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Tenancy Types and Management

Children and AST's - ensuring dotting i's and crossing t's
Hi, I have not put under 18's on the agreements in the past, but I have now switched to the R

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01/12/2017 08:58

Keys handed over before signing agreement??
What would be our position as private landlords if the agents have handed over keys to prospectiv

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26/11/2017 18:16

Exludng a nmaed person from occupancy
Hi I have a tenant that wants me to exclude one of his elder children (almost 17) explicit

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23/11/2017 09:26

Anti Money LAundering Regs - June 2017
I have a property owned by three members of my family. We each own a third of it, and rent is pai

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Landlord Advice Team
21/11/2017 10:50

rent increase
I would like to increase my tennants rent. I have a AST 12 months with deposit protection (RLA) .

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21/11/2017 10:37

Renting out a 4 Bed House as a 3 Bed House (Excluded Room from Let)
I am currently advertising a 4 bed house on the market but these are much more difficult to rent

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Elaine Evans
20/11/2017 15:50

Offering Tenant A Bigger Property
My 3 month tenant has asked to move her boyfriend in to her 1 bed house. She's on an AST and

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17/11/2017 18:56

Solicitor who deals with Assured Tenancy
Hi, We have a tenant in a property with an Assured Tenancy and the owners now want to move back i

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17/11/2017 13:32

Can I safely edit the RLA AST agreement template?
Obviously there are key legal points which need to remain, but there are some elements of the sta

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17/11/2017 08:50

assured shorthand tenancy
Hi. My tenant has been in my property for a year and is asking for the new AST to be for 3 years.

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15/11/2017 18:00

Is new wife going to be lodger or tenant - what route did colleague LL choose?
Hello colleagues. Scenario is that I've got a spacious 4 bed property ( 2 storeys] with 4 ver

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13/11/2017 17:45

Tenant Referencing
I am in the process of starting to reference a potential tenant. Can any point me in the d

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11/11/2017 15:34

noisy neighbours
I have a very nice young Polish family 7 months into a 12 month fixed term ast saying they can

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nicest landlord
09/11/2017 12:09

EPC requirements for statutory or contractual tenancy renewals
Referring to the article below, I am confused by the difference between statutory and contractual

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Landlord Advice Team
27/10/2017 17:47

Company Letting - Landlord Insurance
Is anyone managing a Company Let? If so, can you advise on the landlord insurance you have

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Landlord Advice Team
23/10/2017 11:01

rent to rent
can anyone advise if theres a template for rent to rent without strings attached and if they have

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18/10/2017 14:48

Extend end of commercial lease for few months only- what forms to complete
I have a tenant whose commercial lease ends soon. I've agreed with the tenant to extend for a

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Landlord Advice Team
11/10/2017 09:11

Charging an admin fee
I charge my tenants a non refundable afmin/holding fee of £85 of which £50 is offset

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08/10/2017 09:58

Electronic signatures - what's your experience of them?
Hi everyone. I have student houses on joint tenancy agreements (5 sharers per house). I'm thi

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06/10/2017 13:46

Transfer of tenancy agreement
The current tenancy agreement has 3 members and now all 3 want to move out and by transferring th

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04/10/2017 22:49

Lodgers contract
I would like to draw up a contract for lodgers rather than tenants. Does the RLA have give guidel

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01/10/2017 22:44

Signing tenancies online...
Hi there. We are considering using an online signing app to generate tenancies and get the tenant

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29/09/2017 15:07

Tenant is the Queen
My new tenant will be the crown, they will pay the rent too. Do I draw up an AST or company agree

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26/09/2017 12:11

Permitted occupier without written permission?
I have 2 houses where the single adult tenant now has a partner living with them, probably long t

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nicest landlord
20/09/2017 18:01

Break Clause
I am currently drawing up an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement for a fixed period of 12 months,

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20/09/2017 11:38

Duration of Agreements
Dear Advice Team, For an AST specifying weekly (or four weekly) payments, should or could

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16/09/2017 14:46

advice on length of tenancy agreement
Hi I am letting out my old flat to some tenants and we are both keen to make the assured shorthol

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15/09/2017 17:13

I am looking for a good tenancy agreement for HMO, both for DSS and regular paying tenants please

Replies: 7
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Landlord Advice Team
12/09/2017 14:17

Advice on Additional Tenancy Terms
Dear Advice Team, I am currently looking at suitable addendum clauses for my RLA Deposit G

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11/09/2017 18:06

I am looking for a good tenancy agreement for HMO, both for DSS and regular paying tenants please

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Landlord Advice Team
11/09/2017 15:14

Types of tenancy agreement
Hi there, Joined up as a member yesterday after realising that my agent has been ripping m

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08/09/2017 14:30

Confusion requiring advice
I have recently had a repossession 'struck out' because of the incorrect 'statement o

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nicest landlord
06/09/2017 15:51

Amendment to existing AST
My tenant has request I amend point 4 of the AST - 4. We will let the property to you (individua

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06/09/2017 08:50

Change of joint tenant
I have a property currently let to two joint tenants & have been informed that one of the tenants

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04/09/2017 18:01

short-term contracts
The documents that they ask to be sent out to tenants seem to imply a minimum term of 6 months.

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29/08/2017 14:42

Student lets
Hi I've been a landlord for over 15 years and have a portfolio which includes a HMO. M

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26/08/2017 16:24

Adding a tenant to tenancy agreement
I have an excellent tenant who is coming to the end of her initial 6 month tenancy agreement from

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nicest landlord
24/08/2017 17:25

Query re B4 in RLA Addendum Agreement
Dear Advice Team, Re "Completion Notes for use with the Prescribed Information for AST

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24/08/2017 10:12

S78 & S79 invitation Forms regarding Freehold
My Landlord requires a S78 and S79 invitation forms. Am I able to provide these please through t

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Landlord Advice Team
24/08/2017 10:10

Universal credit
Hello, a tenant of mine has been made redundant and has made a claim for universal credit. The

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23/08/2017 14:37

AST Versus Company let?
My tenant of 5 years has asked if his Company can take over the let. He works partly at home, tr

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Silversurfer 2015
20/08/2017 13:46
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