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Tenancy Types and Management

Tenants rights when property placed on market
One of our owners is going to put the property we manage on his behalf on the market to sell. It

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Landlord Advice Team
29/06/2017 09:09

End of Fixed Term Tenancy - Notice
Is there a standard template for Landlord to give 2 months notice to tenants when Fixed Term Tena

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Landlord Advice Team
28/06/2017 09:13

Tenant has taken in lodgers
My tenant has broken her AST by subletting a bedroom to a couple without my consent. She asked f

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23/06/2017 14:23

Clauses to make rent agreement more secure
I have drafted following clauses to attach with the tenancy agreement and get all new tenants to

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22/06/2017 23:18

21 days short let, AST?
I am letting out my entire flat to a oversea student for 21 days only, I am asking for 50% deposi

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19/06/2017 17:46

changing two out of three tenants
This is the correction to my previous post: I have three tenants - joint and several. Two are

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14/06/2017 22:46

changing two out of three tenants
This is the correction to my previous post: I have three tenants - joint and several. Two are

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Landlord Advice Team
14/06/2017 12:07

change of lead tenant
Hi there, I have three tenants joint & several, in a flat. The lead tenant is leaving and pas

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Landlord Advice Team
14/06/2017 11:17

change of lead tenant
Hi there, I have three tenants joint & several, in a flat. The lead tenant is leaving and pas

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13/06/2017 19:02

Is a joint and several AST (with 2 tenants) a Bilateral or Tripartite Agreement
Can you please advise whether a joint and several AST (with 2 tenants) is a tripartite agreement

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Landlord Advice Team
13/06/2017 10:27

Selling BTL with tenant - what process?
Hi, I am selling one of my btl's with the tenant resident and the new owner is wanting to kee

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04/06/2017 15:59

Any advise on when is a good time to do an inspection. Tenant has been in for 3 months, half w

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01/06/2017 01:18

Renting out a Grade 2 listed property
I am about to rent out a Grade 2 listed farmhouse and would like to know if any of the tenancy ag

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30/05/2017 16:26

Tenancy change
Hi, I have been renting to a couple but now they have split and one has moved out and one wishes

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24/05/2017 23:17

Short let room rental
Good morning, i was wondering if the RLA had any short let sample agreement and how does the shor

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Landlord Advice Team
24/05/2017 13:33

Using addendums to AST instead of taking deposit
Hi all : does anyone have any views on the option of using specific addendums to AST instead of t

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
18/05/2017 14:32

RLA's room only AST agreement
Good morning, i was looking at the RLA'a sample AST (room only), and was wondering of i am ab

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Landlord Advice Team
17/05/2017 11:42

guarantor or joint-tenant?
Renting to one person and their child but their former partner stands guarantor. If the guaranto

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Landlord Advice Team
15/05/2017 10:04

Company letting agreement and the issue of HMO
Does RLA company let agreement allow a company to sub-let to multiple households? It appears to b

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11/05/2017 12:16

Conflict between Joint owners of freeholds
We own and let one of five flats in a converted Edwardian house and jointly own the freehold with

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Anxious Pensioners
08/05/2017 16:55

Specific mention of risks to lodgers in Excluded tenancy agreement
Hi, I've been using your Excluded tenancy agreement for lodgers but recent events have made m

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Landlord Advice Team
02/05/2017 15:19

3 Tenancy Agreements
Hi, I am looking to let a property for 3 months. Which is the best agreement to use. Is an Assure

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Jane Lo
28/04/2017 07:10

Prospective tenant wants to pay six months advance rental payments
Hi, I have a couple who are self employed and would like to pay six months rent in advance plu

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27/04/2017 08:04

Tenants termination letter
I have received a letter advising termination of a joint periodic tenancy which is only signed by

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20/04/2017 17:46

2 Couples in one house with a guarantor - how to structure the tenancy?
A 4 bed house of mine has come up to let and the best candidates are 2 young couples who want to

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Landlord Advice Team
19/04/2017 11:50

How to add a 'No Painting & Decorating' clause to the RLA AST or Addendum agreement
Hi Id like to add in a clause to new ASTs that state that the tenant can not decorate or w

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11/04/2017 20:50

EPC - I have a rented property that doesnt have an EPC or cant find it
I hope this is in the correct section. If one of my rented properties doesnt have an EPC,

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11/04/2017 13:57

Rent a room in your home
Hello. We have 2 'ordinary' houses to let but are also considering letting out a room in

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11/04/2017 13:34

Help with No 3 on RLA Section 13 Rent Increase From England
hi im using your Section 13 Rent Increase From England What date do i put in here?

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11/04/2017 11:14

Tenant left before end of AST
Hello, my tenant sent me a WhatsApp message 10 days before having moved out last week. This

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10/04/2017 11:38

Household - husband/partner of cousins, children of cousins
Do husband/partner of cousins and children of cousins count as part of the same family if they al

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10/04/2017 09:38

No longer wanting to offer Room Only
Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I have 2 tenants on Room Only AST

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08/04/2017 18:55

Short Extension to an AST
My tenants are trying to buy a property, and expect to move out "soon", but have no compl

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28/03/2017 16:25

Will the RLA be updating the ASTs in light of Leeds Council vs Broadley?
Hi, The currently downloadable ASTs from the RLA say: "If, at the end of this time, yo

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28/03/2017 15:54

New tenancy paper trail
I used a tenancy agreement from your website - the one suggested for use with DepositGuard -

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28/03/2017 10:59

I have a great tenant who wants to stay. Do I have to set up another new agreement or does it jus

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27/03/2017 16:45

Right to Rent requirements on Corporate let
Hi, My letting agent is insisting that I carry out a "Right to Rent" check for my tenant,

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Landlord Advice Team
15/03/2017 10:06

Longest Length of AST
Is there a maximum number of years for which an AST form can be used? If an existing tenant want

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15/03/2017 03:25

Model Contract in Wales
Just been reading the Model Contract which is being proposed for use in Wales. Very clear and ea

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03/03/2017 12:51

excellent RLA checklist
I have just issued and signed the RLA "Start of tenancy checklist from October 2015".

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27/02/2017 17:28

HI there, I have a rental property in Manchester. I have had it rented out to tenants for eightee

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25/02/2017 08:47
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