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I need some advice about how to recoup rent arrears from my LHA tenant. Situation is: -

• Tenant was 2 months in arrears 20th March
• I issued section 8 notice on 20th March
• Tenant paid one month’s rent + £100 on 1st April (prior to section 8 expiry)
• Housing Benefit have agreed to pay me directly and will receive 6 weeks rent on May 8th
• On 20th May the tenant will be £885 is in arrears – rent is £675 per month
• Tenant has told me he will pay me £100 per month to make up arrears but will not give me a date when he will make first payment
• HB is deducting £10 per week from his benefit because he received an overpayment of benefit (about £500 overpayment!). He will therefore accrue greater arrears unless he pays me the difference from his income
• This tenant is a young guy (20) and is not very communicative. He is also unreliable.
• His mother is the official guarantor to his rent payments
• The tenant has other debts I hear (large electricity bill)

The tenant seems to respond only to pressure. Should I now go to the small claims court? And should i pursue the tenant or the guarantor?


01/05/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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