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Friendee55 said: Posted on: 09/02/2020 11:20


I have a student property with four tenants on joint tenancy. I recently received a form from the Council requesting details, names, course titles, education establishment, course start and end dates, and students full/part time status.

I replied to the Council stating that it was not a condition of the tenancy that the tenants were students, and as such I did not have, nor had the right under GDPR to hold, or disclose this information to third parties such as themselves. Also that it was the students' responsibility to apply for exemption, not myself. I politely requested that they review their strategy, and address their enquiries to the students. I did however, tell them contract dates and details, excluding names.

The Council has replied requesting me to pass on the form to the tenants and advise them to complete it. If not returned then the 100% exemption would be removed as of 31st July 2019.

I am inclined to write back to the Council and request that they send the form direct to the tenants. They are currently placing the responsibility on me, when tax exemption of residents is not my responsibility. I can see where this is going.... if the tenants don't complete the form, they will send the backdated CT bill to me.

What I would like to do is send the form to the tenants recorded delivery, explaining that they must return the form or else they will be liable, and to copy the Council on this letter. Only problem with this, is that it will require me to disclose the tenants names, which I don't think I can do under GDPR.

Any advice welcome. Many thanks in advance.

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