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Neil.C said: Posted on: 24/01/2019 07:28

Hello All,

I just wanted some advise on my current situation:

I have a rental property which was let to 4 students, all contracts were for 11 months. The contract states:
-Tenant is to make 11 rental payments to myself throughout the tenancy
-The amount of Rent which is to be paid (and how £35 of this rent goes towards bills on a fair useage policy)
-The contract end date is brought forwards/pushed back if the contract date is brought forwards/pushed back (I included this to be flexible with tenants).
-If the tenancy is brought to an end, the Tenant is liable for the loss of rent

A Tenant signed a contract in March 2017, they signed to confirm they read and understood the Tís & Cís of the contract; and sent both copies of the contract back to myself.
The Tenant moved into her room in October 2017 (Contract start date was in September 2017) I updated the contract to reflect the delayed start & end date and handed the updated contract back; the Tenant read this and signed to confirm she paid the final part of the deposit. I sent a monthly rental record to the Tenant which showed all the paid rent and the rent that had to be paid in future, the rental record reiterated the contract start and end date.

The Tenant approached me in April 2018 advising they wanted to vacate the property early so I advised them to find a tenant, I also tried advertising the room; but most students are tied into their current contracts and not many are looking for a room from May 2018 to August 2018. The Tenant also tried advertising their room, so this Tenant knew they had to fulfil the rest of their contract; regardless of needing to be in the property or not.

In May, I asked all Tenants when they were looking to move out as I wanted to be available in July and August; the Tenant in question requested to move out in June. I advised I will be available for the move out day. Prior to taking the keys off the Tenant, I advised them they had 3 further payments to be made; which they agreed to doing. I also took the keys to secure it from other Tenants guests occupying the room.

I am now taking this to court as the Tenant has failed to respond to any of my communication. A third party (related to the Tenant) is stating I am overcharging for bills as the Tenant ďRarelyĒ stayed in the property.

I know this may sound like a dumb question, but can someone please advise my rights in the above case? The Court case is near to the time my wife gives birth, so Iím trying to manage everything alone.

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