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My Tenants have been in my flat for 4 months now (I stupidly gave a 12 month TA, so the lease is not due to end till end of Aug)
Although I have not had any major problems they seem to be now coming a nusiance and I am also looking to try and sell my flat so may want them out early. Is this going to be possible?

1. I have the rent paid late twice only by a few days so I have overlooked this as it does not cause too much of a problem to me as long as they pay it.
2. I have now received a complaint regarding a leak to the downstairs flat, which we have now fixed. But is is due to the shower being used over the bath, and the lip in the bath collects water and we have told them this before they moved in and says that it needs to be cleared everytime you use the shower. We re-did the sealent 4 months ago before they moved in even though there was no problem at the time, and it last for 12-18 months from experience. so therefore it is apparent that they are not doing and maintaining it well as we have ask. Can I sent them a letter regarding the state of maintaining my property?
3. I have also noticed that they have put up a satalite dish which they did not ask permission for. I did not totally object to this as long as they take it down when leave as it is a hugh Romanina HD dish.

Can I have some advise on what to do with these problems giving the fact I may want my flat back early.


07/01/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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