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Rosy from Tatty
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Advice please?
Yesterday my tenant was found guilty of burglary. This of course was proven. There are several other incidents that, due to a fine line could not be proved and therefore didn't get to Court.
I served my tenant with a section 8 notice as he owes me more than the equivalent of eight week's rent. The local council pay the rest but there is a shortfall between LHA and actual rent. Actual debt on 23rd March 2012 was 643.50.
He has totally destroyed his room. Local Council Housing Officer has seen this,
He is in court again next week for another burglary and also for sentencing.
The judge didn't give me time to express my case yesterday and so sent him back to the room he rents as I have yet to take the matter to court. I wasn't a witness however the subject came up after he was found guilty and I was asked by the prosecution to explain my desire not to allow him back into his room.
This property is a licensed HMO property and there are other tenants who are affected. I feel it is my responsibility to protect them.
His room was totally refurbed before he moved in. The walls are covered with mould, he refuses to open the windows and curtains. The council representative told him to clean his room, it is now a health hazard as the smell of mould permeates throughout the house.
We don't understand why this man was not remanded and is still at large.
Do I spend (and lose more money and take him to court to evict him, or shall I gamble until he is imprisoned next week, remembering of course that he may not get a custodial sentence.)
I have copies of all letters regarding the state of his room going back over a year now and of course invoices relating to his increasing debt)
Thanks for your time.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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