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condensation problems

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Condensation problems. 3 bed Flat above shop with flat roof. The tenant doesn’t run the radiators much usually gets condensation on the windows – double glazed. And doesn’t open the windows much.

The real problem is in the living room. Leather sofa in front of air brick on outside wall, other side of sofa, gas fire. Hot spot , cold spot? There is condensation- mould under sofa on the laminate floor, and on the back of the sofa. This happens overnight.

There are 3 air bricks in the property, the one behind the sofa, one in the kitchen, and one in the bedroom. I did wonder if it could be a porous wall but that was sealed about 5 years ago. The property does not have any damp problems other than this sudden change in this one area.
The only other possible change is, the tenant has a partner and child move in, more people, don’t think it is this though.

Tenant wants to claim a new leather sofa from me, what are my options?

Intend to sell after this, had enough.

06/03/2013 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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