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Our section 8 was adjourned today because at the hearing, the defendant suddenly claimed that we had been harassing her and trespassing - both of which are total rubbish. The case was adjourned until the next available hearing , probably about two weeks.

She has 2000 worth of arrears, this is her second hearing because the first judge "didn't like the paperwork" this time the paperwork was exemplary .

She has claimed that my husband has harassed her by collecting rent from her workplace when she ASKED HIM TOO entered the property whilst she was in bed/ undressed/in the bath ALL of which are total bunkum and we don't really see how she can begin to make a case that isn't a crock of lies BUT , she's a cunning woman and I will put nothing passed her she is so devious !

She claims to her legal aid solicitor to have reported the harassment to the Police but we've been to the Police and there are no reports of this . She alleged that we'd turned her gas off , but we hadn't - it was the fuse that had gone in the combi-boiler but all this , strangely, occurred after the second section 8 was served . We took pictures of the electrical fuse box and it had been unscrewed off the wall and tampered with to make it look like we had done it.

She cannot produce any witnesses to things that haven't happened - or can she ? This woman is making us both ill and her actions and words are defamatory - how can this be justice.

I know that Section 8 is a risky course of action and with hindsight, Section 21 would have been a better bet but we would have got possession at the 1st hearing had the stupid judge not struck it out because she "didn't like the paperwork" - please help, end of tether !!! Are many tenants successful in doing this in order to reduce the arrears to below 8 weeks (which seems to be the modus operandii ? - encouraged by legal aid lawyers paid for, by ME !!!

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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