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Tenancy Types and Management

Gaining Access When Tenanted
We have a tenant who is not wanting us to go into the property while he is not at home. h

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27/04/2016 15:47

adding a tenant later
I have a property that has now fallen into a periodic tenancy after the initial 6 months expired, th

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Landlord Advice Team
27/04/2016 14:30

New Landlord
I work for an education establishment called the Royal National College for the Blind, which is a sp

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Landlord Advice Team
22/04/2016 12:49

Charges for non payment of rent
Within our agreements we charge 20 admin for each time we chase non payment of rent. Does anyone do

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21/04/2016 15:49

End of tenancy
Hello, If an agent gives someone a 12 months AST, should the tenant if not given any furt

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Landlord Advice Team
18/04/2016 17:02

Shorter Term Lets
Hi All, One of my HMO's seems to be attracting requests for shorter-term letting peri

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17/04/2016 15:16

To renew or not to renew tenancy agreement
Hello everyone. I would like your opinion about what is the best course. Renew or not the tenan

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13/04/2016 15:06

AST Room only in company's name in HMO Property
Hi I have a tenant who would like to rent the room in his company's name in my HMO pr

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12/04/2016 23:01

New Joint AST agreement
Hi, When signing a new Joint Tenancy agreement should the landlord give originals of the

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12/04/2016 12:47

Old tenants / New AST
Morning all How do I renew a tenancy (AST with guarantors) in a situation where I (finall

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08/04/2016 17:37

Trying to complete Addendum?
Hi! can anyone help please? I am having difficulty in filling in the `addendum` on the computer. T

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Landlord Advice Team
08/04/2016 09:06

12m Tenancy
hello, i have tenants on a rolling contract and want to issue them a new 12m contract, please

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07/04/2016 23:51

Addendum to Deposit Guard Tenancy Agreement
Hello All A prospective tenant has a dog. What wording would you suggest in addendum perta

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07/04/2016 15:00

Proposed 10 year A.S.T.
Hi all I've been letting for a number of years but generally on standard 6 months AST

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07/04/2016 08:37

Room Rent Increase how to propose to difficult tenant?
I have had a tenant and she is on a RLA room only agreement - she has been there for 3 years and in

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03/04/2016 22:28

Tenant gives immediate notice after 2 months in AST
This surely is about letting to EU renters - there appears no security to landlords from the AST in

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30/03/2016 18:04

company reference
Hi, What is the correct method of referencing a company as a tenant? I have asked for a refere

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Landlord Advice Team
25/03/2016 10:19

4 month tenancy agreement
I have a student let and one of the tenants left in February with 5 months remaining on agreement.

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22/03/2016 22:37

Owner Occupier Tenancy Agreement - Temporarily renting out my home.
I am currently temporarily renting out my home of 22 years whilst I live in rented accommodation out

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21/03/2016 19:51

Renting a Room
Hi, My daughter will be living in a flat which I own. She intends to take in a lodger fo

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21/03/2016 16:35

Differentiating Between Tenants
Hi All, Wondered if you have anyway you differentiate between tenants when you have two p

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Hythe man
16/03/2016 10:22

Boyfriend staying at weekends (ex-husband guarantor!)
Hi, I am about to start a new tenancy and am hoping for some advice please. My prospectiv

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15/03/2016 12:18

Tenancy agreement
Hello, I am preparing a new tenancy agreement for my new tenants. There are 3 of them, do I need to

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13/03/2016 10:12

Boyfriend staying at weekends (ex-husband guarantor!)
Hi, I am about to start a new tenancy and am hoping for some advice please. My prospectiv

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10/03/2016 18:25

Boyfriend staying at weekends (ex-husband guarantor!)
Hi, I am about to start a new tenancy and am hoping for some advice please. My prospectiv

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Landlord Advice Team
10/03/2016 17:04

18 year old son - should they be included in tenancy agreement
Dear All I am about to let my property to a couple (both named on the tenancy agreement)

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07/03/2016 06:43

Glenfarg STA
I terminated my contract with the managing agent and now the tenant will not sign the new tenancy ag

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Landlord Advice Team
07/03/2016 06:17

Tenants leaving early - complaints
Anyone know where I stand legally with regard to deposit and first months rent? Couple s

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06/03/2016 23:29

"offering" a new Fixed Term of an AST after expiry of the current one
Hi, there. How do you approach the tenant/s when the current fixed AST contract is about to ex

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01/03/2016 22:27

contract including subletting a room
Hi my long standing Tennant has asked if he can rent a room out to his friend as a result he will pa

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01/03/2016 11:54

Can a new fixed term AST be signed days after the expiry of the current one
Hi, there. Can a new fixed term AST be signed a few days after the expiry of the current one? Are th

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nicest landlord
29/02/2016 14:26

Tenant registers a Limited company at my property
I have had my first tenants in a new property for just on six months on an AST. Recently carried out

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28/02/2016 08:10

Two year contract
When we let our property at the beginning of January our tenants asked for a two year contract, some

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i dream of jenie
27/02/2016 10:53

Transfer of AST's
Just bought a property at auction with existing tenants in place. There is an AST for each of them w

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Landlord Advice Team
25/02/2016 06:43

Student Lets
I am wondering which is the best form of agreement to use for student lets? Is it the room only agre

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19/02/2016 18:42

3 month AST
Hi, I need to issue a 3 month AST from 1/4 to 30/6 as a result of the one of the joint Te

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Landlord Advice Team
18/02/2016 10:17

Tenancy renewal advise
I have tenants currently on a 6 month AST due to expire in March. They wish to stay but due to uncer

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16/02/2016 17:54

New tenants
Am I correct that in granting a new tenancy agreement to a couple, if both arev over 18 years of age

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13/02/2016 08:39

New landlord - what type of tenancy do i need in Wales
Hi, I'm a new landlady, need to set up a new tenancy agreement in Wales. I'm sli

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11/02/2016 16:48

Rent Increase
I have a tenant who moved into a property on 1/6/2015 for six months and has been on periodic since

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Ray D
08/02/2016 17:14

Head Lessee has been declared bankrupt
I own a flat with a 99 year lease remaining. There are 5 flats in the complex - all with similar lea

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Member 1
08/02/2016 13:44
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