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Claiming from a guarantor

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In an arguement with his partner, a tenant kicked in the front door and also the bedroom door. neither were repairable and, when he appeared in court, he was ordered to pay me 700 compensation. I'm told that 5 will be deducted from his benefits each week and this sum will be shared between myself and another person. The debt will take almost 6 years to pay off. The advice I've been given is that I should go to the guarantor for payment, but a couple of questions arise:
1. The female is still in residence, but I know she plans to move. If she decides to ask the council to stop the direct rent payments, she'll have the deposit she needs to move on and I anticipate she'll let us know she's left, after she's gone and there may be rent arrears. So,should I wait until she's gone before claiming from the guarantor, so that I can include any rent arrears and cleaning (the shed will need fumigating after the tenant kept a dog in there) etc., or should I claim for the damage now and then make another claim when any arrears and other costs are known.
2. How would I go abot making a claim from the guarantor, either now or after the tenant has left? Is it just a letter, outlining the costs I'm claiming for, or is there a more formal procedure/template etc that I would be better off using. Needless to say, I'll ensure I register the delivery.


23/08/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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