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First Floor window Regulations
Hi, We have a tenant who has recently moved into a property. The windows were present in t

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22/02/2019 15:34

Recommendation, please, for landlord boiler maintenance/insurance
Hallo, I'm seeking a maintenance contract for my boilers/heating system. I have found D&G ra

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nicest landlord
20/02/2019 13:44

Down lighting
I have a property I look after for a landlord that on inspection the down lighters in the kitchen

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Landlord Advice Team
18/02/2019 14:19

A couple of my properties suffer from condensation. Tenants do not use the extractor fans and Deh

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13/02/2019 16:34

washing machine broken down (again)
Hi, My tenant is reporting problems with the handle of the washing machine not releasing t

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12/02/2019 10:28

My LHA tenant of 6 months has complained that the garage roof is leaking and the things she is st

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09/02/2019 18:30

Fire Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Hello i have a problem with a tenant who besides other things is claiming i haven't installed

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08/02/2019 19:37

Maintenance 3 Phase Upgrade
Developers didn't upgrade electricity from single phase to three phase when converting flats.

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Michelle 68
07/02/2019 11:04

Should the tenant contribute to the cost of removing mould from the property?
Hi there, We have a problem of mould in one of my properties. The property was repainted, with

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Landlord Advice Team
04/02/2019 09:26

EICR test
I have a new letting agent who is asking for the above test. Is this a legal requirement?

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04/02/2019 08:06

Redress for Damage costs against Tenant and/or agency for failure to comply with obligations?
I have a problem at a property where the tenant has been in for some years. The property is manag

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03/02/2019 22:48

Soaring service charges
We have several flats in various parts of the UK. Over the last year some of the service charges

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24/01/2019 12:20

Finnkiy Tenant
Hi All I rent a house share where there are 4 tenants , 3 of them have never given me issu

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22/01/2019 12:59

Reduction of rent due to damp
We had damp in one bedroom that went unreported for a while but was ‘cured’ by a builder and a ro

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18/01/2019 09:25

Neighbour's blocked drain
There is a seriously blocked drain causing problems with a row of 5 terraced houses. These are a

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17/01/2019 16:01

The garden of my tenanted property floods very badly if it rains heavily. Behind the back fence i

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16/01/2019 18:47

leak below kitchen floor
I seem to have a leak below the kitchen floor (the water pressure in the boiler keeps falling). T

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15/01/2019 18:15

Grants for upgrading storage heaters to modern ones
I have a property that is currently tenanted to tenants on benefits, the council "child and f

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Landlord Advice Team
14/01/2019 14:38

Gas Evacuation
Hi... Unfortunately, the police carried out an emergency gas evacuation from a gas leak next door

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Landlord Advice Team
10/01/2019 14:01

landlord home cover recommendation
Hi would be grateful if anyone can suggest a good landlord home care cover they have used. I am c

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07/01/2019 18:28

CO2 Alarms
I elieve that the law on carbon monoxide detectors are that r they are fittedmin rooms where a s

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29/12/2018 10:21

leaking pipes bathroom
Leak around base of WC - approached Insurance compnay made claim as house is now 300 mi

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28/12/2018 11:25

Testing water temperature
As part of the RLA Legionella Risk Assessment it is necessary to ascertain that the water tempera

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27/12/2018 23:55

condensation problems
I have a tenant that moved in to one of our houses that we bought back in June. He is rece

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22/12/2018 10:19

Tenant might need to move while repair work done
I have had a leak in the shower which has been fixed. As it is a long term leak which has just co

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21/12/2018 17:12

Ceiling / Wall Cracks
I have a tenanted property where there are cracks appearing (about 2-3mm) where the ceiling joins

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16/12/2018 13:05

rat or rats in a house
A tenant how has not even been in the house for six months has a rat or rats in the house. they h

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14/12/2018 14:42

Arrangements while shower out of action
Hi, As a result of a tricky bathroom leak, it looks like the only shower (no bath) in my 4 per

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05/12/2018 18:26

Repairs to communal areas but no management company
I own and rent out one of four maisonettes which share a communal paved area which includes a fli

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03/12/2018 11:50

Broken Bolier
The boiler had broken at our rental property and needs replacing which can't be done until ne

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Landlord Advice Team
03/12/2018 10:14

Broken Bolier
The boiler had broken at our rental property and needs replacing which can't be done until ne

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Landlord Advice Team
03/12/2018 10:02

White Goods
Hi, Am I legally required to provide white goods for my tenant? If I am, am I legally responsible

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Landlord Advice Team
03/12/2018 09:45

Bed bug
My property is only just over a year old, new build flat. Furniture was provided as new from Ikea

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26/11/2018 20:30

Neighbour's TV aerial
A tenant's neighbour's TV aerial is overhanging our roof, banging when it is windy. Tenan

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22/11/2018 19:33

Whose Responsiblity?
Whose responsiblity is it to refix a bannister which has come away. The tenant has been in the pr

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Landlord Advice Team
20/11/2018 12:58

H Johnson
How far am I responsible for mould in bedroom not caused by leaking roof pipe etc?

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Landlord Advice Team
19/11/2018 13:47

Replacing defective windows
My wife and I own a leasehold property in East London. The freehold is held by Clarion Hoising Gr

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Landlord Advice Team
14/11/2018 10:28

Air Conditioning Service
Good morning, I have taken on a property which has air conditioning. Is there legislation aside

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14/11/2018 10:21

kitchen base unit back panel bowed out
I have a new tenant who has complained about the fact that one kitchen base unit has the hardboar

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nicest landlord
13/11/2018 15:37

Mould - caused by condensation or not ?
Hi , I have a very long standing tenant in a room ( not ensuite ) in an HMO who tells me that sh

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Old Timer
11/11/2018 11:36
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