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Black mould
I have black mould in one if my properties it is in every room. I have booked a survey with 2 differ

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28/12/2014 09:54

What happens if tenants have to move out due to unforeseen issue?
Hi, Hypothetically, if something were to drastically happen ( unforeseen) with my rented

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22/12/2014 11:09

Tenancy ending-cleaning
Hi the tenancy is ending on one of my properties in london area and was wondering if anyone could r

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14/12/2014 20:38

Energy Performance Certrificates
Can anyone rcommend an organisation that provides Energy Performance Certificates in the north Londo

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12/12/2014 16:15

how to tame a tenant who expects hotel level of service
One of my best houses in great condition has a tenant driving me mad with continuous text messages.

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Hythe man
11/12/2014 10:32

Hi, I have a gas point for the cooker but the tenant wants to install an elec it

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04/12/2014 12:24

Gas Cert on Tenants own Gas Cooker
Landlord bought a property where existing Tenants have their own gas cooker installed - I presume th

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04/12/2014 11:59

Tenant complaining of fleas
My tenant has just telephoned me to tell me that her 3 year old child has fleas and has been to the

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04/12/2014 11:30

Heating requirements
Good Afternoon All, not one I have experienced and wondered if anyone could assist. I ha

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29/11/2014 08:12

Leaking Roof (AFTER repairs carried out) - Tenant's Possessions Damaged
Hello Keen to get some advice on this painful situation. Iím the landlord for the top flo

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Trans Am
25/11/2014 13:31

Dispute over who pays for repair
I am in dispute with the landlord of a neighbouring property over who should contribute to the bill

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25/11/2014 07:58

RODENTS - any advice for mouse erradication
I would be grateful for any advice as to the best way to get rid of mice. My tenants are

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23/11/2014 21:28

Fixflo - any good?
Just read about Fixflo software for reporting repairs in RLA monthly mag. They allow the owners a l

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Hythe man
17/11/2014 14:21

How much leeway to decorate should we give?
My houses are in good condition in inner city areas. I have generally been quite slow to give tenan

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nice guy
10/11/2014 19:03

Law to have earth leakage circuit breaker?
Hi Can anyone tell me if it is law for a Landlord to have an Earth Leakage Circuit Breake

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10/11/2014 13:29

Advice on Damp and Mould
I work for a letting agency and we have a student property where the tenants have recently reported

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05/11/2014 15:49

Broken Central heating
Hi, In the event of a central Heating breakdown when a tenant has no hot water, for insta

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John F
01/11/2014 19:13

Health & Safety checks
Dear RLA, Am I obligated to carry out regular Health &Safety checks on a let property? Obvious

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23/10/2014 23:07

Fire Doors and Insurance
Hello, Does anyone have any experience of a tenant being refused contents insurance as t

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Member 1
22/10/2014 13:00

Boiler Leak / Allow access for maintenance work
At the begining of the year I had a new boiler installed under the goverments agreement with the big

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22/10/2014 11:31

Electrical repairs
If you have electrical repairs carried out(replacement of one faulty switch) does it mean your consu

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19/10/2014 14:12

I have a question about whose responsibility it is to maintain shrubs and trees. Some do need an ann

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Hythe man
11/10/2014 15:36

whos responsible for pipes in a concrete floor of purpose built block
We have a flat in a purpose built block, the floors are concrete and the pipes that take the water f

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Hythe man
11/10/2014 15:03

Guttering maintenance
Hi, it's the autumn leaf time of year again and as a landlord I wondered who is responsible for

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06/10/2014 12:20

Accidental damage
One of my tenants reached to get something off a kitchen wall unit shelf. The shelf collapsed and a

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06/10/2014 11:20

Energy Performance Certificate
What is this and how may I obtain one ? Thanks

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Landlord Advice Team
01/10/2014 14:19

Maintenance - Electrics
21 Sept My Tenants phoned me (Sunday evening) stating problems with the electrics. The same night

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29/09/2014 12:05

Integrated Fridge Replace?
In one of my properties there is an integrated fridge. It has broken and I do not wish to pay for a

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29/09/2014 12:02

tax allowance on double glazing
I am about to install double glazing windows and doors to a property for the first time. I believe t

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29/09/2014 09:44

External building work delays are affecting my rent and creating problems for tenants
Hi there, I have a two bedroom flat which has been experiencing leaks in one of the bedr

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26/09/2014 08:30

Integrated Fridge Replace?
In one of my properties there is an integrated fridge. It has broken and I do not wish to pay for a

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25/09/2014 17:09

Pat Testing
Will all properties rented have to have a PAT Test in the future?

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22/09/2014 21:58

Communal area fire alarm
We own a block of 5, self contained flats that we purchased in 2006. At the time, the flats were new

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18/09/2014 14:46

test for legionella
I have just been told that I have to check my rental property for Legionella before I can rent it ou

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17/09/2014 18:15

Complaint about state of entire block of flats
I own one flat in a block of twenty-seven flats. On my recent inspection I noticed a huge deter

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15/09/2014 16:13

Fuse Box
Hi all. I am just in the proses of purchasing a BTL property; I intend to have the house electr

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Jane Lo
11/09/2014 18:01

PAT testing
When should I get a brand new appliance PAT tested?

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03/09/2014 13:21

Smoke and fire alarms
Hi We have recently purchased a two bedroom, terraced house which we're looking to re

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Jane Lo
03/09/2014 07:39

Paint, fix & clean jobs in house share with 4 tenants
Dear all, I as the landlady, currently having a fresh clean up in my property which was due af

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02/09/2014 20:50

damage repair at transfer of property ownership
We have just bought a property but have to take on the present tenants until their tenancy finishes

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01/09/2014 20:23

Safety Rules for glass doors
I have a door - wooden frame to the perimeter and glass as the central part. It is in sound condit

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Landlord Advice Team
27/08/2014 13:12
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