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GAs safety check - out of date
Hi can anyone help? i had a new boiler last year installed by british gas. therefore i don'

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07/06/2015 06:01

Fire Alarms
The new regulations for compulsory fire alarms and also carbon monoxide detectors come into force in

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05/06/2015 23:55

Responsibility for blocked WC
Having paid twice in the last 6 weeks for the tenants WC to be unblocked (£60 & £45), we have now, u

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Purple Bunny
23/05/2015 14:43

Electrical certificate
Hi there I've just had new Electrics installed and I would like to make sure that the certificat

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Landlord Advice Team
14/05/2015 07:54

Garden and Management Company requests
I have a ground floor flat in a managed block of 4 apartments. It has an adjacent garden which I whi

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Jane Lo
08/05/2015 16:23

Hi, we have a registered rent tenant who has an asbestos roof on the garage. We have asked her to re

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06/05/2015 18:03

Gas Certificate
Good afternoon, if I have just had a new boiler fitted by a corgi registered person do I still need

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Landlord Advice Team
05/05/2015 08:14

New Tenant Issues
Hi I have a new tenant, young and just moved out of parents - so happy to be a bit more helpful. Ha

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04/05/2015 19:57

After build cleaners
Hi guys can anyone recommend a good company to use for after build cleaning the property is in ilfor

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20/04/2015 15:30

Blocking sink
I have a new tenant who keeps putting food down the drain. She has blocked the sink twice and a col

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17/04/2015 15:09

Cracked window
I had a look around my buy-to-let property 2 weeks ago and noticed a crack in the window. I asked ab

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16/04/2015 12:20

Blocking sink
I have a new tenant who keeps putting food down the drain. She has blocked the sink twice and a col

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15/04/2015 22:03

Inventory & epc
Hi anyone who could recommend any companies for a good price on inventory and EPC. Thanks in advance

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14/04/2015 21:10

Broken Door
My tenant has had the front door broken and reported it to the police, I have reported this to the o

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10/04/2015 14:21

Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Evening… Can anyone recommend good Carbon Monoxide Alarms? theres a wide range to choose from,

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03/04/2015 17:36

Gas Safety
Good evening Gas Safety Certificates need to be done every 12 months. However, how often

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Member 1
02/04/2015 22:44

Fleas in house
Hi all, I have a house that is empty but I think has fleas. I have been working there and am b

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31/03/2015 04:35

Bed Bugs
Hi One of my tenants has bed bugs, which have just been confirmed by professional pest co

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30/03/2015 19:35

Electrical safety certificate - change of tenant
As part of my application for a Landlords Charter at my local Council, one of the conditions for app

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Member 1
30/03/2015 11:20

electrical safety cert
is it a legal requirement to have an electrical safety cert.

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Purple Bunny
29/03/2015 09:20

co2 monitor
May I know how much of the price all of you pay to install co2 monitor? Do we only need install

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28/03/2015 15:08

condensation complaint game
Tenant trying to get out of a 6month ast (offered social housing) is playing the usual game of compl

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nice guy
25/03/2015 13:13

Electric Heating Engineer required for East London
I am having problems with the heating controls and boiler, any recommendation for genuine heating en

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25/03/2015 08:19

Refusing workman
Can a tenant refuse your choice of workman to resolve a water leak from the bath tap, he is demandin

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24/03/2015 20:44

Compensation for loss of Heating and hot water
Hello, I was hoping I could get some advice regarding whether tenants are owed compensation for

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22/03/2015 21:13

I'm new to the landlord world and have yet to do our first inspection. I'm wonder

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Landlord Advice Team
19/03/2015 19:00

!st floor patio
Hello Hope you can assist. I'm one of three owners in a share of freehold property i

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19/03/2015 00:08

Smoke alarms
Hi, can anyone tell me if it is a legal requirement to fit smoke alarms in rented property or if thi

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18/03/2015 12:13

Energy efficiency work and tenant disturbance
Hello, I had instructed a company to install external wall insulation to an older end ter

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16/03/2015 13:12

Reliable roofing contractor - Leeds
Please can you recommend a reliable roofing contractor in Leeds. I have looked through your supplier

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Purple Bunny
14/03/2015 12:40

Freeholder demand for ground rent after three years from date of purchase
Hi there, I received a recorded letter from freeholder requesting ground rent charges for my up

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Landlord Advice Team
12/03/2015 06:55

Electrical inspection certificates for fixed electrics
I have recently changed electrician. My new electrician is advising me that tenanted properties need

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10/03/2015 17:35

Blockage from Toilet Drain
We received a call from our tenant, on Sunday saying the water level in the toilet wouldn't go d

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Landlord Advice Team
06/03/2015 16:09

Fused spur
Can you advise or point me in the right direction as to do I need a fused spur on a combination boil

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04/03/2015 11:49

Section 20 - Our responsibility?
We bought a leasehold flat on the 20/6/14. We have just received a request for payment of 1.6k for p

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Member 1
02/03/2015 15:14

Legionnaires’ Disease responsibility?
Hello everyone, I have been informed by my managing agent that there is now legislation t

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23/02/2015 15:35

Responsibility for damp
Hi Could you provide advice on the responsibility of the lessor to undertake work to reme

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20/02/2015 23:34

Who is at fault, Agent or landlord?
I have been approached by a relative with the same problem. He lives abroad and pays an agent for FU

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13/02/2015 23:07

Hand rails
We have just bought a new property. The stairs only have a very small wooden hand rail wh

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Landlord Advice Team
12/02/2015 11:58

Letter from a Community Housing Association
I have received a letter from my local Community Housing Organisation asking questions about alleged

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12/02/2015 11:49

Can anyone recommend a good remotely controllable Heating System Thermostat and Timer?
Hi folks I am looking to replace all of the thermostat/timers on my heating systems as 15 of my prop

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Tom Kirkwood
07/02/2015 08:55
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