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Anand said: Posted on: 13/11/2015 16:47


My letting agent recently went into liquidation, so the deposit became a bit of a concern as for the tenant to recover it - they would have to put a claim into the TDS after the current tenancy expire. This is due to expire in December, after which the tenant intends to put a claim in to the TDS to recover the deposit paid. I intend to renew the tenancy for another 6months, but instead of requesting the deposit upfront I have decided to allow the tenant to defer paying the deposit to me within 60days of the tenancy coming, allowing her enough time to get her original deposit back.

Where this gets a bit uncertain is around protecting the new deposit. Do I have to protect the deposit within 30days of the tenancy commencing or 30days of receiving the deposit ? Also, the RLA prescribed information for AST states the deposit will be protected within 30 days of the tenancy commencing or 30days of receiving the deposit, whichever is sooner. Am I able to edit the prescribed information and remove the "within 30days of the tenancy commencing" ? As I wouldn't have received any money at this point ?


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