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Broken Oven Door
Hi, my tenant has just sent me a picture of the oven door shattered - the oven is no older than 6

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Sandra 1963
11/01/2018 13:32

Queries on legal requirements
A few issues have cropped up recently over access to a loft for boiler maintenance. Can yo

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Landlord Advice Team
09/01/2018 18:07

cleaning HELP
After many years cleaning my houses between tenants I am determined to hire help. Any tips

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03/01/2018 15:33

Fire door
Are fire doors a legal requirement, inside a modern 2 bed rooms 2ed floor flat ( other than the f

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30/12/2017 18:05

Unable to gain access to carry out annual gas cert check
My plumber is having great difficulty in gaining access to a property to carry out the annual gas

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30/12/2017 14:50

Tenant reported water ingress with delay, issue resolved now but what would you have done?
The issue I'm writing about happened in 2015 and long resolved but I am revisiting the proble

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29/12/2017 23:56

Gas safety requirements
Hi everyone. We have been RLA members for a few months now, but just kind of lurked on the

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Jen & wayne
29/12/2017 00:00

EICR and PAT testing
I understand this is not a legal requirement like gas safety certificates, but do most people get

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28/12/2017 20:48

Water damage from Flat above
Water damage to my flat has occurred from a mains leak from the flat above mine. The landlord of

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28/12/2017 13:04

Issue with gas boiler repair
My wife rents a house via a well known letting agency. In November we were notified that t

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27/12/2017 12:11

How much of repair is tenants responsibility?
We have a tenant who has been putting wet wipes down the toilet where there is a macerator and wo

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20/12/2017 16:39

Heating not working, tenants have given us key to access property to repair
Our tenants contacted us late Saturday evening to say the heating wasn't working, we suspect

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14/12/2017 09:01

Hi I bought a property at Auction July 2017 Tenant refused access to view prior to auction

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05/12/2017 23:44

Getting appliances for the new kitchen
Hi, I have two properties in Wigan area, WN2 4AB and they need new basic kitchen. I

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03/12/2017 16:17

Replacement Relief
I have heard that only homeowners running a property business can claim Replacement Relief? Is t

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Landlord Advice Team
30/11/2017 10:06

I have a tenant, who has complained that the boiler is not working, I sent a gas engineer to the

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Landlord Advice Team
29/11/2017 16:52

Urgent Safety Issue
As a reputable landlord and RLA member, I find my son in a position where the student let he has

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24/11/2017 09:48

Window replacements
Hi I have decided to replace the old UPVc frames in the living room and kitchen of my rental h

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24/11/2017 08:55

Repairing obligations
Dear Sirs, Who is responsible for repairing an electric heated towel rail? The landlord or

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Landlord Advice Team
23/11/2017 15:14

Window replacements
Hi I have decided to replace the old UPVc frames in the living room and kitchen of my rental h

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23/11/2017 09:21

My tenants have just emailed to say they have seen a mouse and asked me to send someone round to

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16/11/2017 23:23

As I am finding it increasingly difficult to find tradespeople to do work at less than 3 weeks no

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14/11/2017 08:32

who is responsible for the cost of repair?
Hi Advice Team Recently, a leak was reported to us in the bathroom. It has numerous factor

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13/11/2017 16:58

Untaxed uninsured, No Mot Car parked on property
Vehicle not SORN parked in Car Park, Last Taxed, insured, MOT June 2016, Has Flat Tyres. Don

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13/11/2017 11:20

Vent system or insulated board for mould and damp ?
Just wondering if anyone has any experience of Enviro-vent systems for getting rid of mould/conde

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11/11/2017 17:05

Silicon the bathroom
I owned a few properties and I have noticed that the silicon around the bath has started to becom

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Charlotte Cc
03/11/2017 07:58

Structure - 'Good repair' obligation in RLA agreement
AST agreement provided by RLA states (Section D, clause 6 on page 5): D We agree to do the

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31/10/2017 11:41

Boxing in of Distribution boards
After a visit by the local Fire Service one of the actions is to box in all electrical distributi

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29/10/2017 17:35

Suspected bird mites
This is in my own house so if I"m not allowed to ask on here then so be it - but this may pop

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27/10/2017 08:45

Need for Electrical testing and RCD's
I have been told by an electrician that I need to have an electrical safety certificate done at t

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Landlord Advice Team
24/10/2017 08:57

drained with misery
I have a house with a drain that does not drain very well. The problem is draining me...and my ex

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nicest landlord
20/10/2017 19:49

Boiler maintenance
Hi All, can anyone recommend a good scheme to cover annual service, and required remedial work, o

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16/10/2017 09:39

Gas boiler check
Just need to double check the legal position around boiler checks. Do I need to get a new

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09/10/2017 12:38

Fire safety
Hello, I own a converted chapel into 13 small studios, up until now I have always had fire exting

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07/10/2017 18:32

What's the best paint for rental property?
Hello, I am about to redecorate wanted to know what brand/type of paint is best for rental pro

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06/10/2017 14:23

Installing gas and electric meters
Hello Everyone, Can anyone recommend someone who installs card/coined gas and electric met

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03/10/2017 18:20

Flat entrance door on ground floor
I have received a notice from Newham (London) council's 'Client Relations'. The notic

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20/09/2017 21:02

Management and Maintenance for Flats
I have three flats that are rented out. I have no issues with two of the management companies in

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16/09/2017 21:53

Gas safety certificate
I have 2 properties where the gas certificate has expired. Renewal was 20th July. I gave my u

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14/09/2017 13:12

Task rabbit & similar
Has anyone tried Task Rabbit or one of the other gig economy labour sourcing sites? I want

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13/09/2017 11:39

Fire Alarm, Emergency Lights & Extinguisher Servicing Frequency
Please can you let me know how often I am required to service the fire alarm, emergency lighting

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05/09/2017 23:26
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