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tenant wants to change gas hob
hi one of my tenants that is six months into 12 month contract. has asked if he can change the ga

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01/04/2019 09:32

Kitchen Heat alarm
Hi all, I'm currently having a rewire of a 3 bed detached house done and an electricia

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Jen & wayne
29/03/2019 22:40

Who pays?
I made arrangements with my tenants where we both agreed a mutually acceptable date and time for

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27/03/2019 09:54

Hi Our tenant has called and said that the key has snapped in the back door! who's res

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27/03/2019 09:30

Gas certification
We have a tenant who has been in property for 10+ years, he has no gas going into property, every

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23/03/2019 15:21

Self Management of Block of flats
We are taking back the management of our flats, from a company we hired. I would like to discuss

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Landlord Advice Team
18/03/2019 15:43

We have long term tenants & the house would now benefit from redecoration. Whose responsibility i

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Landlord Advice Team
18/03/2019 11:59

Pat tesging hmo
Hi one of the freezers in my hmo has broke. I am going to replace it. I have recently had all the

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Landlord Advice Team
15/03/2019 10:17

Fence ownership dispute
Hello A tenant has a broken fence that requires repair. I, as landlord, replied saying check w

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15/03/2019 09:40

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Temporary Exemption
Hello, I am in the process of buying a property that has a sitting tenant and an existing

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14/03/2019 14:14

When does tenant damage become my problem
I have a tenant for just over 3 years, they have broken and smashed every door in the property, p

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Landlord Advice Team
12/03/2019 08:58

install asecurity camera
can I install a camera on outside wall to keep an eye on who enters my property or not

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11/03/2019 17:30

Tenant maintenance
Hi All, First post here so will be as clear and concise as possible. I've let a

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08/03/2019 10:04

Flat owner should Pay for repairs which are not common parts
Damage to ceiling caused by upstairs flat. I own the downstairs flat of a conversion, whic

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08/03/2019 09:13

Regulated Tenancy
Hi we have a regulated tenancy, which we believe have been a tenant since 1968, could you tell me

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Landlord Advice Team
05/03/2019 11:04

Required Certificates
Iím about to have an annual GasSafe checks undertaken along with boiler service. In additi

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04/03/2019 10:33

Section 8 Notice
Hello, I would like to ask opinion regarding section 8 Notice and eviction. My tena

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28/02/2019 17:47

hi, when i bought house it had decking down in garden. Tenant said it was crumbling so I had it r

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28/02/2019 10:42

First Floor window Regulations
Hi, We have a tenant who has recently moved into a property. The windows were present in t

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27/02/2019 08:53

I am a landlord. My husband is helping me to manage properties including repairs and maintanence.

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27/02/2019 01:38

Maggots in property after tenancy started
Who is responsible if the tenant has reported maggots being present after the tenancy has started

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Landlord Advice Team
25/02/2019 10:20

Advice on damp problem
We have a persistent damp problem in one of our houses resulting in mould growth together with co

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Landlord Advice Team
25/02/2019 09:43

Fire Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Hello i have a problem with a tenant who besides other things is claiming i haven't installed

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24/02/2019 18:27

Recommendation, please, for landlord boiler maintenance/insurance
Hallo, I'm seeking a maintenance contract for my boilers/heating system. I have found D&G ra

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nicest landlord
20/02/2019 13:44

Down lighting
I have a property I look after for a landlord that on inspection the down lighters in the kitchen

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Landlord Advice Team
18/02/2019 14:19

A couple of my properties suffer from condensation. Tenants do not use the extractor fans and Deh

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13/02/2019 16:34

washing machine broken down (again)
Hi, My tenant is reporting problems with the handle of the washing machine not releasing t

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12/02/2019 10:28

My LHA tenant of 6 months has complained that the garage roof is leaking and the things she is st

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09/02/2019 18:30

Maintenance 3 Phase Upgrade
Developers didn't upgrade electricity from single phase to three phase when converting flats.

Replies: 2
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Michelle 68
07/02/2019 11:04

Should the tenant contribute to the cost of removing mould from the property?
Hi there, We have a problem of mould in one of my properties. The property was repainted, with

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Landlord Advice Team
04/02/2019 09:26

EICR test
I have a new letting agent who is asking for the above test. Is this a legal requirement?

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Views: 332
04/02/2019 08:06

Redress for Damage costs against Tenant and/or agency for failure to comply with obligations?
I have a problem at a property where the tenant has been in for some years. The property is manag

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03/02/2019 22:48

Soaring service charges
We have several flats in various parts of the UK. Over the last year some of the service charges

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24/01/2019 12:20

Finnkiy Tenant
Hi All I rent a house share where there are 4 tenants , 3 of them have never given me issu

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22/01/2019 12:59

Reduction of rent due to damp
We had damp in one bedroom that went unreported for a while but was Ďcuredí by a builder and a ro

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18/01/2019 09:25

Neighbour's blocked drain
There is a seriously blocked drain causing problems with a row of 5 terraced houses. These are a

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17/01/2019 16:01

The garden of my tenanted property floods very badly if it rains heavily. Behind the back fence i

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16/01/2019 18:47

leak below kitchen floor
I seem to have a leak below the kitchen floor (the water pressure in the boiler keeps falling). T

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15/01/2019 18:15

Grants for upgrading storage heaters to modern ones
I have a property that is currently tenanted to tenants on benefits, the council "child and f

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Landlord Advice Team
14/01/2019 14:38

Gas Evacuation
Hi... Unfortunately, the police carried out an emergency gas evacuation from a gas leak next door

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Landlord Advice Team
10/01/2019 14:01

landlord home cover recommendation
Hi would be grateful if anyone can suggest a good landlord home care cover they have used. I am c

Replies: 2
Views: 369
07/01/2019 18:28
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