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Mice reported in property
My tenants have reported mice in the property (terraced house with garden). They have been there

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Landlord Advice Team
07/03/2018 09:44

Electrical safety
I have a tenant who has recently moved into a property and has queried the fact that there is no

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06/03/2018 11:43

Gas safety check access
I have had to serve a possession order on my tenants and they now have 14 days to reply/not reply

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Landlord Advice Team
05/03/2018 10:18

Replacing E7 storage heaters
I have acquired a flat which has just one remaining Economy 7 style storage heater and the remain

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03/03/2018 17:47

electrical certificate
Hi Folks I have complied with all (I THINK ) the conditions of offering a tenancy to my new tena

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Hythe man
03/03/2018 12:58

Isolating live water mains
In places and situations where the water supply cannot be isolated due to a faulty 'stopcock&

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03/03/2018 10:46

Funding options for major repair work to building with leaseholder flats
A common part of the building in which I own a flat (as leaseholder) needs some MAJOR repairs. Th

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Landlord Advice Team
02/03/2018 16:38

Funding options for major repair work to building with leaseholder flats
A common part of the building in which I own a flat (as leaseholder) needs some MAJOR repairs. Th

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Landlord Advice Team
02/03/2018 15:47

House renovation
Hi I am in the middle of renovating a house to make it ready to rent. Does anyone have any

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25/02/2018 14:13

Combination boiler
What is a reasonable time scale to have a boiler repaired or replaced?

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24/02/2018 13:31

Fire Detection & Alarm System Certificate
As landlords we are all responsible to install heat/smoke detectors in our properties, especially

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24/02/2018 03:04

Renovation costs dispute
I have a dispute with a company I have who are renovating a property own and will be using for a

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22/02/2018 13:03

warranty on white goods
Does anyone have experience of calling on the warranty of kitchen white goods - (integrated, if i

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21/02/2018 20:19

High Heat retention storage heaters
Are there grants available to upgrade from old storage heaters to new energy efficient ones.This

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20/02/2018 21:47

Gas safety check/Boiler service
My boiler is due it's yearly service. I can not remember whether the 'Landlord gas safet

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20/02/2018 21:17

Electrical Consumer Unit
We are having some insurance work done on our flat after a serious leak and water elect

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20/02/2018 21:04

Gas safety check/Boiler service
My boiler is due it's yearly service. I can not remember whether the 'Landlord gas safet

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17/02/2018 17:30

Cold spot to corners of exterior
Hi I am getting stressed with old tenants who have said that I did not respond to their needs

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13/02/2018 22:18

Who is responsible for these repairs when a tenant leaves
Hi A tenant is leaving. They have lived there since 10/3/14. When they moved in the ful

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13/02/2018 14:45

Asbestos Survey Required?
I am in process of letting a premises that is a Chinese Take-away at present but the new Tenant i

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Landlord Advice Team
08/02/2018 15:14

Electric Cabling & Consumer Unit
I am about to renovate a property for the rental market. Before the plastering I want to g

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07/02/2018 14:59

Landlord Home Emergency Cover
I had a landlord home emergency cover through a insurance company known as 24/7 home Rescue. It c

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06/02/2018 09:32

Hotpoint service plans
Evening Does anyone have experience with Hotpoint service plans for white goods? thanks all

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01/02/2018 06:01

Best types of insurance policies for the landlord?
I'm about to self manage a property and looking for tips regarding insurance. I'd like

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31/01/2018 23:09

Corgi Homeplan
Has anyone used the corgi homeplan cover for boilers and central heating. I am considering lookin

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31/01/2018 20:32

Electrical safety installation report
I had an NICEIC installation condition report on a 2 bed house (selective license) On the rep

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31/01/2018 11:54

Anyone in M/cr area had Rat problem; can recommend a firm that deals with infestation
Hi Colleagues. Landlord friend of mine in a mess with a tnt who claims 'rat infestation'

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31/01/2018 00:42

Electrical Safety
Can anyone tell me the definitive situation regarding Electrical Consumer Units and the provision

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28/01/2018 16:55

Cooker Replacement.
Does a landlord have a legal responsibility to repair a cooker or even replace it? The house was

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24/01/2018 19:27

Carpet replacement, timescales and responsibilities
Hi, My tenants have contacted through the letting agent to request that ALL the carpets ar

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24/01/2018 15:24

HI I have an on going problem with damp in my flat which is less than four years old. I bough

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23/01/2018 13:48

tenant informed LA for dispairs
my tenant is trying to get rehoused , due to own instigation of moving in family members , one

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22/01/2018 12:44

Legionaire Surveys
Hello colleagues. Often there is a question on the Forum re 'Legionnaires Assessments'

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19/01/2018 18:51

prepayment meter or normal meter? which is best for a tenanted property?
A property we have has prepayment meters. the tenant wants to switch to a normal meter. Would the

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17/01/2018 23:06

Electric lawnmower
Hello I have a really nice and decent tenant. I have purchased for him an electric lawnm

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17/01/2018 21:00

Gas Certificate due tenant not answering calls
Hello, We have got a tenant who is being dishonest to us and who has missed payments until we

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16/01/2018 11:26

Non Standard Lightfittings
Hi Can anyone advise regarding responsibility for changing lightbulbs in a non standard lightfitt

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Inventory checks
11/01/2018 13:50

Broken Oven Door
Hi, my tenant has just sent me a picture of the oven door shattered - the oven is no older than 6

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Sandra 1963
11/01/2018 13:32

Queries on legal requirements
A few issues have cropped up recently over access to a loft for boiler maintenance. Can yo

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Landlord Advice Team
09/01/2018 18:07

cleaning HELP
After many years cleaning my houses between tenants I am determined to hire help. Any tips

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03/01/2018 15:33

Fire door
Are fire doors a legal requirement, inside a modern 2 bed rooms 2ed floor flat ( other than the f

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30/12/2017 18:05
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