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Hi, I have a house let to a group of 4 girls as a shared house, on one common AST. One of the 4 recently left & as of the 1st April has been replaced by a new girl, who has signed the AST as the replacement until the tenancy ends (30th June). Unfortunately, this new girl has given me a cheque which bounced & then refused to answer my calls. She did eventually ring me on Tuesday assuring me that she had done an online transfer over the weekend. As of now, I have received nothing & quite frankly think she is telling me a pack of lies. I have explained to the other 3 girls that as far as I am concerned, they too are jointly & severally liable for these arrears, so I will be chasing them as well for the outstanding money, which is 251.33 for April, but of course we have May & June to go as well.I suspect that this girl has no intention of paying any monies, in the knowledge that any eviction process would probably see her through to the end of the tenancy anyway.(I have threatened her with legal action but this obviously doesn't seem to worry her). Although I have a bond of 1,000, I envisage that the remaining three girls won't pay their last months rent 251.33 each), so that they don't get lumbered with their housemate's debt. Can you help??!!
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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