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retaining the deposit

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Mr Nickson moved into our apartment on 31st May 2012 on a 3 month lease and paid a 500 bond. He text me in the middle of August to say he was moving out of the apartment imminently and would not be renewing his lease on 31st August 2012. His children were still living in the flat and so his ex wife moved in to look after them as Mr Nickson had just left to move back in with his girlfriend. Mr Nickson said that the 500 bond could be resubmitted in his ex wife's( Michelle Moss) name as long as he was given the deposit back when she came to leave the property. Ms Moss signed a new 3 month lease on 31st August and paid her first months rent and we have not received any rent since then. Ms Moss constantly lied to me saying she was awaiting her benefits to be processed. I approached the Housing Benefit office on the 16th November stating that Ms Moss was 2 months in arrears with her rent and they agreed that any LHA awarded to her would come directly to me. Ms Moss then announced that she would be moving out on the 7th December 2012 as she was getting a council house. The address she gave me does not exist and when I came to complete the handover on the 7th December she had done a midnight dash and put the key through the letterbox,I now have no means of contacting her at all. Judgement has been entered on the amount she owes me(960)however I feel it will be completely futile to enforce this as I do not know where she is. With regard to the deposit,am I within my rights to ask for the deposit to be returned to me or should it be returned to Mr Nickson? This is a very unique situation and so I want to know what I am legally entitled to before Mr Nickson starts contacting me wanting his deposit back.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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