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I would like to find out whether other members have experience with enforcement notices from Councils. We were sent court hearing papers informing us that the hearing will be in 10 days (!) on 19 January '11 because we didn't install draught excluders on the tenants windows. We were already forced to spent over 10k on his flat and didnt do the excluders because the tenant's historic contract states that he is responsible for the windows. We relayed this to the Haringey Council's enforcement officer, who refused to respond and sent us the hearing bundle instead. In addition the notice period is so short that we can hardly prepare and the tenant works for the Council so no wonder they took such drastic measures.

We booked the installation on the earliest available date but the Council said they might not want to cancel the hearing.

The RLA suggested that because we are by law responsible for the windows (no matter what the contract says) we have not a leg to stand on and should plead guilty. apparently f we do we would get away with a light fine of 200-300. We feel that the Council took too drastic measures (also wasting public resources over excluders!). If we cannot win the court, can we alert press about the procedures the Haringey Council's pursuing?

Do any members have experience with this, what is a usual fine if pleaded guilty or what happens if we don't plead guilty? Thank you.

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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