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I had reports that a tenant had left my property so I went there to check all was ok.

I looked over the fence to see the sliding patio door was wide open and the house looked empty. I knocked on the front door but nobody answered I tried the key but the door wouldn't open.

I went around the back and walked into the open patio door. The house was empty apart from a kitchen table and chairs plus a cooker which I all thought had been left by the tenant. She had ripped up a new carpet that was only fitted six months ago and the place just stank.

I changed the locks and then she came back with her boyfriend who had been living there without permission and his mother.

Problems began and I told them I had every right to protect my property. I had granted a few days extra past the section 21 notice even though they hadn't paid the rent for 6 weeks as they couldn't get a van.

They both believe the council have paid me the rent but the council pay her direct and she had a standing order set up which she cancelled but she's acting really dim about it all and the boyfriend and mother are calling me a liar because the council have confired payment has been made up until 21st June. Payments probably has been made but not to me.

Am I entiled to sell the cooker she wants to remove to get money towards to carpet she's stollen, or wrecked with the dog I refused to give her permission to keep, or should I just give her the cooker and chase her for the rent etc?

22/06/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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