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Smoke Alarms
Hello If a tenant has taken out smoke alarms, must the landlord replace them or should the

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20/02/2020 10:45

A property that I rent out has a build up of mould in the bathroom and main bedroom cupboard. The

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19/02/2020 13:20

Hi I wonder if anyone can help? My tenant removed the cooker I supplied and replaced with their o

Replies: 14
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17/02/2020 15:07

Installing air source heat pump to benefit from Renewable Heat Incentive payments
I am curious to know if anyone has done this. I am renovating a small 3 bedroom property and part

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13/02/2020 15:49

Electrical fixed wiring certificates
Hi I understand all new tenancies from July 2020 will require a EICR and existing tenancies wi

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13/02/2020 08:05

Hi all. One of our very excellent tenants, who has been in the property for a few years, h

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Teg's Dad
11/02/2020 20:13

pat testing
hi we are being asked by are agents to have our intergrated appliances pat tested. I thoug

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10/02/2020 09:13

Damaged Locks
Hello, My question is who is responsible for replacing damaged locks caused by a burglary.Land

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Landlord Advice Team
10/02/2020 09:12

Smoke Alarms Query
Is the landlord responsible for changing a smoke alarm mid-tenancy in a case where the battery ca

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09/02/2020 18:17

PAT testing
I understand that 5 yearly electrical safety tests come in for new tenancies this July and for al

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09/02/2020 16:13

Maintenance issue
I manage a large 27 room HMO. The top floor has 6 rooms, all with en-suites. 4 of which need main

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Andy A
06/02/2020 16:34

Replacement carpets
Hi all. We want to replace the carpets in one of our properties when the tenant moves out in a

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Mrs M.
31/01/2020 13:59

minor damage to property
Hi, Our tenant has ripped the kitchen pantry door off the hinges or we think her son has b

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29/01/2020 14:57

Insurance for flat fixings
Hi I am going to have works done on the boiler and heating, including installation of a ne

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24/01/2020 13:06

Condensation and other
Hello We have recently had a survey done across three flats in the block, one of which we

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16/01/2020 22:14

What to refund tenants after 19 days of messy rewiring?
Hi, experienced advice appreciated regarding how to cost financially compensating tenants who wer

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16/01/2020 00:54

Hello do EPC certificates need renewing periodically please?

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Landlord Advice Team
14/01/2020 09:21

White goods
Hi, the tenant just rang up to say the fridge/freezer is making banging sounds and can we send so

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12/01/2020 20:24

Blocked Sewer
The sewer has backed up on one of our rental properties. We will deal with it and pay for the dr

Replies: 4
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Simon Lazare
11/01/2020 06:44

Mr Roy Farrant
I am landlord of a first floor maisonette. I am not the freeholder. The external electric

Replies: 3
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Landlord Advice Team
10/01/2020 15:11

HMO flooring
we have an HMO of 8 rooms in a big old victorian house set over 4 floors can anyone recommend a f

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10/01/2020 15:02

Tenant has made many excuses for declining access requests for six months with a variaty of excus

Replies: 5
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Andy A
06/01/2020 13:52

I have recently had cause to call my insurance when the tenant of one of my properties advised me

Replies: 4
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31/12/2019 19:55

roof leak
I have a leak in my flat that is a freeholder problem. I would like to know where I stand wit

Replies: 4
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Landlord Advice Team
30/12/2019 14:16

Management company
I have a flat, which is a leasehold. It is in a large block of flats. There have been a few chang

Replies: 6
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Landlord Advice Team
30/12/2019 09:34

Maintenance Company
Hi Fellow Investors I am one of the flat owner in a building of five flats. All but one flat i

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23/12/2019 11:39

Damaged washing machine
A tenant reported damage to a washing machine. The engineers attended site and the damage was cau

Replies: 7
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Landlord Advice Team
19/12/2019 09:04

Landlord repairs to flat below my property
Can the NEW owner of an adjoining property to mine claim for the costs of water damage that

Replies: 4
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lady in red
18/12/2019 18:19

Light fitting) bulbs too bright
Hi I've just paid out 1k for the property to the electric safety work carried out.

Replies: 7
Views: 162
Julia rm
16/12/2019 13:29

Neighbours fence
Hi My tenants have a garden and the back fence of the garden has broken and garden waste i

Replies: 4
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Landlord Advice Team
16/12/2019 08:58

Tenant refuses to use heating - house freezing, black mould & damp
Hello, I have a 3-bed HMO with students. I have just done the first quarterly inspection of their

Replies: 30
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11/12/2019 13:07

Powerflush radiators?
I have new tenants complaining that 2 radiators are cold at the bottom and so not giving full hea

Replies: 13
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10/12/2019 12:53

I have read that, after april 2020, if epc rating is below E, the property cannot be let, even if

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Landlord Advice Team
09/12/2019 10:08

British Gas
If have 3 properties and each was covered with a British Gas Homecare 4 Agreement.I did not have

Replies: 4
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Pound Behind
08/12/2019 10:30

Gas check needed / tenant not replying
Your advice please.. I have a long standing single mother tenant (now on periodic S/H) who hav

Replies: 3
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06/12/2019 14:04

Getting free EPC
A tenant wants to put his girlfiend on the tenancy agreement. So I am preparing to issue a new a

Replies: 5
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nicest landlord
05/12/2019 12:59

Miss Gemma Painter
Please can you advise if a landlord has to provide or maintain a tv aerial if there is nothing st

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Landlord Advice Team
04/12/2019 14:47

Stair Balustrading
HI, I have a single let premises that is was formerly let as an HMO, but is no longer an HMO.

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30/11/2019 12:06

Routine Property Inspections
I may have missed this in the documents area but are there any basic templates available for carr

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29/11/2019 16:18

Tennant Spending on Property
Hi all, Just need some quick advice, I am new to all of this and kind of dig myself a hole

Replies: 22
Views: 214
20/11/2019 12:28
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