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Tenancy Types and Management

Faulty Gas Cooker
My son has recently moved into a shared house with three other students. The cooker is faulty with o

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24/07/2012 00:00

Room only letting
Hi, I'm planning on letting a 4bed house in Bristol on a room only basis (ie to 4 individua

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Landlord Advice Team
22/07/2012 00:00

liability of moth infestation
My tenant has been in the flat for 18 months and has recently reported an infestation of moths.

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Sue Wallace
20/07/2012 00:00

Adding nae to tenancy
I have a tenant on a 6th month tenancy which they are now 3 mths into it. The lady would now like h

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17/07/2012 00:00

what form/notice do I use to give notice of a change of landlord
thanks for your help. Una

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12/07/2012 00:00

Amending a periodic tenancy to 2 months notice
Hi My tenant's 6 months is coming to an end soon. He has asked to stay on in a rolling ca

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James B
11/07/2012 00:00

Do the RLA supply a Memorandum of Extension template
Dear Sir / Madam, The AST an agency did for one of my properties has just expired and has now

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Landlord Advice Team
11/07/2012 00:00

put an extra tennant on tennancy agreement
how do I put an 2nd tennant onto existing tennancy agreement without writing a new tennancy agreemen

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10/07/2012 00:00

Maintenance Issues
Dear RLA I visited my rented property the other day and was presented with a list of items to &

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08/07/2012 00:00

joint tenants and one wants to leave
I am intending to issue a wholly new AST to the remaining tenant and return deposit and treat as if

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Landlord Advice Team
05/07/2012 00:00

Extension of Contract
My property is occupied by 4 tenants on individual contracts. One of the tenants wishes to renew hi

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04/07/2012 00:00

Ending a rolling tenancy
My tenants were on an AST which ended on 30th April. Can you please tell me what process I need to g

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03/07/2012 00:00

Tenancy contract
Hi there! Two questions. (1)I and my husband are landlord/owner.we are going on holida

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02/07/2012 00:00

Tenancy agreement - room only
I am completing the AST Room Only tenancy agreement for a new tenant who is moving in to on

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Landlord Advice Team
02/07/2012 00:00

Do I need a new agreement for a further three years
I have had some tenants in one of my properties for a number of years. They are on a rolling shortho

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30/06/2012 00:00

The property that I Let has a joint mortgage on it, my husband and myself. The Tenancy is abou

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29/06/2012 00:00

Ending AST Early by mutual agreement
Hi Just wanted to check on something here, and the correct forms/procedure to use. I hav

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28/06/2012 00:00

Long tenancy query
I have tenants who want to stay up to three years - they require a fairly tight agreement which

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28/06/2012 00:00

Contract type
Hi Have a property owner who wishes to rent two rooms in his 3 bed house house. He will live th

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Agent Bob
27/06/2012 00:00

How to increase rent once tenants out of first year STA
Hello, my tenants would like to stay in my rental flat once their first year STA is up. I understand

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19/06/2012 00:00

Rent increase
we have agreed a small rent increase with our tenants and were supposed to sign a new contract with

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19/06/2012 00:00

Disagreement between Joint Tenants
Hi, I have a questions regarding disagreements between joint tenants. In the case of a joi

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Ray D
19/06/2012 00:00

dates for AST
Hi, I am letting a flat from 01/07/12 for six months. What date should I put down as the end of

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18/06/2012 00:00

Property Viewings .....dealing with NO shows
Hi, I was just wondering what other lanlord experiences are with property viewings where peopl

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17/06/2012 00:00

Subletting a Leasehold apartment
Hi I'd appreciate advice on this please: I've been approached by a couple of agents who want

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14/06/2012 00:00

broken boiler at end of tenancy
The tenancy agreement ends in 12 days time. I have served S21 on time. I have just been told by

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13/06/2012 00:00

Landlord responsibility after flood
Hi, There has been a leak through the roof of a block of flats in which we have a top floor uni

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11/06/2012 00:00

I am going to change the use of one of my residential properties to a holiday let and would like you

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10/06/2012 00:00

Collection of first rental and deposit
Dear RLA Please can you advise me as to how long before a tenancy commences I can ask for the f

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Landlord Advice Team
08/06/2012 00:00

2 month tenancy
I have a property with 4 people sharing, one has now moved out. We have someone interested in the a

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07/06/2012 00:00

Tenant referencing - do you charge the tenant?
I was just wondering how many of you charge a potential tenant to do a reference on them? In t

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01/06/2012 00:00

End of tenancy.
If a tenant signs a contract which ends a few days short of a 12 months period, but pay a full 12 mo

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Landlord Advice Team
31/05/2012 00:00

Rent reduction - what's your opinion please
I have a tenant in a ground floor flat which has been affected by a leak from an upstairs flat. I am

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30/05/2012 00:00

Notice on RLA's AST
Hello, Let's say a tenant signs one of RLA's AST which runs from 5th Jan to 4th June. D

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28/05/2012 00:00

Signing new agreement
Morning Dave. Landlord wishes to put the rent up as he can claim more from the housing as he is gett

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26/05/2012 00:00

Foxton's renewal commisson
I have a tenancy coming to an end with Foxtons in London. They want 9% upfront for the re

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23/05/2012 00:00

Corporate Let Agreement
Dear Helpdesk I know these are outside the Housing Act but I need major help here. I have

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23/05/2012 00:00

Please advise
I have a small shop below my apartment rented on your documents can I use the same docs to rent

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22/05/2012 00:00

Breaking terms of tenancy
I have a tenant who has had an abandoned old landrover parked in front of a garage that he rents for

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22/05/2012 00:00

When one tenat leaves a partnership
I have a family as a tenant for 5 years. The husband has now left leaving the mother and two childre

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Landlord Advice Team
17/05/2012 00:00

Multiple Occupancy
I have a large 3 bed house with 3 bathrooms which I have interest from 3 lads who would like t

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Landlord Advice Team
16/05/2012 00:00
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