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Gas Pipe Sleeving
A new gas meter was recently installed in one of my properties built around 1970 and the installe

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Landlord Advice Team
23/05/2019 14:34

Mice Issue - Advice Needed
Hi, First post on the forum but keen to get some advice. During Jan/Feb time we had

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23/05/2019 08:55

New Roof Trouble
Hi Forum, I have a two bed maisonette with a hairdressers underneath an am having some tro

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22/05/2019 14:24

does anyone have experience of using this companies products with reference to damp and mould pro

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17/05/2019 11:22

TV Aerial
I received this message from my tenants about the TV aerial.. ..... Iím just emailing a

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14/05/2019 21:27

Gas safety check
Hi, The tenants in the house I am buying have their own cooker out of choice (the current owne

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14/05/2019 21:17

smoke alarms removed
Just performed a routine property inspection and noticed that smoke alarms have been removed. Smo

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11/05/2019 05:32

leave or replace non opening window?
I have had a house for 4 years in which the front room window has no opening whatsoever. The pvc

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09/05/2019 22:10

Garden Fence
My tenant has asked if they can restain the garden fence and showed me two choices of colour/make

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09/05/2019 09:16

I have a city centre based flat and my tenants are demanding that I replace the wooden framed win

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P Turner
07/05/2019 16:37

garden fence ownership
could you please tell me which side of the rear garden fence i am responsible for?

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Landlord Advice Team
07/05/2019 15:23

Carpet damage
Tenants for past two years have moth infestation causing carpet damage. They are holding me respo

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04/05/2019 19:36

Property Maintenence
New tenant starting Dec 18 has recently discovered carpet beetle infestation. The carpets and cur

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26/04/2019 09:58

unused fire place
Does an unused fireplace in a property need to be boarded up before tenancy. It is basically an

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25/04/2019 15:06

I would like to have an updated EPC assessment for my rented property - 58, Cranbrook Rd Bristol.

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Landlord Advice Team
25/04/2019 08:42

Improvement Notice served by Council - advice
I have a 1 bed property (cottage detached) which has been rented out and managed by a letting age

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24/04/2019 09:50

Gas Safety Certificate
Hello, Looking for some advice. I had a Gas Safety Check (and boiler service) taken out on

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23/04/2019 09:50

Can you help please - we smoke detectors in properties need to be mains smoke detectors? M

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22/04/2019 12:28

Unrented period
What are the rule pf calculating the allowable expenses during unrented period?

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20/04/2019 19:15

Hi I have a property that had rats. I paid for a professional pest control company to come out

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17/04/2019 16:08

Gas Safety Certificate
I heard from a landlord meeting that you can now have a tenant's gas safety inspection done B

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Landlord Advice Team
15/04/2019 11:45

Anyone know what a schedule of work is?
Our tennant has complained to the council about some thing's in our property (I'm sure it

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08/04/2019 20:42

is it compulsory to have window restrictors on first floor window, the environment officer has be

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04/04/2019 07:17

Oven fix?
If a landlord as part of a fitted kitchen supply's a built in oven as part of the kitchen and

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03/04/2019 16:28

Fridge Freezer issue
Hi all just want to get some clarity on this issue I experienced today; at 5.51pm today I

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03/04/2019 09:32

As I am finding these forums very helpful - think i am on a role. I have a tenant who has

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01/04/2019 17:38

Damp problems (or condensation) in a property (Ist floor)
There have been issues of damp (or condensation) on the first floor of a terraced 3 bedroom house

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01/04/2019 17:33

Group policy for boilers
Hi there, Does anyone know a company that provides group boiler insurance policies.

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01/04/2019 09:43

tenant wants to change gas hob
hi one of my tenants that is six months into 12 month contract. has asked if he can change the ga

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01/04/2019 09:32

Kitchen Heat alarm
Hi all, I'm currently having a rewire of a 3 bed detached house done and an electricia

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Jen & wayne
29/03/2019 22:40

Who pays?
I made arrangements with my tenants where we both agreed a mutually acceptable date and time for

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27/03/2019 09:54

Hi Our tenant has called and said that the key has snapped in the back door! who's res

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27/03/2019 09:30

Gas certification
We have a tenant who has been in property for 10+ years, he has no gas going into property, every

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23/03/2019 15:21

Self Management of Block of flats
We are taking back the management of our flats, from a company we hired. I would like to discuss

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Landlord Advice Team
18/03/2019 15:43

We have long term tenants & the house would now benefit from redecoration. Whose responsibility i

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Landlord Advice Team
18/03/2019 11:59

Pat tesging hmo
Hi one of the freezers in my hmo has broke. I am going to replace it. I have recently had all the

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Landlord Advice Team
15/03/2019 10:17

Fence ownership dispute
Hello A tenant has a broken fence that requires repair. I, as landlord, replied saying check w

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15/03/2019 09:40

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Temporary Exemption
Hello, I am in the process of buying a property that has a sitting tenant and an existing

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14/03/2019 14:14

When does tenant damage become my problem
I have a tenant for just over 3 years, they have broken and smashed every door in the property, p

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Landlord Advice Team
12/03/2019 08:58

install asecurity camera
can I install a camera on outside wall to keep an eye on who enters my property or not

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11/03/2019 17:30
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