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I have had a tenant just turn rogue debtor....single mother (not really)claiming HB with six kids....manages to run up three month rent arrears....then ex husband calls to say shes going and give notice to quit 16 June ...he says he will pay rent arrears....Ok I'll go along with that, so I write letters to them and HB to lay down time schedule for possession...4 July inspection of property for damage etc...15 July for handing over of keys....

In mean time I discover quite accidently were they have moved to....its obvious that they used rent owing for new deposit.

They move out ...but leave all junk and belongings inside idea what's left in house since I have not been in...and won't until 16 July...

Question one ...Can I expect Housing to acknowlogde and keep to the one months notice and pay the rent?..if not do I pull them up?

Question two....Knowing where they now live do I load up all the left over stuff and dump it outseide their new house...will I be breaking any law if I do so?

Question three...Do I contact a debt collecting AGency and go after the two months rent arrears 1,480 and possibly the month that I suspsect the council will not honour...making 2,131 in total....

Or am I being a nasty & petty Landlord chasing a single mother of 6 kids (knowling full well the father is playing the system,working on the side and have used my rent money to pay for their new life style elsewhere.

28/06/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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