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Tenancy Types and Management

Change to single tenancy from joint
Looking for advice please. We have tenants who have split up. The wife wants to take over the

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05/03/2018 07:43

Changing a two year letting contract to a six month contract
I am re-mortgaging on a buy-to-let property. There is six months left on the current two-year te

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01/03/2018 11:42

Licensing conditions cannot impose new clauses
''THE Court of Appeal has today ruled that councils cannot use selective licensing condit

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27/02/2018 19:20

Subletting without consent - criminal offence - Crown V Nwadike-Spencer
A man has been jailed for 15 months for illegally subletting a property in Cheshunt, prompting a

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22/02/2018 07:43

monthly contractural tenancy
can you confirm that your tenancy wording means that the local council cannot claim council tax a

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21/02/2018 12:53

monthly contractural tenancy
can you confirm that your tenancy wording means that the local council cannot claim council tax a

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21/02/2018 12:35

council tax
I have informed Council verbally and by email of new tenancy and tenant name. They keep trying t

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17/02/2018 19:37

AST Renewal
Relating to this recent news story:

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16/02/2018 22:01

AST terms to protect against damage by pets
I have a 4-bed house let to students as a group on an AST. They have been good tenants. Two of th

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16/02/2018 19:37

Residential Sublease Agreement
A tenant in a flat I am managing is about to sublet a room in the flat with the landlord's co

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13/02/2018 17:39

Right o First Refusal
I know there is a right to first refusal for lessees when lessors want to sell the freehold. But

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13/02/2018 11:44

Liverpool Business and Accommodation lease renewal advice
Hi there I have a Commercial Tenant in England who occupies the business and accommodation abo

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Landlord Advice Team
12/02/2018 09:17

Annual Statement
As I've just taken the let back from the Agents I'd like some thoughts on issuing a state

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08/02/2018 14:40

Contractual vs statutory periodic tenancy after fixed term
I am considering changing my tenancy agreement to create contractual periodic tenancies (CPT) as

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JH Manchester
02/02/2018 11:01

Has anyone used this? What did you think? In many ways I prefer to be in control but if it work

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30/01/2018 11:47

Notice to quit
Hi, we have several Common Law Tenancies at the moment (as we are renting to a charity who are a

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29/01/2018 16:47

HI, We rented a 4 bed house to company let . The company put a council tenant in there . How d

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Landlord Advice Team
18/01/2018 14:40

Notice from tenant by email.
Hello. My tenant has given notice by email. Should I get this submitted in a more formal mann

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18/01/2018 08:05

BTL mortgage conditions need to add in eviction for repossesion
Hi, first post so be kind. Has anyone had to put in to the AST conditions from mortgage provid

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14/01/2018 16:43

new tenancy agreement
We have just sold one of our properties to an investor. The property already has a tenant living

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11/01/2018 21:48

Renting part of home when living abroad
We have left our family home and live abroad due to an international job opportunity. We come bac

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10/01/2018 11:16

Hi one of my tenants has asked if I can confirm in writing that she is ok to foster children from

Replies: 3
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22/12/2017 19:58

End of tenancy - should I give 2 months notice?
I'd be grateful for advice on the following: My current tenants are renting whilst having

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Landlord Advice Team
21/12/2017 10:21

End of tenancy
My tenant is on a rolling tenancy which started on 26 June two years ago The rent is 525 she h

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21/12/2017 10:16

Company Let, guarantor and 3 months period
hi Im letting a house to a LTD company. The director is going to be the guarantor.

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18/12/2017 18:21

Letting to a minor
Hi, I have been asked to let a flat to a minor, and I understand that a normal AST won'

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14/12/2017 13:35

room only tenancy
I am thinking of moving from out of my HMO property and creating room tenancies but I am concerne

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11/12/2017 16:28

does this take the biscuit or what....
Hello colleagues. I just had to share this. Today I received a message from M/cr Students Home

Replies: 8
Views: 967
06/12/2017 23:12

Tenancy Renewal
We have always renewed our tenancies with either a new six month or annual agreement. I just wond

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04/12/2017 19:04

Joint Tenancy
Hi, I have a 2 bed flat with 2 tenants sharing on a joint tenancy one of which has given a mon

Replies: 2
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Landlord Advice Team
04/12/2017 13:43

Children and AST's - ensuring dotting i's and crossing t's
Hi, I have not put under 18's on the agreements in the past, but I have now switched to the R

Replies: 2
Views: 881
01/12/2017 08:58

Keys handed over before signing agreement??
What would be our position as private landlords if the agents have handed over keys to prospectiv

Replies: 7
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26/11/2017 18:16

Exludng a nmaed person from occupancy
Hi I have a tenant that wants me to exclude one of his elder children (almost 17) explicit

Replies: 11
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23/11/2017 09:26

Anti Money LAundering Regs - June 2017
I have a property owned by three members of my family. We each own a third of it, and rent is pai

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Landlord Advice Team
21/11/2017 10:50

rent increase
I would like to increase my tennants rent. I have a AST 12 months with deposit protection (RLA) .

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21/11/2017 10:37

Renting out a 4 Bed House as a 3 Bed House (Excluded Room from Let)
I am currently advertising a 4 bed house on the market but these are much more difficult to rent

Replies: 30
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Elaine Evans
20/11/2017 15:50

Offering Tenant A Bigger Property
My 3 month tenant has asked to move her boyfriend in to her 1 bed house. She's on an AST and

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17/11/2017 18:56

Solicitor who deals with Assured Tenancy
Hi, We have a tenant in a property with an Assured Tenancy and the owners now want to move back i

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17/11/2017 13:32

Can I safely edit the RLA AST agreement template?
Obviously there are key legal points which need to remain, but there are some elements of the sta

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17/11/2017 08:50

assured shorthand tenancy
Hi. My tenant has been in my property for a year and is asking for the new AST to be for 3 years.

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15/11/2017 18:00

Is new wife going to be lodger or tenant - what route did colleague LL choose?
Hello colleagues. Scenario is that I've got a spacious 4 bed property ( 2 storeys] with 4 ver

Replies: 9
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13/11/2017 17:45
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