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Section 21

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Michael O’Sulilvan wants to issue section 21 notices to two of his tenants.

I have attached the form I propose to issue the section 21 notice with but I have been advised that when issuing the section 21 I am not to do a covering letter with it.

Can you confirm I also have to ensure they have them delivered (by hand) on or day before the rent is due?

Can you please advise.



Snowcroft Ltd Company No. 03780171
Registered Office Address: Heritage House, 73, Bredgar Road, London. N19 5BS
Tel: 020 7686 2522
Fax: 020 7686 0055


Section 21 (1) (b)
Assured Shorthold Tenancy: Notice Requiring Possession

(1) Name and address
of Tenant

(2) Name and address Snowcroft Properties Ltd
of Landlord 73 Bredgar Road
N19 5BS

(3) I give you Notice that I require possession of the dwelling Known as:

(4) Date of expiry
After (4) or if later the day on which a complete period of your tenancy expires next after the end of two months from the service of this notice

(5) Date notice served

(6) Signed Snowcroft Properties Ltd
by Landlord



1. On or after the coming to an end of affixed term Assured Shorthold Tenancy, a Court must make an order for possession if the Landlord has given a Notice on this form.

2. Where there are joint Landlords, at least one of them must have given this Notice.

3. The length of the Notice must be at least two months, and the Notice must be given on or before the day on which the fixed term comes to an end.

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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