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Tenancy Types and Management

Confusion requiring advice
I have recently had a repossession 'struck out' because of the incorrect 'statement o

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nicest landlord
06/09/2017 15:51

Amendment to existing AST
My tenant has request I amend point 4 of the AST - 4. We will let the property to you (individua

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06/09/2017 08:50

Change of joint tenant
I have a property currently let to two joint tenants & have been informed that one of the tenants

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04/09/2017 18:01

short-term contracts
The documents that they ask to be sent out to tenants seem to imply a minimum term of 6 months.

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29/08/2017 14:42

Student lets
Hi I've been a landlord for over 15 years and have a portfolio which includes a HMO. M

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26/08/2017 16:24

Adding a tenant to tenancy agreement
I have an excellent tenant who is coming to the end of her initial 6 month tenancy agreement from

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nicest landlord
24/08/2017 17:25

Query re B4 in RLA Addendum Agreement
Dear Advice Team, Re "Completion Notes for use with the Prescribed Information for AST

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24/08/2017 10:12

S78 & S79 invitation Forms regarding Freehold
My Landlord requires a S78 and S79 invitation forms. Am I able to provide these please through t

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Landlord Advice Team
24/08/2017 10:10

Universal credit
Hello, a tenant of mine has been made redundant and has made a claim for universal credit. The

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23/08/2017 14:37

AST Versus Company let?
My tenant of 5 years has asked if his Company can take over the let. He works partly at home, tr

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Silversurfer 2015
20/08/2017 13:46

Which tenancy
Hi All, I have been approached to manage staff accommodation, I have checked with the local autho

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18/08/2017 10:23

I have made an agreement with a tenant who has been in my property for a number of years to make

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17/08/2017 19:42

Allowing Tenant partner to stay in Property
I have a single mother who has recently taken one of my properties on an RLA worded AST with no i

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15/08/2017 08:54

Separate Tenancy Agreements
I had a Tenancy agreement with my two current tenants. One of the them has just left a prospectiv

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10/08/2017 14:43

Tenants in receipt of housing benefit
Hi Could i ask what other Landlords are doing when taking on benefit tenants. I usually only take

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07/08/2017 12:06

Tenants on housing benefit
Hi Could i ask what other Landlords are doing when taking on benefit tenants. I usually only take

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06/08/2017 15:10

Right to Remain expired
We have an overseas student tenant whose right to remain has expired on 25th July. He told us in

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Landlord Advice Team
02/08/2017 15:45

assured short term tenancy - 12month with break clause
My prospective tenant has requested a 12 month AST with a 6 month break clause. I cannot see such

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Landlord Advice Team
02/08/2017 09:32

Tenancy Agreements
Hi Today I have had a message from one of my Tenants to say that him and his partner are b

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01/08/2017 08:02

Agent cancellation fees
Can an agent charge a landlord Finders fees, full management fees and a cancellation fee of one m

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31/07/2017 12:31

Statutory to Contractual Tenancies
Now that the RLA are changing tenancy focus with the new tenancies for 2017 (RLA news), can someo

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27/07/2017 13:47

Break Clause
I have been asked by my 'about to be' new tenant if we can include a break clause in the

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Landlord Advice Team
27/07/2017 10:14

End of tenancy procedure
Can you supply a checklist of all the things required on completion of a tenancy? My main conce

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27/07/2017 00:22

Boyfriend moving in
One of my tenants recently asked if her boyfriend can move in to the property. Currently, the pr

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26/07/2017 08:54

Letting to tenants on benefits
Hi All I rent mainly to tenants on benefits and always ask for a homeowner guarantor to be in

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19/07/2017 11:33

Landlord lives in the same block of flats??
I own a house converted into 7 self contained flats. I lived in several of them at different time

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Richard F
13/07/2017 23:28

Do you have to do Right to Rent again on a Tenancy Renewal?
We want to give our Tenants a new AST they are British Citizens and last year the Right to Rent I

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13/07/2017 11:27

Refusal to sign a tenancy agreement
Since my tenant signed his first two agreements he has always stated he was vacating and didn'

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Landlord Advice Team
10/07/2017 12:19

1 Month Tenantcy agreement
I manage a licenced HMO. Is it legal to issue a 1 month tenancy agreement and if so how would it

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Landlord Advice Team
10/07/2017 10:05

Hi We are letting our house out for 6 months via HomeAway. The tenant has paid HomeAway up fro

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09/07/2017 12:33

Management Agents not Returning deposit
Hi, I employed a management agency that contacted me from Spare Room .com . Their contract

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06/07/2017 09:07

Hi We are letting our house out for 6 months via HomeAway. The tenant has paid HomeAway up fro

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04/07/2017 22:30

Pet policy to be incorporated into RLA tenancy template?
Hi Been trying to rent out my flat but have plenty of competitions around the area so it's

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04/07/2017 13:34

Tenant has married & moved in Husband
My tenant of just under three years has moved her new husband into the property. She has not actu

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04/07/2017 11:52

Checklist of all docs required -first time to let.
I'm getting close to the end of my refurb and will need to be ready to let my flat. I'll

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01/07/2017 08:52

joint tenant moved out
a couple renting a property and split and he has moved out. is he still liable for half the re

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29/06/2017 17:13

Tenants rights when property placed on market
One of our owners is going to put the property we manage on his behalf on the market to sell. It

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Landlord Advice Team
29/06/2017 09:09

End of Fixed Term Tenancy - Notice
Is there a standard template for Landlord to give 2 months notice to tenants when Fixed Term Tena

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Landlord Advice Team
28/06/2017 09:13

Tenant has taken in lodgers
My tenant has broken her AST by subletting a bedroom to a couple without my consent. She asked f

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23/06/2017 14:23

Clauses to make rent agreement more secure
I have drafted following clauses to attach with the tenancy agreement and get all new tenants to

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22/06/2017 23:18

21 days short let, AST?
I am letting out my entire flat to a oversea student for 21 days only, I am asking for 50% deposi

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19/06/2017 17:46
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