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Been in this game for many years now and am ashamed to admit this is still confusing me despite keep thinking I've got it straight in my head. I've been serving S21(B)on the day the tenant signs ast (use RLA ast) but appreciating the ast must be signed 1st. I've since heard you cannot serve S21 on the day the tenant signs the ast full stop, is this true? If so why and what's the soonest it can be served following signing of the ast?
2nd point, I've been putting the expiry after date of S21 as the last day of the 6 month ast i.e tenancy starts 03/01/08 ends 03/07/08 so been putting 03/07 on S21 as expiry after date but now read must expire the day before rent is due and this would be 02/07 wouldn't it? Now worried may have been putting wrong date on my ast also! Thought because it states to 11am on the ast this would mean the day the rent was due 03/07. Didnt think you could ask them to leave 11am on 02/07 as they have paid rent for all that day! So if I've been correctly stating ast end as 11am on 03/07 do I have to date S21 expiry 02/08 so not before 6 month ast expires and also day before rent due. OR should correct end date on ast be 11am o2/07 and S21 expire after 02/07 also.I would really appreciate your help with trying to understand.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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