entered in

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22/05/2013 12:16

protected tenancy
we have a protected tenancy in which the tenant has now died. as far as we are aware there are no re

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22/05/2013 11:00

Corporate Lets
Hi, I have contact with a relocation company who will want to let my house. how does ten

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20/05/2013 15:49

Joint AST signed, tenants not yet in, one wants to exit
Newbie landlord here! Our tenants are about to move in on a 6-month AST but one o

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17/05/2013 16:51

advice on tenancy agreement for own home
Im a newbie and just purchased a property which Im planning on renting out initially before I eventu

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Landlord Advice Team
13/05/2013 14:08

an unlicensed HMO
What is a licence to occupy agreement and when is it used? I am purchasing a house which will be an

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Landlord Advice Team
07/05/2013 08:18

Housing Benefits for Lodgers or Tenants?
Hello, I am going to rent out a bedroom in my own house, I and my son live here. I know the person v

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04/05/2013 01:53

Leases for shared rooms in an HMO
Is there a different type of lease for renting rooms in a shared accommodation? Someone has shown me

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Landlord Advice Team
03/05/2013 15:27

next year student tenancy agreement signed but now 1 wants to drop out
our agent has 6 students signed up for a tenancy starting in july 2013. 1 has decided they can't

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03/05/2013 11:53

Want to evict - stuck - options?
I wish to sell my flat, I tried for a while last year, but the real estate agent told me he can'

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03/05/2013 11:49

how much raise rent - also when tenant won't communicate
My tenant has not answered my calls for over a month. I had issued a section 21 notice 5 months ago

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29/04/2013 20:47

AST - giving notice after the 6 month lock in period
Dear RLA My tenancy agreement is 12 months with a 6 month break. If tenants do not take the 6 m

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29/04/2013 14:48

Rent in advance or higher deposit
I am looking at offering a reduced rent for payment further in advance than the usual 1 month. The

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29/04/2013 13:23

rent increases
what is a reasonable time frame for rent increases?

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Landlord Advice Team
24/04/2013 16:10

room tenancy
can a private landlord do a license as opposed to an ast so no need for section 21 and section 8?

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Landlord Advice Team
24/04/2013 11:28

new tenant joining after tenancy agreement
I have recently signed a new tenancy agreement with 2 tenants - a husband and wife. The wife has

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Landlord Advice Team
19/04/2013 12:01

Company letting agreement: Notice
Clause A2 on the RLA agreement reads, "If at the end of this time neither of us has given the o

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Ian G
15/04/2013 09:08

domestic tenant with rent paid by business
Currently looking for new tenants for a house that will soon be empty. One prospective tenant expect

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13/04/2013 17:48

One tenant leaving, remaining tenant (mum) wants her name only
Hi I have a reliable tenant and her daughter in a house on AST. The daughter is now to move on

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09/04/2013 23:46

can the boyfriend move in
I have a good relationship with my tenant of about 18 months. she has asked me if her boyfriend can

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09/04/2013 15:40

Names on tenancy agreement
Hello I let my property to a couple, it is only the lady's name on the tenancy agreement (t

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03/04/2013 11:20

Use of apartment for business purposes
Clause C10 of the standard RLA agreement does not allow tenants to "carry on any profession, tr

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Landlord Advice Team
01/04/2013 14:48

Service providers
My tenant left the property and left the keys on the side without providing written notice. He also

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Landlord Advice Team
31/03/2013 11:34

Data Protection
Can you release a copy of the tenancy agreement to service providers without contravening data prote

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Landlord Advice Team
31/03/2013 11:33

tenancy form for live in landlord
Hi I wanted to know which tenancy agreement form I need for renting a room in my flat, I will

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Landlord Advice Team
27/03/2013 06:09

I currently have two tenants who are on a joint AST (Drawn up by an Estate Agent)and are on periodic

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26/03/2013 21:52

illicit sub-letting
My 3 bed room house is let to a Romanian couple on a 12 month AST. The house is being well looked a

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Landlord Advice Team
26/03/2013 20:35

Hello there .We own a flat in St Leonards on sea. We would now like to rent it out as Holiday Lets.t

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Landlord Advice Team
26/03/2013 16:53

Company Let notice period
After the initial fixed term of the company let, is the 2 month notice period still enforceable? I h

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Landlord Advice Team
20/03/2013 16:44

Who pays for insurance excess in burglary
A tenant has suffered a burglary & doors have been damaged. We insure the building but who should pa

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19/03/2013 00:00

Buying property with tenants
Hi Can I purchase a property with tenants in it who are on a rolling contract with the current

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18/03/2013 00:00

Trying to source a management company for a number of student flats within a block
Good evening, I am trying to source a student management company for a number of student flats

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Landlord Advice Team
17/03/2013 00:00
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