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Urgent Safety Issue
As a reputable landlord and RLA member, I find my son in a position where the student let he has

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nicest landlord
21/09/2017 20:18

What's the best paint for rental property?
Hello, I am about to redecorate wanted to know what brand/type of paint is best for rental pro

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21/09/2017 16:16

Flat entrance door on ground floor
I have received a notice from Newham (London) council's 'Client Relations'. The notic

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20/09/2017 21:02

Management and Maintenance for Flats
I have three flats that are rented out. I have no issues with two of the management companies in

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16/09/2017 21:53

Gas safety certificate
I have 2 properties where the gas certificate has expired. Renewal was 20th July. I gave my u

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14/09/2017 13:12

Task rabbit & similar
Has anyone tried Task Rabbit or one of the other gig economy labour sourcing sites? I want

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13/09/2017 11:39

Fire safety
Hello, I own a converted chapel into 13 small studios, up until now I have always had fire exting

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Landlord Advice Team
11/09/2017 14:57

Fire Alarm, Emergency Lights & Extinguisher Servicing Frequency
Please can you let me know how often I am required to service the fire alarm, emergency lighting

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05/09/2017 23:26

leeds council insisting only upvc composite doors can be used
can you help is it no longer legal to have timber doors on the entrance to flats leeds co

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nicest landlord
23/08/2017 12:10

Leak from a flat above
The fkatbanove mine has had a leak for several months. It is leaking into my flat causing mould p

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Landlord Advice Team
21/08/2017 09:17

Gas boiler check
Just need to double check the legal position around boiler checks. Do I need to get a new

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14/08/2017 22:01

Can you help? My tenants have had a smart meter professional fitted by their electricity s

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08/08/2017 23:47

Hi. We have a flat that we share the freehold with the other three flats in the block. There is n

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Landlord Advice Team
03/08/2017 09:07

Water damage damp caused by adjoining property
Hi, We have a long standing problem of damp (to the extent of visible moisture) on an adjo

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02/08/2017 15:20

What sealant where?
Getting the end of this refurb... its sealant time! I've been recommended Dow Corning

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28/07/2017 22:39

Co alarm
My tenant has contacted me saying the carbon monoxide alarm has gone off. She callednational gri

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28/07/2017 19:09

App for measuring rooms
Can anyone recommend an app for my android phone where I can put in the measurements of individua

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Ray D
27/07/2017 09:55

Fence / Border Disputes
Hello All, Can anyone recommend a good soliciitor for border/ fence disputes in the Wolver

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26/07/2017 17:39

Gas Safety Cert (CP12)
My tenant will be vacating at the end of current AST. The gas safety cert will have another 4/5 m

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24/07/2017 22:53

Damage to property caused by neighbour
Hi Please could you help me - I am unsure of the procedure to get my neighbour to fix dama

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Landlord Z
18/07/2017 14:07

Notice from council about rubbish IN BACK ALLEY BEHIND my house?!
Hello. I have not been on the forum for sometime as I am working on finishing my website f

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14/07/2017 12:20

Electric certificate
How often does electric certificate have to be renude ?

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06/07/2017 17:12

Energy performance
How often does this need to be renewed ?

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06/07/2017 15:26

Electrical safety checks
My electrician has told me that by law i need to have an annual electrical safety check carried o

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Landlord Advice Team
06/07/2017 12:35

Types of Floorings , laminate or carpet
Hallo , I have a small studio about 20 m2 on the ground floor and the floorings for the hallwa

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02/07/2017 14:51

boundary wall/party wall
HI could you tell me who is responsible for maintaining a party wall. If the party wall is dmamag

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30/06/2017 18:11

Tenant Damage
Hi, I've got a tenant who is consistently damaging things - the latest is the shower switch b

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29/06/2017 17:18

Rogue Traders
Hi. I know I have been conned, but! I instructed a tree surgeon to fell and clear a tree as it w

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Landlord Advice Team
29/06/2017 15:59

Bathroom Door Lock
I'm getting to the end of my looong refurb of my little flat to let. I need a bathroom loc

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28/06/2017 20:53

Access for repairs, tenant with holding rent etc
Good morning. I am having difficulty gaining access in order to carry out repairs and i wa

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27/06/2017 09:48

Boundary Fence Dispute
We bought the property 4 years ago and the wooden fence was at an angle where the front side of t

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24/06/2017 18:39

Legionnaires testing and Electrical testing
Can anyone advise me on the regulations around have an Electrical safety check carried out in a f

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24/06/2017 14:29

Neighbours kitchen vent extracting cooking smells into the garden
A neighbour has their kitchen in an extension and the wall where their cooker is, is also our gar

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24/06/2017 01:55

Water with high ammonia levels seeping through from neighbouring property saturating bathroom vinyl.
Hi, I've had ongoing damp problems with a basement flat. Had insurance company out las

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24/06/2017 01:40

Electrical regulations for HMOs
I have just had a 5 year mains wiring inspection on a licensed HMO & the electrician has said all

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22/06/2017 12:16

Furnished accommodation
Good afternoon I am in the process of purchasing a buy to let property with a tenant in si

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17/06/2017 19:02

Landlord Responsibilities - Bee's Vs Broken Door Handle
We have a property that has been occupied by the same family since 2008 (AST). We received a call

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16/06/2017 16:33

Renting vs buying white goods
Hi there, I was wondering if any landlords currently rent their white goo

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05/06/2017 13:40

Free boiler scheme for tenants on benefits
Hello Everyone, Can anyone suggest someone who can install free boilers for tenants on ben

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01/06/2017 11:17

Carpet Moths
We have had a tenant complain about carpet moths. This is a new property approx 3 years old. The

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30/05/2017 22:34
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