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student disappeared with rent arrears

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we have a student who signed a fixed term contract ending on 6th july 2012
he last paid rent early feb and even then was 106 short
we discovered last month that he has in fact left the property although he has left a lot of belongings in his room adn still has the key
despite contafcting both him and his mother (who signed a guarantor form) by phone and letter and despite assurances by his mother that she will try and sort out the arrears, we are getting nowhere.
i am assuming we dont need to gain possession as he has already left so do we need notice 8 - do we not go straight for court proceedings to recover the rent owed. i am assuming we can claim all the rent owed as he signed a contract but were prepared to compromise with his mother and claim 2 months rent plus arrears.

there is some damage to the property - a large hole in one wall for example which the other students say he caused although he denies this, we are inclined to beleive them given his behaviour.

where do we stand in deducting damage from the deposit - particualr as under the DPS arrangements we would need his agreement for any deductions.

you recommend delivering any communication by hand in person but the mother lives in london and we live in kent and we have no idea where the student is now.

it all seems quite messy

jean berry

20/05/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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