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Smudge said: Posted on: 07/03/2019 09:32

Hi All,

First post here so will be as clear and concise as possible.

I've let a one bedroom flat to a couple since 2016. Before i go on with my concerns, i'd like to give some background to the tenancy.

Just after they moved in, they asked for some furniture to be removed (2 x chest of drawers & a sofa) as they said it wasn't needed although, it wasn't raised when they viewed. Reluctantly i agreed and had to dispose of these items due to no storage space. Last year, they complained about a FF as it wasn't maintaining temperature and was prone to leaks. As the flat is fully covered by BG home care, i suggested they arrange for an engineer to attend but received a rather offish email stating they we're fed up with the FF and didn't have time to wait in for an engineer etc. I should add at this point as it will be relevant later, when they viewed the flat it was explained to them about how the BG home care works and due to how far away i live from the property, it is down to the tenant/s to make an appointment that's convenient for their availability. I did however travel down to inspect the FF as part of a tri annual inspection and although there were no signs of a leak or a malfunction, i decided to replace it as a gesture of goodwill. Remarkably, the tenants on this occasion, were quite happy to wait in for an all day appointment so the new FF could be delivered. More recently, they asked i pay for a new parking fob as their one wasn't working properly, which i did and asked for the old one to be sent back, but it wasn't. I'm assuming it wasn't broken but possibly lost ? I hope this demonstrates, i always prefer to give tenants the benefit of the doubt if anything for a quieter life.

Anyhow, late last night i received an email from the tenant with the subject heading 'Serious Problems'. Upon reading the email, it seems the following issues have been going on for a very long time but they have just 'lived with it'.

The complaints are as follows:

Boiler and CH not working properly resulting in over heated flat in order to get hot water.
(This is surprising as the CP12 was carried out 4 weeks ago and passed fully with no mention of the above, nor has this been mentioned in the last 3 years to either myself and or BG)

Oven 'incinerates' the food and the grill makes all the knobs hot.
(Again, these are covered by the BG home care agreement and has passed every annual inspection since they've been tenants and as above, this is the first i've heard of it since they moved in)

Bathroom tap apparently has 'never worked' and they took it upon themselves to replace it last year but now the tenants clothes are splashed with cold water in the morning
(Firstly, the faucet worked perfectly fine and as i wasn't informed of any issues or made aware they'd replaced it, why should i be responsible if the person they've hired to do so, has incorrectly installed a new tap?)

Grouting around bathroom and kitchen sink is showing signs of black mould. They want this repaired by a professional.
(Personally, i think this is down to lack of cleaning but either way, it's not a major issue and is easily rectified.)

Carpets are discoloured and floorboards showing through. Tenant allegedly had them professionally cleaned which has made no difference.
(On my last inspection, the carpets were more than adequate and are less than 7 years old. Our own carpets are over 10 years old and we have two small children but still they're in good shape.)

Kitchen light fitting keeps blowing bulbs and keeps tripping fuse box.
(Not sure this is accurate but again if there is an issue, the BG home care agreement covers this so as mentioned earlier, they should arrange for an electrical engineer to inspect it. If there is a problem, i've no issue in replacing it.

In conclusion, what frustrates me the most is this attitude of 'These issues have been here from the start but we've lived with it' and also as a Landlord, i'm expected to expedite solutions for all of the above even though i've only just been informed and yet have been a problem going on for 3 years. Had they raised these as and when they occurred, as per the AST, then it wouldn't be such a 'Drama' and potentially, not as expensive.

Anyhow, apologies for the long winded post. Any advice on how to respond would be most welcome. I know there's countless years of both legislative and practical experience here which i'd very much like to make use of.

Thanks for taking the time.



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