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Tenant requests removal of bath and shower cubicle installed
Ive had a tenant for 6 years who is starting to find it difficult to get in the bath ( shower is

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Landlord Advice Team
28/08/2018 09:44

Window safety
Our tenants has requested we install a safety limiter on their bedroom with of their 6th floor ap

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22/08/2018 13:21

Curious to see what others would have done in this situation
Hi, I wanted to ask what others would have done in this instance. My tenant called to say the el

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18/08/2018 11:20

wasp nests
Would you say wasp nests are tenant or landlords responsibility?

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16/08/2018 22:05

House alarm has been triggered
Hi all, Seeking a bit of friendly advice from you lovely people. I went to see a tenant th

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15/08/2018 18:47

Ivy from neighbours garden coming into my garden
I have two properties which have become overrun from neighbours garden. I need to deal with it no

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Jane Lo
14/08/2018 18:40

I have recently bought an investment residential property. 2 bed terrace. NOT HMO. We are current

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06/08/2018 17:26

Tenant Threatening to Withhold Rent for Repairs
Dear Sirs, One of our tenants has been unable to use our property's electric oven (for

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Jen & wayne
29/07/2018 06:41

Door lovks
Hi All, My tenant broke the lock on the patio doors. Iíve had a couple of locksmiths our and i

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Ethan's Nan
27/07/2018 20:16

Electrical safety checks
Does the 5 yearly electrical safety checks start from now? If so if I have not had one in the pas

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Landlord Advice Team
27/07/2018 10:15

Electric testing
Did I read somewhere that it is now a legal requirement to have the electric tested every 5 years

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26/07/2018 12:15

Window Locks
Hi, This has partly been covered in a similar topic, but I was looking for a more specific

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22/07/2018 09:34

Window restrictors
Situation is, Ground, first and second floor self contained flats all windows are escape windo

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20/07/2018 23:01

Replacing windows
Apologies I think this topic has been covered here already and I should have read about it at the

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19/07/2018 12:41

Tenant doing their own wiring modifications?
Hi, I have recently completed a regular inspection on one of my properties and found that the

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18/07/2018 22:38

Council List of repairs
Good morning I have a tenant from Nigeria in a two bed back to back terrace house. She has recent

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27/06/2018 15:17

Hi, Please can someone let me know the legal timescale to action a repair to a house without

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20/06/2018 13:08

Is there a law that states that landlord must provide cleaner service in HMO flat/house?
Good day to all, Can someone please share if there is a law (mandatory) to provide a clean

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20/06/2018 12:59

Where do I find a suitable building/maintenance contractor?
Hi, I received a notice for intentions of proposed qualifying works for my Converted Victorian ho

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15/06/2018 10:25

Damage to Tenant's Property
Hi a leak through bedroom ceiling has resulted in damage to tenant's laptop and possibly othe

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01/06/2018 15:21

Can this type of repair work be offset against tax relief?
Morning, We are currently working on a property that we rent out. We are considering changing

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29/05/2018 11:20

Am I responsible for putting up curtain poles in an unfurnished property after tenant has moved in
I rented a property to a lady in 2016. The property was unfurnished apart from carpets & floor c

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26/05/2018 00:42

What actually constitutes an emergency repair
Hi, My tenant phoned me last night at 19:10 saying the boiler had stopped working and she

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23/05/2018 15:49

management fees
I have a number of flats in town houses in Cheltenham and a couple individual units, how much is

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Landlord Advice Team
15/05/2018 11:51

Supplying Bins
We live in an age where there seems to be a black amrket for wheeleie bins and they often go walk

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14/05/2018 13:49

shared water supply
Hi Could i ask for advice about a shared water supply. I own and rent out a terraced house which

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11/05/2018 14:58

My tenants have just told me they have carpet moth in a room they keep 2 guinea pigs in. They hav

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Jane Lo
11/05/2018 07:11

Electrical safety certificate and downlights
I have had regular electrical safety certificates done and the property always passed fine. This

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08/05/2018 15:58

post tenancy inspection
hello... is it worth having a post tenancy inspection report carried out by a third party... woul

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
08/05/2018 11:39

External doors.
My tenants have been in the house for over 6 months now, I have just renewed their tenancy agreem

Replies: 30
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01/05/2018 11:28

Problem with boiler installation
Hello, I have a query re a new boiler I had fitted in a property in December. The plumber is a

Replies: 2
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30/04/2018 12:29

Condensation issues - advice on ventilation options please!
Hi all, I am having issues with the bathroom in an HMO where I have 4 girls who seem to co

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26/04/2018 14:43

Rules on access to flues for boilers
Dear RLA I own 3 flats and the lower ground flat has just failed its GSC as there was no a

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23/04/2018 17:59

Duty of Care
Hello everyone, I need a boiler replacing in an upper floor flat and the external flue on the gab

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Landlord Advice Team
17/04/2018 13:11

Smoke alarm HMO cat D
Hi. Upon submitting my application for Additional License under my LA request for a small none ma

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12/04/2018 18:39

Testing of smoke/carbon Monoxide alarms
Can anyone advise if the legal requirement for testing an alarm is working is satisfied by simply

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11/04/2018 17:40

Management Company misbehaving??
Hello I did strike a good rapport with the (block of flats) management company who were attent

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07/04/2018 12:41

Getting Lambeth Council to repair leaking pipes
Hi, having ongoing problem with leaking pipes. I am the leaseholder (and landlord). Lambeth Counc

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03/04/2018 16:13

Elecsa Replacement Electrical safety certificates
Hi, Looking at the new proposed government legislation on electrical safety reports, I

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Jen & wayne
01/04/2018 17:04

electrical checks
hi - what are the requirements for electrical checks in between tenancies on an HMO flat in Wales

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Landlord Advice Team
29/03/2018 14:43

Hi all ....what is the rule on when you have to have your EPC rating done again, I have it for my

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27/03/2018 11:38
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