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tenant stopped paying rent since december, I went to court in april for eviction, after section 21 was issued in december - february.He went to environmental health to in january to say, i have not done repairs and gas safety checks, but the tenant is a difficult one since he moved in , he refused me assess to the property. I have all letters to this effect. and even when environmental health intervened, getting assess to do jobs was also a problem. eventually the judge throw the case out, for improper completion of section 21. i went through a solicitor, who said she has just issued a section 8. but 3 weeks ago, I got a hint from his neighbours that he has moved without returning my keys. what do I do to get back my property, as the property is in a state, over grown with weeds and piles of rubish all over. next door neighbour has made several complaint to enviromental health for neuissance, and the las one was for the rubish, as they said there are rats ruuning around.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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