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PAT testing
When should I get a brand new appliance PAT tested?

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03/09/2014 13:21

Smoke and fire alarms
Hi We have recently purchased a two bedroom, terraced house which we're looking to re

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Jane Lo
03/09/2014 07:39

Paint, fix & clean jobs in house share with 4 tenants
Dear all, I as the landlady, currently having a fresh clean up in my property which was due af

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02/09/2014 20:50

damage repair at transfer of property ownership
We have just bought a property but have to take on the present tenants until their tenancy finishes

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01/09/2014 20:23

Safety Rules for glass doors
I have a door - wooden frame to the perimeter and glass as the central part. It is in sound condit

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Landlord Advice Team
27/08/2014 13:12

Tenant looking for compensation re damp
Please can you help? We have just received a solicitors letter relating to a complaint from one

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24/08/2014 11:10

Broken window
Hi. I have been informed that a window was smashed in the night in a property i rent out. The tenant

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Trans Am
18/08/2014 10:07

Tenant looking for compensation re damp
Please can you help? We have just received a solicitors letter relating to a complaint from one

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17/08/2014 10:23

Introducing a contribution charge to existing tenancies
We are co-owners of a development of 52 flats & currently all owners pay monthly service charges. H

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Landlord Advice Team
15/08/2014 17:38

Should alarm maintenance be covered by the landlord?
We have our alarm regularly serviced on a flat we let but call outs are chargeable. Recently our ten

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13/08/2014 17:45

Tenants have left washing machine unusable
Who is responsible for the maintenance of the washing machine? My tenants have moved out, leaving th

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08/08/2014 09:17

Smoke alrams and CO alarms
Hi there, can you tell me do you still need CO alarms in a rented house if there no gas appliances i

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04/08/2014 17:48

Hi all! I'd be interested on hearing your experience on the following; I've got a

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31/07/2014 10:09

Bath overflow to flat below
Hi. I would be grateful if you could help me with the following. My tenant left the bath runni

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30/07/2014 12:58

Idiot tenant flooded 3 flats
Hi there, We own a flat in a georgian house which is part of a terrace. The top flat tenants b

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28/07/2014 16:49

Legionairres Disease
Is there now a legal requirement for landlords to have their properties tested for Legionnaires dise

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18/07/2014 10:58

fire blanket & extinguisher in residential properties
is anyone aware if there is any legal requirement to have a fire blanket and/or extinguisher in a re

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17/07/2014 16:31

MY fault the keyhole has been glued??
So my tenant (who is soon to leave having served section 21) has had her locks glued. This is the fr

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16/07/2014 14:45

No refund received for EPC ordered April 2014!
I am VERY DISSAPOINTED by the EPC Company. As a member of RLA, I ordered for the Electrical Performa

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16/07/2014 14:17

Carrying put repairs on our property from a neighbours land
Hi, on Sunday we had a call from the 999 fire brigade to say they had been urgently called to put ou

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Landlord Advice Team
15/07/2014 08:43

Neighbours Structurally Unsafe Roof
Hi, I'm in the process of buying a terraced property but the building survey has thr

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Landlord Advice Team
14/07/2014 15:05

Replacement of oven element
Hi, I rent my property to 4 individuals using one AST. Can I replace the oven

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11/07/2014 21:26

Tenant not responding to make arrangements for annual gas check
We have an ongoing problematic DSS tenant who is not responding to make arrangements for having the

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Ray D
10/07/2014 10:59

Hi there! I am renting out my home while i move abroad and am hoping for some clarificati

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04/07/2014 22:50

3 houses' rain water disappearing into my garden
The water from the guttering of three terrace houses flows down my downpipe, under my garden, under

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Ray D
04/07/2014 10:14

tenant leaving during fixed term claiming house is damp
I got an e mail yesterday from a tenant giving me one month "notice" that she will vacate the house

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nice guy
03/07/2014 11:10

Rent Rebate for lack of hot water
Hi there, can somebody please assist with my query? Recently I've had to have a new b

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Landlord Advice Team
01/07/2014 08:05

Gas safety check for new tenancy
We had the gas safety check on our property carried out in December 2013 but the tenant has moved ou

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30/06/2014 08:17

Shared costs for repairs on property boundary
The boundary roof between my tenanted house and my neighbours tenanted has had a leak and needed rep

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23/06/2014 09:38

ivy on my neighbour's fence
Hi there, my tenant cut back ivy that had grown over the neighbour's fence on both sides (o

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20/06/2014 09:01

Electrical testing
Are there any rules around how often electrical testing should be done for my tenants? I had a full

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14/06/2014 14:42

New tenancy - evidence of rodents
Hi, we have recently had new tenants move into our property (the second lot of tenants since we move

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12/06/2014 22:50

Access for managing agents
I have damp coming about 2-3 feet up the walls in my flat and the wooden floor is expanding and buck

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12/06/2014 15:51

coucil power
enforcement notice by council for repairs. Do they have to have to have a court order to action?

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09/06/2014 18:03

Frustrated landlord
My tenant complains that there is sewerage smell in the flat ((which is conversion flat above a shop

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keith kott
04/06/2014 11:17

Tenants obligtions to redecorate
I have a tenant on a month to month hold over RLA Assured Shorthold Tenancy, since January 2010 (ori

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23/05/2014 19:24

Maintenance Company
We have a maintenance company that is supposed to manange and maintain the building in which myflat

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21/05/2014 22:25

Necessary repairs during Tenancy
Hi, My Tenant has neglected the property and there are several repairs needed. I am writing to advi

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14/05/2014 16:11

general maintance/repairs
Hi all. I have a property and I have always paid for all maintenance and repairs requested by the t

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Hythe man
14/05/2014 11:41

New boiler issue
thank you Les (Elbow).

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29/04/2014 15:36

Who is responsible if the tenants have mice please? They have been there for approx two years and ha

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Bill McCullen
17/04/2014 17:43
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