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the advice of rla seems to be to not go for a section 8 notice unless we instruct a solicitor (which we cannot afford) yet a section 21 notice is for situations with 'no fault', with the advice of re claiming rent arrears through the small claims court which will be a civil matter and not done through the accelerated possession process.

Our tenants owe nearly 5000 of rent arrears and we'd like to get them out. We'd also like our rent back, even if its paid over a period of time. Is it common for landlords to get their rent arrears back through the civil courts? or by any means?

The advice says that if you go to court with a section 8 notice but there is work to be done on the property then the judge might not issue a possession order. What does this mean? our tenants have complained about a leaking shed roof and we have said, get it fixed, send us the bill and we'll knock it off what you owe us ... could this be held against us if we take them to court for owing us 5000 and wanting our house back?

After reading the advice it doesn't seem easy to getting tenants out and money back, if you can help clarify those things that's be great.

Thank you

23/01/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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